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  1. This is good news for the family's of the abused boys as it was causing a lot of distress that there could be the possibility he could have been released pending the appeal. It's enough that the family's have to endure the appeal aswell as being trolled by vile individual/individuals taunting them regarding the death of a victim (Torbett/William Gilbert). Pal of celtic Boys' Club beast Jim Torbett trolls family of victim withsick online abuse: https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/news/scottish-news/pal-celtic-boys-club-beast-16180227
  2. A youth player was definitely abused in America by Frank Cairney: https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/3859632/celtic-celtic-boys-club-frank-cairney-paedophile-child-abuse-america/ think he is still playing and is aware he can take legal action via the US route.
  3. Andy Woodward's own words: https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/819996629092728833/pu/vid/1280x720/v1viEhcS4euPinig.mp4
  4. No defiantly the celtic Cup, Andy Woodward even confirmed it on STV that they Crew youngsters came up to Scotland for this tournament. When asked why he pretty much confirmed abuse and the look on the STV reporters face was oh fuck!!!
  5. Fixed this for the Times: "A Manchester City source said: “There is a Scottish link. Bennell used to take a team to tournaments in the Ayr area (celtic Cup). Bennell, a scout and coach, was convicted of 50 abuse charges between 1979 and 1991 and was described by police as one of the worst paedophiles in British criminal history." Why would a separate entity run a tournament for young boys and call it the celtic cup if they were not affiliated/running the cbc, odd that.
  6. Has Dornan just admit he was aware of rumours "Nothing like what has come out" what was he aware of? Also "If I had I can assure you it would not have been going on for long" what does this mean (what did he know was going on), what influence would he have had back then? Finally "he wouldn't have been there either" who is he referring to (Torbett, McCafferty, King or Cairney)? The more he try's to defend them, he seems to be digging a hole from himself and the snpIRA and will find their only way out is a public inquiry and or adding sporting institutions into the main inquiries to try and save their political carriers. These rats will save themselves before cfc maybe just maybe the cracks are appearing from those trying to keep a lid on this and the MSM might just start running with the victims side of things.
  7. Lennon was aware of Bennell. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/jan/31/neil-lennon-walked-in-boy-barry-bennell
  8. https://news.sky.com/story/jim-mccafferty-ex-celtic-youth-coach-admits-sexually-abusing-young-footballers-11719674 Pretty clear link established in this article McCafferty/Bennell.
  9. STV running with more details Former celtic youth coach admits abusing teenagers Jim McCafferty,73, jailed for six years and nine months at the High Court in Edinburgh. A former celtic youth coach has been jailed for six years and nine months after admitting sexually abusing young footballers. Jim McCafferty, 73, pleaded guilty to 11 charges of abusing teenagers between 1972 and 1996 at the High Court in Edinburgh on Tuesday, and one charge of breach of the peace. Four young players were abused by McCafferty while they played for celtic Boys Club and celtic youth team, while others trained with youth teams he ran in North Lanarkshire. Police described the scale of the abuse he inflicted as "unprecedented" and said his victims "lived in fear". The court heard how McCafferty - who was also placed on the sex offenders register - abused his position of power and used his intimidating physique to carry out a campaign of "sexual depravity" against budding footballers. The incidents took place in several locations across Scotland - including team showers, hotel rooms and mini buses - over several decades from the 1970s onwards. Among the complainers were former professional footballers, the court heard. Judge Lord Beckett said: "For many complainers, the sexual abuse inflicted was repeated over a number of years. "In seven impact statements I have learned of the serious and lasting effects of your prolonged course of criminal conduct. "The courts must do what they can to seek to eradicate the sexual abuse of children engaged in sport." McCafferty's lawyer told the court he wanted to apologise to his victims and their families. The former coach was previously jailed for sexual offences against a boy in Northern Ireland, where he most recently lived. McCafferty, originally from Wishaw, worked at celtic more than 20 years ago and had spells as kitman at other Scottish clubs, including Falkirk and Hibernian. He is the fourth man connected with celtic or celtic Boys Club to be jailed for historical sex abuse in the last year, after Jim Torbett, Frank Cairney and Gerald King. Detective Chief Inspector Sarah Taylor praised McCafferty's victims for coming forward to give evidence against the former coach. She said: "These boys had a passion for the game, they had dreams and hopes. Rather than provide a place of safety for them to fulfil these dreams, he used football to prey upon them. "The trust and respect they showed him was repaid by a complete and utter abuse of power. McCafferty exploited his position to satisfy his own sexual depravity. "James McCafferty has blighted the lives of so many people, both his victims and their families. As boys, his victims lived in fear but as adults they stood united, finding the courage and strength to speak out. "They were listened to and without their testimony we would not be here today witnessing McCafferty's long-awaited admissions of guilt. "I would like to pay my own personal gratitude to these men. The damage that McCafferty inflicted will never be forgotten, however, today hopefully starts the process of trying to resolve the past. "The scale of his abuse is unprecedented, and demonstrates the systematic and calculated methods he used to target his victims. "Whether as a respected coach or an affable kitman, he used every opportunity available to perpetrate his callous abuse." Looks like more than one professional footballer provided evidence "Among the complainers were former professional footballers, the court heard", looks like there's going to be no hiding place now.
  10. "One attack at celtic park" admitted? I'm sure there will be more, may be not McCafferty, but there were far too many operating out of that club for there not to be others. "Dornan tweeting Mark Daly requesting to discuss something in private." Mark need to steer clear of any government snpIRA influences (Dornan et al) as this is about justice for the abused and any involvement with them (snp/IRA) will only be to continue the cover up depriving the victims of any justice and closure.
  11. Former youth football coach admits abuse "A former youth coach involved in Scottish football has been jailed after admitting a series of child sex abuse crimes. "Jim McCafferty, 73, worked at celtic, hibernian and Falkirk more than 20 years ago. "At the High Court in Edinburgh, he admitted 10 charges of indecent assault and one of lewd and libidinous behaviour against teenage boys. "He was sentenced to six years and nine months in prison. "He is the fourth man connected to either celtic or celtic Boys Club to be found guilty of historical child sex abuse in the past year. "This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh the page for the fullest version." BBC not differentiating celtic from the boys club on their main site and looks like more to come "This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh the page for the fullest version." How this man and the others got away with it for so long is disgusting and those who covered it up (individuals/organisations/government) now need to be prosecuted/taken to task to the full letter of the law. cfc as well as all the other clubs should now take full responsibility for their part in all this and pay compensation to the abused while accepting punishment from the footballing authority's.
  12. Kent made the first goal (foul) where Tav scored all from his effort and he was involved in various periods of play that on another day could have resulted in more goals. What make a 6 or 7 m player in the SPFL? However his current valuation is around 12 m EPL as he has played for Liverpool's first team. If we could get him for 6/7 m it would be a bargain and a dam good bit of business by our club, the boy is what we need to challenge for 55 next season.
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