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  1. Buggleskelly

    Quinton “Cutty” Young

    I seen him in Hillington industrial estate about 15 years ago digging with a pick & shovel on a drainage pipe thingy in the pissing rain. Pretty gutted with this as I idolised him when I was a teenager. Sad sight 😕
  2. Buggleskelly

    BBC the impartial broadcasters

    They have a statue outside they're poxy ground of a serial wife beater ,who is also in they're all time greatest eleven.
  3. Buggleskelly

    Fixtures Announced - Friday 9am

    Partick...... Maybe not
  4. Buggleskelly

    FA Cup Final tribute to Ray Wilkins

    Ray Wilkins was a legend at both clubs. Fantastic gesture from the FA ....
  5. Buggleskelly

    Forbes Tailoring

    I like that
  6. Buggleskelly

    Glenn Hoddle

    What a player he was.........
  7. Buggleskelly

    Give us your fucking money!!

    That would be an ecumenical matter.....
  8. Buggleskelly

    Where we all sitting next Sunday

    West stand section A ROW DDD I actually think I'm closer to the lesser hampden pitch
  9. Buggleskelly

    ST renewals starting next week

    I'll be renewing as usual. I enjoy the excuse to have alcohol before & after the game win , lose or draw.
  10. Buggleskelly

    *****The Official Rangers v Dundee Thread*****

    3-0 Rangers
  11. Buggleskelly

    Semi final ballot

    £20 loyal behind the goals for me
  12. Buggleskelly

    Willie Collum

  13. Buggleskelly

    Willie Collum

    He's a card happy incompetent pope faced cunt.