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  1. When Gerrard's son starts playing for Liverpool he'll have a part-Glaswegian accent
  2. 100% jealous. Good for you mate
  3. Honestly look photoshopped. Not that they look fake but hard to believe they would wear such massive shorts unless it was for a bet
  4. "FROM a chance meeting, a friendship has been formed. Neither knew much about the other at first, but Nikola Katic now has an appreciation of the past and Richard Gough has faith in the future." For some reason I heard this in my head read out like a movie trailer voiceover, in a really badass deep voice. Nice story anyway, great to hear!
  5. That's a brilliant strip. Reminds me of the one we had from '92-'94....glory days! (As modelled by Alexei)
  6. If anything this should have been mentioned more than three times, for clarification
  7. Love this thread, totally true. Every time I see the stadium it blows me away.
  8. Yeah. Pretty shady thing to be doing really. Would make much more sense to get a photo WITH him then post that. But, if it was me I'd probably try and leave him be because he probably has to deal with all sorts of shite when he goes out, and he's certainly earned the right to have a pint in peace to unwind.
  9. Just don't say that this pub is a bit of a "lions den".
  10. Same actually. Especially if you asked a daft question due to nerves, we've all seen how he deals with those
  11. That's a pretty relaxed posture. Must have been enjoying himself
  12. Definitely Gerrard.....and....yeah definitely a pint there. Right that's me sorted, cheers!
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