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  1. Saying the same things to him Yall can't run cause you got arthritis in yo knees.
  2. Wish people would pack it in with shit like this. There's 36 games to go ffs.
  3. Tbf my 70 odd yo gran did travel up from Newcastle to see us so it would've been a tad rude to leave her out the rain till the game was done.
  4. Stream went down on the first and I had visitors towards the end.
  5. Can you all just behave yourselves please and conduct yourselves correctly.
  6. He'll make no more than a handful of appearances then get paid off in January. Ben a waste of money since he landed.
  7. 90 mins of my life gone. I'd have only wasted them anyway.
  8. Game was pretty shit to be honest. Morelos was stinking.
  9. We've been dating that for years though.
  10. Stab them in the arse. Different laws in Spain.
  11. How many more squad players do we need?
  12. Kent isnt ours to lose. I can't see Tav going anywhere, not this season anyway. He strikes me as the kind of guy that wants a trophy. Morelos has been going for 18 months so I'd be shocked of we haven't sounded out suitable replacements.
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