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  1. Bbc scotland

    we didn't turn up for too many games last season, didn't bother them at all
  2. **The official welcome to Rangers Aiden mcAdams thread *****

    At last we will have a goalkeeper who can handle a cross 😎
  3. The Sunday Night Caption Contest..

    "suicide is painless"
  4. Feelings on a Chinese sponsor

    "going for 55" would need to be chop sooy
  5. Rangers to give Celtic a Guard of Honour

    we would need Dr Who's Tardis to go back to April 1st
  6. Filth

    What I don't understand is with all these facts, not one complaint has been made about the conduct of Celtic Football Club. If a member of the public, with evidence, makes a complaint the Police are bound by law to investigate.
  7. most popular club in the world

    http://global-vote.blogspot.co.uk/2016/12/RANGERS-vs-FEYENOORD.html please vote
  8. Scotland's game

    Lennon was attacked by one fan and rightly the media made a fuss over it. Now does anyone want to hazard a guess at how many fans attacked our players after the cup final and who in the media is shouting about it?
  9. Demonstration

    Who would report it if everyone is against us?
  10. BBC Scottish news

    They broadcast the game live from Hampden, what more could they do?
  11. Where is the most bizarre place you have watched a Rangers game from?

    Not so much watched a game but listened on a radio at 200 feet under the South Atlantic. OF game when Gazza scored at Ibrox, also listened to NUFC beating MUFC 5-0 at st Jame's park
  12. Special delivery for Tim semi final £7 rip off

    If you have 3 season books in your own name, then the tickets will be sent in one envelope. if the season books are in different names then the tickets will be sent to the individual holders
  13. Ex-Rangers stars drop legal case against the club

    The claim was against the operating company and not against the club.
  14. Angela Haggerty sacked from Herald

  15. Merry Xmas

    Would just like to wish everyone a very Merry Rangers Christmas