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  1. No here for your entertainment dick heed.
  2. These in the know wankers should be banned from forums when their shite wee attention posts turn out to be just that.
  3. Or the guy on ff was taking absolute bollocks.
  4. How many more squad players do we need?
  5. Kent isnt ours to lose. I can't see Tav going anywhere, not this season anyway. He strikes me as the kind of guy that wants a trophy. Morelos has been going for 18 months so I'd be shocked of we haven't sounded out suitable replacements.
  6. Aye I get that mate. I've seen it mentioned but don't know anything about limited company's obligations (should probably ask a taig since their all experts). The share price dipping could show though that it hasn't gone unnoticed and people are out of pocket. Perhaps if share holders had been informed of current goings on.....
  7. Their share price has taken a slight dip.
  8. I just hope this doesn't go the same way as the dodgy land deals that looked cut and dried then disappeared into thin air.
  9. Reap what you.....Sow See what a did there?
  10. Their Twitter got hacked as well
  11. Orange and white for me. Black makes it look dull.
  12. They've taken at least 9 points from last minute goals this season. We more than likely have lost as many.
  13. I semi agree with you. I don't think he's pish but he's heavily overrated. People call him a future Rangers captain but in truth he probably won't be here after next season.
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