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  1. Alves Refuses To Be a Sub

    He can't be that bad if he's there or thereabouts in the Portugal squad, but he has been very underwhelming since he signed. I sometimes think he might be worried about getting injured and not making the world cup squad (it'll be his last chance) hence his powder puff displays so far. And there is no way he's on 30k a week. It'll be 16k max
  2. Pena

    Yes u have.
  3. Pena

    Because this post was about Pena. And never have I said he was the cause of all our troubles. He's just a bit shit. Nice to see u have the thread back on track though.
  4. Pena

  5. Pena

    My post was about Pena, the thread is about Pena. Do u want to go through all the players and give them marks out of 10?
  6. Pena

    Pretty sure this post is titled "Pena"
  7. Pena

    Can't believe folk still think this waster is gona cut it here. Sooner we get rid the better.
  8. Mcleish

    McLeish will steady the ship in my opinion, I'd probably settle with him till end of season but no way is he the man to take us forward. No worse than DM. But if this is the boards forward thinking they can get to fuck.
  9. Morelos' overall play

    Cunt should have been near that total today 😂
  10. Morelos' overall play

    Because he's absolute garbage aswell.
  11. Millions Wasted

    Pena and Herrera are a disgrace. Niko and Rossiter are perma injured and to be honest pretty average at best when fit. Miller, Hodson Windass Alves Tav, we ain't winning anything with these average at best players. I don't know what the answer is but I'm pretty certain it's not McInnes.
  12. Kenny Miller

    Past it by a long shot. Don't even know if he deserves 10 mins at the end as an impact sub. He was every where he shouldn't have been today. And this myth that Morelos only scores when playing with him can finally be put to bed. Morelos doesn't score whoever he's playing with.
  13. Windass.

    Him, Kenny and Hodson today were all fuckin useless. But so was our bench. It's a fuckin shambles just now. Morelos is the only one playing with a bit of fight and at the moment he can't score in a room full of slags.
  14. Windass.

    Him and Hodson on the left. I never want to see that ever again. Stuff of nightmares
  15. Switched it off. Utter shite