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  1. When he got his stitches in when it first happened the doc left 2 parts of his clothes inside him and that's what cause the infection
  2. He ended up needing an op yesterday so hopefully out tomorrow
  3. Still up at the Queen Elizabeth on IV antibiotics so hopefully this is the last night so we can get back home
  4. Count me in as soon as am away from hospitals.
  5. Ayrshire True Blue

    FIFA 18

    Probably quite soon cause one of us must be due to snap a COD Disc in 2
  6. Ayrshire True Blue

    FIFA 18

    Need to get him to do it quick before wully goes missing again
  7. Ayrshire True Blue

    FIFA 18

    I'll accept it tonight. Has everyone else joined
  8. Ayrshire True Blue

    FIFA 18

    No anger problem here, just the odd missed times tackle. No red cards so far.
  9. We were experimenting by that stage
  10. We didn't even get out of first gear
  11. You'll just need to wait like the rest of us
  12. Amazon are taking payments and dispatching preorders on 27th
  13. the kit creator isn't too bad but the crest is pathetic. After waiting all day for my code and downloading the beta I fianally got a game last night and ended up getting sent off within 20mins of the first game
  14. Finally got my code
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