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  1. Good result tonight. Needed that after Sat. But why does Windass think it's acceptable to "shh" us after he scored?
  2. Jamie Murphy

    My only complaint about him is he doesn't release the ball soon enough. Whether today that was because no one was moving into space for him I don't know.
  3. kranjcar

    Heard a Chinese team are coming in with a £30 million offer. Surely to late to replace him?
  4. Candeias

    He has off games but never hides. Tonight he showed what he's all about. Was all over the pitch chasing every loose ball. I'd rather have him in the team than out.
  5. Warburtons hidden gems

    Think the OP has a fair point. Maybe not 20 mill but I think like has been said we can easily get back more than the money we spent on these players
  6. Keeper and defence tonight

    Martin looks 10 times the player Alves has been for us.
  7. Tavernier take a bow

    Need to get him signed on a new contract. Was immense tonight.
  8. Players' Autobiographies

    Paulo Di Canio
  9. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Games seemingly on for free on sky channel 424 on Friday. Dont think it's live right enough but doesn't kick off till midnight here so I'll probably just record it and watch on Friday night
  10. Tav

    As long as we get a decent fee. It'll take alot to replace him and I defo don't think Martin is the man to do that. Will no doubt be a better defender but we'll miss out on Tavs attacking threat. Martin won't go past the half way line ?
  11. Tav

    Here's hoping. He's naw the best defender in the world but the chances he creates and some of his runs when he's on form are pretty irreplaceable without spending a lot of cash
  12. Tavernier

    Iv just mentioned it in the transfer section but according to Edgar on H+H He's wanting away in Jan and has no interest in signing a new contract. Not good news.
  13. Tav

    I'd have said the same mate but Edgar is usually pretty spot on with his info.
  14. Tav

    Aye defo. He seems to have alot of decent inside info so I'm expecting there to be something in it. He also mentioned the club are pretty strapped for cash, not in a worrying way but unless we get decent fees for both players it'll be a struggle to replace them.
  15. Tav

    See Edgar on H+H saying he thinks Tav and Windass will be away in Jan. He said he has heard he's wanting away and not interested in a new deal. I'll be gutted if he goes and will take a lot to replace him.