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  1. Thanks for all the memories, legend!!!RIP...
  2. Dunn I believe was free lance, Liverpool at the time this rag is trying to tag us to him. The lad in question was an ex youth player and had been let go by us. Dunn invited him to Liverpool for a trial when he alleged inappropriate dehaviour. He deserves justice like all the victims do and hope he gets the help he needs. The BBC tried to rake up what they could by doorsteping (Gollum) ex youth player and all the could come up with was an association with Dunn (outwith Neely).
  3. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/52029/Rangers_vs_Livingston.html different link you tube but working...
  4. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/52029/Rangers_vs_Livingston.html now working...
  5. The boss said it would go to the wire, fucking right it did my nerves are shattered...you just gota luv the Buff!!!
  6. Whatever the lawyer was able to prove obviously nailed separate entity cfc/cbc with regards to their liability. Lets hope this is the first of many that will be able to take them on in court and win, however a public enquiry is still need to get every stone unturned and their culpability shown to the world on what a rancid organisation(s) they're...
  7. Carling1873

    Goal tally

    'Kinda' surprise!!!
  8. He failed in his attempt to be released, so he can rot in jail untill his appeal gets thrown out.
  9. Not only a ‘PR disaster’ but utterly shameful & immoral with no thought for the victims/survivors or their loved ones. They’ll be remembered for all the wrong reasons for decades to come. #CelticBoysClubChildAbuseScandal #AndrewGray #TruthAndJusticeNow 💙💙💙⚽️ Dornan calling them out regarding Hollicom PR https://www.prweek.com/article/1593690/scottish-mp-celtic-fcs-handling-sexual-abuse-case-pr-disaster
  10. We should be thankful they have at 4-1, the other mob propibly have as still at 2-1...
  11. Independent.ie now running with this, would have cp'ed it but it's a subscription one. So thats the Times, Sun and now the Independent. Let's hope they all keep publishing on this SMSM cover up.
  12. Nope, no get out clause with the film schemes. Will make a few bankrupt, karma can be such a bitch...😁
  13. They are not, Love Island and Capaldi are deflection from the the truth within the republican world of Scotland peadophiles operating in full view and being protected by the SNP for votes, disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I'm going over to the Kyle Lafferty Leaves by Mutual Concent topic and give those lying fucker so much stick for spreading romors...bastard one and all!!!!
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