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  1. @Zetland PM me with donation details and I'll do so at month end. 🙂
  2. KazzyTI

    The curious case of the N9 shirt

    A permanent signing doesn't guarantee quality. Egil Ostenstad also wore the number 9 and was here on a permanent deal...
  3. KazzyTI

    ***Official Rangers Retail Purchases Thread***

    Sounds more like you have problems with your neighbours
  4. KazzyTI

    The banter years

    Somerset Boab "performing" pre-match when we went to Ayr.
  5. KazzyTI

    ***Official Rangers Retail Purchases Thread***

    Last two home shirts, last two away shirts, two pairs of shorts (away and third since there was no home in men's large), a polo shirt and a pendant to replace the one I've had for years that unfortunately broke. £105 well spent!
  6. KazzyTI

    *****Q1 Progrès Niederkorn Q2 AEL Limassol*****

    Limassol of Cyprus or St Josephs of Gibraltar it is.
  7. KazzyTI

    *****Q1 Progrès Niederkorn Q2 AEL Limassol*****

    Maccabi Tel-Aviv avoided. Aberdeen off to Kazakhstan or Bosnia.
  8. KazzyTI

    *** The RM Erskine Fund - Platinum Members' Club

    Does the donation have to be done in one fell swoop or can it be cumulative between pay cheques?
  9. Sent my donation off via bank transfer this morning.
  10. Awful defending. Left back posted missing, centre backs not picking up the runner. Sunday league stuff.
  11. KazzyTI

    Semi final ballot details

    Got my email but it appears my nephew didn't. We're linked through friends and family, it's always been both or neither of us. His name and number doesn't appear on the email telling me I've been allocated a ticket either. Anyone else had an issue like this?
  12. KazzyTI

    *****The official Motherwell Vs Rangers thread*****

    Tav starting this season as he finished the last...