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  2. None of those posted so far are the new kit.
  3. I'm just a social member mate. Nae bombings or that. Just cheap drink
  4. I don't remember the final at all and have never watched it back. The road there was fucking phenomenal though.
  5. My mates just sent pictures with Defoe. Says he was fine.
  6. Defoe maybe feels uncomfortable around people who've been drinking. If you've ever been the only sober person in drunk company you'll know how fucking annoying they are.
  7. I trained in Koh Samui for a while with my brother. He was crippled in the ring by an absolute bastard. A local Muay Thai master trained me properly and I eventually got revenge on that big cunt in a traditional fight to the death with glass wrapped fists.
  8. The squad is plenty deep. We need real quality. 4 of the best players we could possibly attract and afford. CB, creative CM, versatile winger and striker. We get that I reckon the rest of the squad is adequate.
  9. I'm not leaping to their defence or anything but I found out today that's not true anymore. The kids don't even need to be catholic to enroll any more. They can be opted out of religious learning as well. It's mad that it's taken till the 21st century for that to happen but it's a step in the right direction. Although it does beg the question why even bother with religious schooling if it's optional.
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