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  1. EatDolphins

    Domain issues

    Unacceptable. I assume we'll all be compensated?
  2. I'm the same. I remember McLeish finishing 3rd and thinking that is the worst I'll ever know. If anything the past 8 years have solidified me as a supporter.
  3. EatDolphins

    Reflection on the Warburton era

    We haven't actually achieved anything yet tbf but it does feel like we are capable again which is immeasurably valuable.
  4. EatDolphins

    By fuck the 2013-14 squad was grim

    Big Sebastian Faure was my Capitan for 12 years in FM. I'm real life I think he now sells baguettes from bike.
  5. I don't think he himself will actually give a fuck. He'll end up back with a shite PL team and high wage. It's the PL revolving door. They on the other have will be fucking distraught and that will be sweet.
  6. EatDolphins

    Tenerife Training camp

    Is it the same place as pre-season?
  7. EatDolphins

    Another diatribe from rabid Joe O'Rourke

  8. EatDolphins

    No further punishment for Morelos

    Guarantee he gets a couple of reds for nothing in the first few games.
  9. EatDolphins


    See to be fair I've said similar or worse about most of their cunts over the years. Not retarded enough to do it on line right enough.
  10. EatDolphins

    Ryan Jack - WOOOO!!!!

    Said that as soon as he hit it. Horrible shot 😁
  11. EatDolphins

    Vignal the Cameraman.

    11 behind them this time last year mate.
  12. EatDolphins

    Sportscene again

    See when Brown has niggles he's just being an enforcer. Morelos does it it's dirty.
  13. EatDolphins

    That puts to bed

    I don't believe crowds influence games but their allocation should be kept add low as possible simply because they are scum.
  14. EatDolphins

    Cameras on the away dugout

    On the other side of the coin (pun intended) if jobby teeth took a dive the evidence would be there to show he was at it. Maybe why he was quiet today.
  15. EatDolphins

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    They'll embarrass us yet again.