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  1. But would they have won them under mourinho?
  2. EatDolphins

    A plea to Bears

    You replied to a reply to me with the line "we have loads of fans like this".
  3. EatDolphins

    A plea to Bears

    Find a post where I've complained about BBC coverage.
  4. EatDolphins

    A plea to Bears

    You mean you pay the bills you decide you want to pay? With the money you get from selling stolen aftershave on the bus ya mad gypo.
  5. EatDolphins

    A plea to Bears

    And you must be a shiftless wee layabout nicking ricecrispies from asda thinking your robin hood.
  6. EatDolphins

    A plea to Bears

    Aye like you only need to not shoplift or pay for the train if you're not a fairy. You continue acting like a fenian and I'll continue paying my bills.
  7. EatDolphins

    A plea to Bears

    They caught almost a quarter of a million people since 2017 and they can get a warrant to enter you're home. Thousand pounds fine. Fact. Lots of misinformation in this thread.
  8. EatDolphins

    A plea to Bears

    You must have a licence if you even have the ability to watch live broadcasts. So as long as you've got a telly and an aerial in the house you must have a licence. And you can be taken to court for refusal.
  9. EatDolphins

    The Gaffer

    Think it's his house Defoe is in. Near the golf club? Gerrard was spotted house hunting there not long after he came. Oct mibee.
  10. EatDolphins

    The Gaffer

    He's got a house in Gourock but Defoe stays there.
  11. EatDolphins

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    Well that's my pants well and truly shat
  12. EatDolphins

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    Can some one post the daft YouTube link please, I can never find it. €2 Siwel date rapes fat lassies.
  13. EatDolphins


    Allah's got a job on if he's praying to be a better player.
  14. EatDolphins

    Novo's bar

    I'd imagine he pops in to collect the ebts out the tills on occasion.
  15. EatDolphins

    Carlos Peña

    No it's not. It's a character flaw and 100% the persons own fault.