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  1. EatDolphins

    David Bates

    We offered him 3 or 4k I think. He'll be on at least 3 times that.
  2. EatDolphins

    Rangers - Rapid Wien highlights

    Missed the game. Some man 👍
  3. EatDolphins


    Unfortunately I don't think we've gout much hope of getting him out ejaria permanently. Even if they'll never play 1 st team football for Liverpool the likes of Brighton could out price us 10 fold.
  4. EatDolphins

    RSEA Poppy badges

    Will there not maybe be a new batch made if they're already sold out? It is only the beginning of October.
  5. EatDolphins

    A few points from today

  6. EatDolphins

    Gerrard has Brendan rattled...

    He's been rattled up the farter I'd bet.
  7. EatDolphins


    I laughed mate.
  8. EatDolphins

    ****Official Good Guys v St Johnstone*****

    We're fucking garbage. No creation, no fight. Fuckin sick of it. Member that?
  9. EatDolphins

    Gerrard wants loanees on permanent deals

    Coulibaly and Kent would be great. Not too fussed about Ejaria and the boy who's played once so far.
  10. EatDolphins

    Post A Random/Weird Football Image!

    Keeper actually tries to save it.
  11. EatDolphins

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Looks like one of those first aid dolls. Resuscitation Sean.
  12. EatDolphins

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    Anybody got a decent link
  13. EatDolphins

    Club urged SFA not to help Rangers in 2008

    The time to tell this was 10 years ago.
  14. EatDolphins

    Is Barisic the new Papac

    We've yet to have a proper run of games with a static starting 11. Reckon we'll be there after the first round of Europa games.