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  1. Absolutely agree, the more they try and deflect this away while continuing to try and drag other clubs into this will work against them.
  2. You may be right regarding linking us, however maybe the use of plural 'RINGS' may relate to the fact McCafferty and Bennel had links to each other. I'm convinced the Paedo's here and in England are linked by the celtic Cup and cross boarder tournaments Butlands...
  3. Leave the girl alone you bunch of bastard's ­čśé... Easy mistake to make...but quite funny!!!
  4. Think it may be related to CSA as Helene and Michelle have posted this on Facebook...
  5. He would sore for fun up here...
  6. Tannerall, has your stream frozen... He has been quite decent so far and a better fit in that position than Flanagan.
  7. Name three Rangers Captains,,,for fucks sake youth of today!!!
  8. What is interesting is not a peep out of the TLB regarding this, have they told him to fade into the background while they provide a smokescreen for what went on in their dressing room. Trying very hard to deflect this away from them and would not be surprised if it was the TLB that put Christie in hospital.
  9. Lets get the battle fever on...mon the Gers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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