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  1. Blackandra


    Unfortunately that's the issue. That 1 goal could have fucked up the whole game for us. In another game it only takes that 1 mistake. Lucky for us we were on form today and recovered well.
  2. Superb today. Blew them cunts away.
  3. Blackandra

    The League

    Aye that tae. I like to be optimistic though.
  4. Blackandra

    Gerrard post Spartak reaction

    I think he pretty much did. They'll know who they are.
  5. Blackandra

    The League

    There's also every chance we're top at New Year and still in Europe. Every team has a slump at some point in the season
  6. Blackandra

    Gerarrds Fault

    It's not an excuse mate, it's facts. I'm pissed off aswell but we were all happy just to make it to the group's. Think it's time to focus on the league, these games are just a bonus and I'm worried if we get through this group it might be a hindrance.
  7. Blackandra

    Gerarrds Fault

    A wrong offside decision and the post in the 90th minute away from victory tonight. Hardly the end of the world
  8. Blackandra

    Kent injured

    Quite shocked at folks opinion of Kent on here. I feel he's been one of the standouts this season. Looked tired the last few games tbf but he's gona be a big miss for us tomorrow night.
  9. Blackandra

    50,000 guns

    Anyone got a link for these tunes on Spotify?
  10. Blackandra

    Candeias Red Card

    I hope the wee prick comes out, admits his mistake, the card is rescinded and he apologises. I'll naw hold my breath though. We're just lucky it's not another awful decision that's cost us the game.
  11. Blackandra

    Candeias Red Card

    I'm convinced from the view Collum has there that he's presumed Candieas has thrown his head back towards the lesser known Ferdinand brother when he hit him on the chin.
  12. Few of the usual posters on here probably gutted we got a couple of late goals. Well done Rangers. Did what was needed today. And fuck Willie Collum. Cheating wee prick.
  13. Yer naw missing much
  14. Blackandra

    Gerrard and Jack : Match Reactions

    What? So he can't bring in players that will improve the team, making us better which improves our chances of breaking teams that sit in better?
  15. Blackandra

    Gerrard and Jack : Match Reactions

    When did i say we'd win it? Ur negativity surpasses my initial thoughts