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  1. Soon as you click the link it starts opening pages for ads and doesn't stop.
  2. Don't open that unless you've got plenty of malware protection
  3. Saying the same things to him Yall can't run cause you got arthritis in yo knees.
  4. Largs RSC members average age mist be 70+
  5. Wish people would pack it in with shit like this. There's 36 games to go ffs.
  6. Tbf my 70 odd yo gran did travel up from Newcastle to see us so it would've been a tad rude to leave her out the rain till the game was done.
  7. Stream went down on the first and I had visitors towards the end.
  8. Can you all just behave yourselves please and conduct yourselves correctly.
  9. He'll make no more than a handful of appearances then get paid off in January. Ben a waste of money since he landed.
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