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  1. The best way to shut the embarrassing cunts up is to rub their nose it it next season. It is a must.
  2. I don't care who makes our gear of they offered the most money.
  3. Can't believe people actually think we have anything. If we had a card to play we'd have slapped it on the table already.
  4. There's been a lot of deaths in the port. Half dozen or so of the old boys in my lodge have died in the 10 days or so.
  5. I went to the port high with an andrew McMaster. He'd be about 35 now.
  6. Only one I've got left. Dishwasher has destroyed the rest.
  7. You'd think they'd cobble together a big programme of cup finals and international finals to tide us over. Fuckin kindergarten cop hasn't even been on.
  8. The bears den will be suspended until further notice.
  9. And just like that our game in hand will be scheduled for tommorow morning.
  10. Was there any kind of disruption in the 60s or 70s whenever the rolling black outs and all that shit was going on? *obviously this is aimed at all the auld cunts.
  11. The flu kills tens of thousands every year and has done for decades. No one bats an eyelid. This virus is no different and mortality rates will be the similar. Once people pull their heads out their arse and realise that they'll demand sanctions are lifted and life returns to normal.
  12. Why would football leagues not be running when every other part of life was back to normal? Remember the associations won't want to postpone leagues any longer than public opinion demands since they'll be losing money hand over fist. Government enforcement will only exist until people get fucked off with it. Has the country ever been in this kind of position with the flu? It's been a massive knee jerk reaction to a situation society has found it's self in every year since international travel was a thing.
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