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  1. Family always come first. All the best and thanks for all the videos👍
  2. 1 - 0 Gers under a minute
  3. Have watched the Gers all over the world but best was at he swim up bar in Jamaica a couple of years ago watching on iPad with another couple of bears 🐻
  4. Against Third Lanark 61/62 season and beat them 3-1 at Ibrox. Really foggy and remember they only opened the gates around 2pm.
  5. I’ll be there👍 Will post about tickets when they are out
  6. Thringstone a good bet but should be ok in plenty others👍
  7. Don’t know how many different streams or YouTube links with different languages I watcher this on , I am buzzing due to second half performance! Don’t care if it was a friendly it should always be a must win game?
  8. Would have taken that result before the game considering how we have been playing but we had best chances , played well and should have had all three points. No surrender!
  9. Never a red in a million years. He set himself out to win the ball, the opposing player pulled out and he caught him. Yellow at most although in my opinion a few years ago play would have continued.
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