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  1. Not an original post obviously. Blown away again and again with every viewing, fucking brilliant Rangers. So much pride. The pride and the massive grin has not and will not subside. Please take this form into the league.
  2. He was everything for us, a brilliant man through and through. We love you Brian
  3. Having watched it again multiple times, he just kept going and kept going. Bit of luck, bit of skill, tons of determination. Stepped up and did something truly remarkable. Huge affection for the man tbh
  4. Same! Cracking a huge smile every time and shaking my head
  5. Been laughing at this since last night, amazing. 😂 I did similar, never shouted so much in my life
  6. Dans Barcelone 1972 Colin Stein a marqué un Willie Johnston deux
  7. Here is the pick of the imagery from last night that I cobbled together. Unforgettable
  8. 26 seconds in https://twitter.com/i/status/1230610246827159552
  9. RockwellGers


    Yup, outstanding use of spunk there Gheorghe ☺️
  10. RockwellGers


    Laughed so much at this 😂
  11. I've struggled with these last few games man 😆 but it always comes back around somehow.
  12. One of the first things Gerrard said in the post match reaction was how pleased he was for the supporters. He does acknowledge how shit it's been recently for us and there's been precious little to celebrate. It works both ways, I'm fucking happy to see the gaffer have something to celebrate and do enjoy seeing him lose himself in the moment like this. Check that acceleration he gets from seeing the goal go in ooft
  13. The man's a smooth bastard with lines like that, on top of having damn near every trait that a top player should have. Some man so he is
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