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  1. At least hes not a full leg wanker.
  2. Well I would hope the club have already sent a complaint about this, and Jack's red to whoever the fuck the fenian compliance officer is these days.
  3. last I was in there after the scum scudded us. Marshall was punting people out Willy nillilly cause he was in a mood. Guys a cock end.
  4. Fuck sake. Bane takes a bad turn and every cunts at each other's throats. Calm doon.
  5. Why can't i do anything right 😔
  6. What he said @JamieD
  7. Something about the Mccoist era players. They always seem to turn out to be cunts.
  8. The fat wan hopefully. Naw the closet poof wan.
  9. Underlay underlay. Get yer coat. This is nae place for dad jokes.
  10. I'd keep Windass in a few more games to let him settle in to the role and hopefully get a goal. He's shown a real glimpse of what he could be capable of.
  11. Stealth I'm in.....wherever the fuck that is.
  12. Stevie May as in, queer haired, bent tattood, promising young striker (5 years ago) Stevie May?
  13. "The Rangers fans need to calm the fuck down, we're just Dunfermline" 😂