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  1. Is it meant to be a baseball fury guy?
  2. Not this shite again. Everybody clambering for addidas to make a shite kit identical to the rest of them.
  3. His unclebrothercousindad is just standing back and letting him cop it.
  4. There is no margin for error but we'll still commit them. Unless the scum have an absolute calamity over the next few weeks we won't catch them.
  5. I said this when we signed all of them. We didn't need sqaud players. We needed proven quality.
  6. Tbf Katic was playing like he had a fucking stroke this morning.
  7. It was over last week.
  8. I thought I saw it mentioned sometime in December. If he's not needed I don't see why Patterson isn't getting a chance.
  9. I thought polster had been told to find himself a new club?
  10. If he can chase a ner do well down the street he can play tonight.
  11. Don't think you can get under a lambo
  12. EatDolphins

    PC Gaming Build

    Goodman. Like I said I don't need a top range machine.
  13. There's no money to keep the lights on I heard.
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