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  1. This thread just sums up the whole of Rangers Media 😂😂👍
  2. 5 cans and 2 lines down. Must be old firm eve 🇬🇧🇬🇧
  3. Aye I get that but is there an easier way to see the animals, similar to far cry where if u press certain buttons they show up in red? Iv only killed 1 deer since the practice mission and that was with a gun. Shite at the stealth stuff
  4. Any tips on hunting on it. I'm fuckin terrible at it
  5. I hope the wee prick comes out, admits his mistake, the card is rescinded and he apologises. I'll naw hold my breath though. We're just lucky it's not another awful decision that's cost us the game.
  6. I'm convinced from the view Collum has there that he's presumed Candieas has thrown his head back towards the lesser known Ferdinand brother when he hit him on the chin.
  7. Few of the usual posters on here probably gutted we got a couple of late goals. Well done Rangers. Did what was needed today. And fuck Willie Collum. Cheating wee prick.
  8. Blackandra


    Possibly November tae....??
  9. Blackandra


    Aye that's true, but we've plenty time to improve that's all I'm saying. We win our game in hand and it looks alot brighter. I'm still pretty positive we're going in the right direction
  10. Blackandra


    Gota disagree. It's a long season and alot of points still to be gained. Let's just see how it pans out. Every team has a blip and we've played a helluva lot of games already. Hopefully get a few new players in in Jan and we can kick on.
  11. Blackandra


    Don't know what folk expect. We might naw get 55 this year but in my opinion we're heading in the right direction. Fed up of the constant negative shite spouted in here.
  12. Blackandra


    This place is a fuckin joke after a poor result. Let's just sack everyone cause the opposition sat 10 men in the box and played for a draw.
  13. First season near done. Hopefully a sign of things to come.
  14. That's a good result against a good team. We'd all have taken this at the start of the season. Still in with a chance of Europe after Xmas and a cup semi final on Sunday. Fuck this negative shite
  15. Iv found if u change the settings to windowed in preferences u get alot less crashes. Still the odd one mind u.
  16. Going by the reports on social media I think we might see Sadiq get some game time tomorrow
  17. Maybe Stevie knows a bit more about football than all the forum tacticians. Fantastic performance tonight
  18. He's a bit slow on the ball but no complaints on his defending
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