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  1. DavieCooperMemorial

    Season ticket move

    They should have a page where people could ask for swaps. If they could talk direct to each other it would sort a lot of problems out quicker.
  2. DavieCooperMemorial

    Bbc scotland

    we didn't turn up for too many games last season, didn't bother them at all
  3. DavieCooperMemorial

    Angela Haggerty sacked from Herald

  4. DavieCooperMemorial

    Charlie Telfer Signs for Dundee United

    what#s the diffrence in medals won between kenny Miller and the whole Dundee United team? just curious
  5. DavieCooperMemorial

    Sandy Easdale statement

    Then maybe you should shut the fuck up with all the negative shite you post
  6. DavieCooperMemorial

    please just go McCoist

    Attention seeking claptrap of the highest order. The Host never has anything intresting to say so just abuses the manager