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  1. Seems like weeks and weeks since we've played, somehow. Gunning for this
  2. One of the main points for me, this. Far from flawless but our defence has been very good overall especially Goldson. Worrall has had inconsistencies but has improved a lot.
  3. Don't agree with that, for me once it was 10 men and one goal each it could have gone either way. We almost got that decisive goal, they pipped us to it. Do agree that the first half was nowhere near good enough.
  4. I agree we are closer than people think, but I look at the statistics and cringe inwardly
  5. I would say he was less effective than usual, wouldn't say pish personally
  6. No complaints about anything tonight, solid. Frustrated though that we can't produce a performance like this with any consistency. Possibly my favourite move of the match was for Arfield's goal, Tav's ball in was fucking ace and Defoe was unlucky. Well finished by Arfield
  7. Anyone going to the store soon? My mate tells me they have home tops, none on the site. If anyone would post me one well that would be fucking sound.
  8. Fair point, edited title 👍
  9. Gazza training for the upcoming Tottenham legends match. Good to see him immersing himself in football again to some degree, after all the problems the guy has had. Go on son.
  10. Not sure I have the energy to be totally raging again. What a spirit-crushing run.
  11. Ooft. Some bad memories rushing back. Makes our current team look like superstars
  12. In my view this season will be remembered as Gerrard's baptism of fire, showing plenty of promise but failing on several fronts. Next season we'll be stronger and consistency will improve, I believe we'll pick up silverware too. Don't get me wrong I'm sick as fuck about the last two results. Actually thought we were going on a run there. Fucked it.
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