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  1. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Disgrace, utter disgrace, some cunt must know where he lives, dirty smelly fukin papish no good horrible cunt
  2. Dallas

    Fucking disgrace
  3. The Liverpool connection

    Some talk that the owners of LFC have pushed this through with 100m investment to prepare SG as klopp's replacement in 3-5 years.... Just saying but pieces they do fit😳
  4. The Liverpool connection

    Sorry but not been through the 29 pages on 'major investment'... Did any post link the managers appointment to investment by the current owners of Liverpool?
  5. Rangers related picture thread

    Big Donald Hunter, still a major bluenose
  6. Rangers related picture thread

    Big Donald Hunter, still a major bluenose
  7. Burstin with pride!!!

    The standard has been set now. Never drop below that and we'll do just fine NS
  8. Burstin with pride!!!

    Where the fuck did that come from!!
  9. If, buts and maybe...

    If its been done take it off, canny be fukt with the sarcasm and negativity
  10. If, buts and maybe...

    Yes as per topic unfortunately
  11. If, buts and maybe...

    If we had beaten hamilton and dundee we would be top But we are not Maybe if keep momentum, give murty till end of season and can squeeze a couple of decent loan signings into the equation, maybe just maybe..... All starts tomorrow ??????
  12. Ross McCrorie

    Was excellent today, really promising, defo plays for our badge
  13. David Bates

    Not my fav bit was very solid My MOM was tav or mccrorie
  14. Please please please...

    Just seen DM interview, he said the sheep deserved a result from that... fuckin delusional... we beat them comfortably with 10! Ffs... and btw some sensible replies for a change???????
  15. Please please please...

    Do not get mciness in as manager. He is not up to it. Murty has overseen the 3 best performances of the season (regardless of FT today) I'm not saying murty but not DM , please please please