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  1. If we'd scored a winner late on I think there would be a very different vibe on here, but I suppose that is always true.
  2. Frustrating to see the same thing happen as last season, finally going top then fucking it right away. Despite that I don't think it's a mentality thing here. We were gash today and Hearts were quite good. We also have a few players that are not good enough, as has been widely opined in other threads. Pissed off we didn't win but I don't think we have poor mentality.
  3. Hopefully she died a painful death soon after.
  4. IMO Katic just sounds unemotional or shy when he talks, I actually think he's speaking from the heart. Either way this resonated with me: "How much do you feel you have improved since joining Rangers?" "Yeah a lot. On and off the pitch. become a better player, better person. Mentally more strong."
  5. Personally I wouldn't say should, but I think we've got enough about us to do it. A draw would be a good result though.
  6. Big love for the fucking Hammer. Amazing seeing him back in the blue shirt
  7. Yeah I mean all three together is quite surreal. Obviously chuffed to bits to see Gough back in blue
  8. Now what a strange but amazing sight this is
  9. Any pics of Stevie in blue? Actually excited to see that sight
  10. Loving would be easy if his colours were like my dreams Red white and blue Red white and blue
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