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  1. At the end of July, SD are gone. Free to negotiate our own kit/merchandise deals
  2. Null and void with them claiming next season was them going for 9. I'd imagine.
  3. How do we think this would have played out with us top of the league?
  4. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish-fa/football-governance/disciplinary/disciplinary-updates/ Can't see mention of Morelos or Kent.
  5. Still Game at the Hydro today. Starts at 2.30pm, finishes at 4.50pm apparently. Some parking spots might be a bastard today.
  6. What about directing it at their horrible players?
  7. Why did Murty make a double substitution after 80 mins at 2-0 up. Surely you put one on, slow everything right down then do the same a minute later? Wee silly things like this annoying me but glad to grind that out tonight.
  8. A bit unusual I'd say haha. Perhaps someone's been at the edit.
  9. I could see it from the main stand. It looked like someone was on the steps on their back, hopefully it was a slip and precautionary move to safely lift the person. Anyone closer see if they were ok?
  10. I think we've tried to tempt but I fear he was just using us to get another year on his deal at Burnley.
  11. Didn't notice at first but there is someone starting to belt out the additional extra to that song but it ends up a bit of a mumble. Wonder who it'll be. There's a few Scots or with links to Scotland and also NI in that team.
  12. Foderingham, Tavernier, Ball, Wilson, Wallace, Halliday, Holt, Forrester, O'Halloran, Miller, McKay. King on for Miller at 60 mins. Looking forward to this, we will control this game but hopefully we can get a few goals. I'm in Club Europe for this one so an added bonus.
  13. I thought the back chat had improved in recent years but they do all seem to share a disdain for the umpires for some reason. There was someone recently shouting at an umpire asking what level he'd played tennis at and the likes.
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