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  1. We should be fucking off the EL now imo. League comes first.
  2. It doesn't really matter in the end. We don't have VAR so things like this will always happen. Its bot us in the arse and been our friend in the past. It all evens out.
  3. Spot on. They didn't win that trophy, We lost it. And we lost it before we don't have enough winners in the squad.
  4. EatDolphins


    In before the actual post.
  5. Sectarian bile. Thought you were better than that.
  6. Mate you're talking about a world where a guy can lose his job for something he posts on Facebook.
  7. Anybody who can pick out individual words on the telly has far better hearing then mine.
  8. Some seem to think there's still another report to come out. Any "racism" charge would he separate. Edit. I've just been informed that my previous info on this was shite.
  9. There's really no defending it. There is not one supporter out there who doesn't know they're being watched at and near games. We all know what's expected of us by the club and what will land us in trouble. Continuing on with the behaviour anyway is contempt for the club and the wider support. There is no argument to be had.
  10. The cider cunts as well. Edit. It was black thorn.
  11. Must've been torture that. Especially with the blitz going on around you.
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