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  1. He was. He sure as shit isn't now.
  2. That's howlin tbh. Like a shite Dundee utd effort.
  3. Press conference with king in 10 mins
  4. The Rebel is saying both clubs have agreed it can't be the 11th or 12th.
  5. Bonfire night. 🤔 interesting.
  6. Bastard I'm away for the 1st leg.
  7. Niehter of them will give a fuck who wins. They'll both walk away with obscene amounts of money.
  8. Reclaim their throne? So mid table it is then.
  9. That was one of the best home kits we've ever had. Would love that.
  10. He was never a rangers player.
  11. Anybody that pays for coffee is a peadophile, tarrier or not.
  12. Dr. Pedantic.
  13. CARSA
  14. Never mind
  15. Thet brought out rangers crisps aswell? Obssesed.