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  1. RockwellGers

    Rangers VHS/Documentaries

    Nice collection! See those RTV Videodiaries, one of them is around the time Gazza joined in '95 and that pre-season tournament we hosted. I often think of that one and wish I still had it. Not sure where it went.... Go on upload it to Youtube for me! 😃
  2. RockwellGers

    Siege Mentality

    HAWN AFF the Famous Glasgow Rangers, the glory days are here again. If not now then soon, and we are living in the era of resurgence. All Bears keep up the staunch support, I love my club very much and I know everyone here does. I'm drunk.
  3. RockwellGers

    Sshhh. Aberdeen Vs Rangers - Video

    Thank you @julescotia ❤️
  4. RockwellGers

    McGregor banned 2 games

    Fuck sake.
  5. RockwellGers

    Talksport @ 5

    Anywhere I can listen to this now?
  6. RockwellGers

    Morelos song

  7. RockwellGers

    Morelos song

  8. RockwellGers

    Morelos song

    Don't think I've ever seen anyone suggest a new song on here and not get pelters for it. That said, I wanted to suggest Madonna's "Holiday" for Andy Halliday, like this: Halliday-hay Celebra-hate When you're Andy Halliday (doo doo doo, doo doo doo) Take some time to celebrate (doo doo doo, doo doo doo) It could bee-hee IT COULD BE SO NICE, HALLIDAY-HAY My mate tells me it's already been done by some guy on Youtube but couldn't see it
  9. RockwellGers

    Today's back pages

    We beat them. That is the headline, and the reason why I was (and am still) buzzing. We fucking won. We put four past them. Outwith the disciplinary occurrences, we we showed lots of character and fight, to go ahead twice and stay in front. Did us proud and kept us in contention.
  10. RockwellGers

    Next 5 games

    Eeeeasy now. Another resounding victory over Killie first and foremost
  11. RockwellGers

    Tonights goals

    Here's one of the interviews he did.
  12. RockwellGers

    Tonights goals

    Cheers OP. Really enjoyed Defoe's goal, his composure was spot on and bodes well for the future
  13. RockwellGers

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    That was a tense shift, my god. What a 3 points though! That Defoe goal was a sweet moment of relief.