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  1. Oh the fucking irony 'celtic unconvinced by Arsenal's Kieran Tierney bid'...
  2. Well can try, this is the paper that exposed the aduse of young white girls in Rotherham and they stuck with it throughout all the flak they received because of the perpetrators being Asian. Think they have the bit between their teeth on this one as well due to the amount they have published so far. So can't see them being diswaded anytime soon, may even play into their hands if Hollicom/CFC try.
  3. Gerry McKnee's comments hit the nail on the head back then and today with the exception of they now have disco lights...fucking aporant club and religion.
  4. GB will sort something out at the end of the month; been laid up for a few months second TKR , if that ok?
  5. Totally agree, but he did settle and became magnificent within the post for Rangers!!!!!
  6. The save against Van Hooijdonk, just world class https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnR7CFzrNvA
  7. Was it not (hibs) he was at before singing for The Rangers?, live just a few doors away from his old address.
  8. Andy Goram...not someone I thought was Rangers calibre, how wrong was I...best goalkeeper we have ever had (Ledgend).
  9. Put that on a 24hr loop and I'll be happy to watch it until I die (old bear), love tradition and have done the tour with my boys and noticed how threadbare the carpet was in places. Will defiantly do the tour again (with the boys) to see the improvements, oh and sit (again) in Bill Struths seat...happy days.
  10. The most insightful statement of the day, bravo sir. PS not being sarcastic just hits the nail on the head,
  11. Try hesgoal or cricfree they're usually quite good.
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