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  1. EatDolphins

    Dave Bates

    %83 of all stats are plucked from thin air.
  2. EatDolphins


    That's the point though. We're not going to play shite and win most weeks. As we've proved already with points dropped against the likes of Livingston.
  3. EatDolphins


    Seen him saying something and looking aggressive in the tunnel. Tav had a wee look at him.
  4. EatDolphins

    *** Official Rangers V Accies (Away) Thread ***

    My stream must be a bit behind. Lovenkrands has just scored.
  5. EatDolphins

    *** Official Rangers V Accies (Away) Thread ***

    Nae links on a Sunday? Admin still at mass?
  6. EatDolphins

    CLUB 1872 statement on the fanzone

    Classic Irish potato heid.
  7. EatDolphins

    Get voting folks

    Done. Cmon motherwell.
  8. EatDolphins

    ED, a face to the name

    I never really spoke to Ed on here. Seems to have been a well thought of guy. Lesson there, we might not all get along or ever actually meet but this is a community of people who have something excellent in common. We forget that too often.
  9. EatDolphins

    David Bates

    We offered him 3 or 4k I think. He'll be on at least 3 times that.
  10. EatDolphins

    Rangers - Rapid Wien highlights

    Missed the game. Some man 👍
  11. EatDolphins


    Unfortunately I don't think we've gout much hope of getting him out ejaria permanently. Even if they'll never play 1 st team football for Liverpool the likes of Brighton could out price us 10 fold.
  12. EatDolphins

    RSEA Poppy badges

    Will there not maybe be a new batch made if they're already sold out? It is only the beginning of October.
  13. EatDolphins

    A few points from today

  14. EatDolphins

    Gerrard has Brendan rattled...

    He's been rattled up the farter I'd bet.
  15. EatDolphins


    I laughed mate.