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  1. He's an insignificant twat , get it right up him.....
  2. Just home from the game. It was just like the good old days with Walter / Advocaat in charge when we would turn up at these cesspits & horse the c.unts. Fkn love it....
  3. Any win obviously & no injuries or suspensions..... is this too much to ask for? Heading up for this, bus leaving 3pm
  4. Same here..... A shoe in for the tattiedome Maybe not.
  5. Livingston league cup is all I've had Brutal
  6. Buggleskelly


    Alfredo has only been with us for just over 2 seasons, but he's already got legendary status in my opinion. He's a nutter , but our lives have been enriched by having him at Rangers. As I said , he's a mad bastard, but I for one love the guy & wish him nothing but good luck when he eventually moves on. Hopefully that's a long way away...... What a player
  7. Wednesday afternoon , flying Glasgow to Warsaw via Frankfurt, returning home early Saturday morning via Munich.
  8. I enjoyed the commentary, the brilliant goal & big Wes's cameo
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