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  1. We needed an experienced manager at the beginning of the season. Board fucked it to sell season tickets and every body jumped on the fucking stevie g train like dickheads. We're stuck with him end of.
  2. If you can't afford a wee rag to plug your fud you should probably stop paying 20 odd quid a game to watch football.
  3. The annoying thing is we'll probably go on a run now that the pressure is off and there's nothing to win.
  4. Good should be a stream up soon then. Enjoy your keo and lamb ya lucky bastard.
  5. Anybody finds a link be a good sport old fruit.
  6. The EFL had a statement out regarding the Grealish incident today before the game was even done. The SPFL took 2 full days to say next to nothing.
  7. We don't need more squad players. We need 3-4 high quality players.
  8. Kamara is the only one holding the midfield together.
  9. And he said "Do you love me? " And she said "No, but that's a real nice ski mask! "
  10. Somebody's got an albino guard peacock.
  11. If everyone would just come out and admit they aren't genuinely offended by any of this, we can all just get along with hating each other like the good old days.
  12. I voted yes to spite you. Are you suitably spote?
  13. Even if they do drop points I guarantee we'll drop more.
  14. This thread could easily be Our passing Our shooting Our tempo
  15. You replied to a reply to me with the line "we have loads of fans like this".
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