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  1. Think you've mixed my message up with another poster. All I was trying to do was highlight the selective choice of images for each report by whoever edits that for the BBC and the idea that it's not a mistake. Any points made beyond that has been made by other posters in the thread. For what it's worth, I'll happily take the Club 1872 advice and lodge a complaint. That's what I can do from a personal standpoint and the more people that do it, the harder it is for them to ignore.
  2. No worries pal, I'll PM you next time I go to raise a topic so you can verify it 🤣
  3. Compare and contrast the below thumbnails featured on the BBC news app, alongside the photo of the Power assault published by the club's twitter account. They don't even try and hide it any more. Rancid organisation infested with tarriers.
  4. That'll be the closest that spineless sack of shit ever gets to setting foot in a Rangers dressing room as a manager.
  5. Why on earth has Tav even been brought into this? If anyone on the face of the planet watched last night's game and thought they were played to a similar standard wants to give up watching football. Flanagan was abysmal.
  6. Today was a chance for him to stake a claim for a starting berth and he blew it. Started fairly brightly but couldn't kick his arse the second half.
  7. @Zetland PM me with donation details and I'll do so at month end. ?
  8. A permanent signing doesn't guarantee quality. Egil Ostenstad also wore the number 9 and was here on a permanent deal...
  9. Somerset Boab "performing" pre-match when we went to Ayr.
  10. Maccabi Tel-Aviv avoided. Aberdeen off to Kazakhstan or Bosnia.
  11. Awful defending. Left back posted missing, centre backs not picking up the runner. Sunday league stuff.
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