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  1. I like the sound of that.
  2. Thought he was really good against celtic too, even if he didn't manage to maintain it for the whole match
  3. Losing the late goal took the sheen off of it for sure. We're seeing an issue with dropping quality in the second half after a great first 45, this needs addressed and I think it will be. Regardless we are through, and it is a huge achievement. Progression!
  4. The emotion is so high tonight, as much as any game I can remember. The heart this team has (at times), if we scored early every game we'd be such a fucking force. I think going through that pain on Sunday then pulling this performance out of the hat could be huge for these players in terms of mentality
  5. Very nearly had tears in my eyes there seeing that go in then all the replays of Gerrard and the fans celebrating.
  6. Good show OP, I agree. We were on top and created genuinely good chances, Morelos was good and unlucky not to score. Apart from the penalty, I am still having trouble accepting that miss. I think Morelos would have scored if he stayed focused for the whole game, when we were really up against it he started to look to go down and kick out at players instead of continuing to drive through and put everything into scoring. In my opinion he does not quite have the mentality to stay focused in a game of that magnitude yet, even though he has improved hugely. I think all of the players will have taken hefty experience points from the game and the harshness of losing it will toughen them. Ryan Kent wasn't on it, he tried to do too much and it didn't come off, decision making was poor but he too will learn from the loss and will not want to go through that level of disappointment again. I think that the experience of losing in this way will stand these players in good stead for the future and I'm still very positive about the league, especially because celtic weren't anything special yesterday either.
  7. He tried to beat too many players today, poor decision making, did not do what he is capable of. He will though. He'll learn from games like this
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