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  1. Aye ok
  2. I had an interesting chat with Kenny McLean's mum before the game today. She was telling me that she was at New Douglas Park on Wednesday night & spent the entire game arguing with sheep fans who were giving him dogs abuse , even after he scored. Apparently he didn't celebrate his goal to their satisfaction & 'the orange bastard would've celebrated differently if he was playing for Rangers'. She said that she walked out in disgust before the final whistle. She also said he gets absolute pelters constantly from them on twitter.
  3. Clyde at Shawfield about 1970. Can't remember the score , but we won & Orjan Persson scored. Long time ago
  4. Jeremy Clement
  5. I'm in that photo Specky cunt above the stewards bawheid 🇬🇧
  6. Play the game at a high tempo & they won't be able to live with us. The last 20 mins of the first half the other night was easily our best period of the game & we created good chances , scored & had them chasing shadows. The second half was too slow & laboured which allowed them to easily frustrate us & come more into the game. Hopefully we can get an early goal which should easily see us go through. 2-0 Rangers
  7. A quick couple of beers in my local in Cambuslang then RSC bus to Ibrox. Hopefully throw another one down my neck in the Rolls Royce club before watching the madness begin again
  8. Good luck Andy Halliday
  9. Feen Yin Kunt.....
  10. Enjoy mate. If we somehow manage to make the group stage I'll be able to do a European away game later in the year. Can't get any time off work until September
  11. What school did he go to?