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  1. Buggleskelly

    Berra blasts Lafferty

    It's not Berra , it's Christophe........
  2. Buggleskelly


    Halliday & Arfield were both excellent today.
  3. Buggleskelly

    A pint with Novo

    Broke my fkn specs celebrating that goal in the tattiedome that day..?
  4. Buggleskelly

    A pint with Novo

    Had a great chat for about an hour with Nacho in Las Vegas last year at NARSA in a bar in the Planet Hollywood Hotel. He seemed to despise them tarrier bastards as much as I do as our conversation evolved. I really enjoyed his company & he actually stuck us up a couple of drinks as well. Rangers legend in my opinion when I think about it....
  5. Buggleskelly

    Pubs for Old Firm

    I'll be in the Black Bull down the street mate. Opening at 11am if you want to watch it in there...
  6. Buggleskelly

    Pubs for Old Firm

    It'll be on in the Holepark mate , if its chokka there's the Masonic next door as well.
  7. Buggleskelly

    Pubs for Old Firm

    Black Bull in Cambuslang for me...
  8. Buggleskelly

    Scott Arfield

    He was excellent tonight.
  9. Buggleskelly

    Quinton “Cutty” Young

    I seen him in Hillington industrial estate about 15 years ago digging with a pick & shovel on a drainage pipe thingy in the pissing rain. Pretty gutted with this as I idolised him when I was a teenager. Sad sight ?
  10. Buggleskelly

    BBC the impartial broadcasters

    They have a statue outside they're poxy ground of a serial wife beater ,who is also in they're all time greatest eleven.
  11. Buggleskelly

    Fixtures Announced - Friday 9am

    Partick...... Maybe not
  12. Buggleskelly

    FA Cup Final tribute to Ray Wilkins

    Ray Wilkins was a legend at both clubs. Fantastic gesture from the FA ....
  13. Buggleskelly

    Forbes Tailoring

    I like that