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  1. Keep hearing the marshalls are this and that but nobody ever gives specifics. I have been in and around all the family and a more committed and rangers loving family you will never meet.
  2. Why?
  3. Is a shithole
  4. Was with dj last week, surprise surprise mcculloch is off to work in the east end. Dj respects keevans as a broadcaster but is looking for a better gig. Big man is looking well and i can assure everyone he only has our team at heart
  5. Yes 64, sorry lads
  6. For the doubters, he said last night that he remembers where he was when many significant things happened in the world, princess di, 9_11 and others and finished saying 'I'll remember where i was when i saw those bastards dancing at ibrox on saturday'... also he does regret leaving and had actually knocked liverpool back twice, until u hear him talk about our club nobody will understand that he is a full blown rangers man. Unfortunately i now have a man crush on a 63year old!😘 I welcome the forthcoming pelters😭
  7. Durrant v cheats Darch v lisbon Both for separate reasons but emotions the v same
  8. All day long
  9. 100% rangers man, i was a doubter... he dismissed a few myths and confirmed a few, legend in my book all day long
  10. I was at a QandA with him tonite and he said he would work for free for us in any capacity other than manager...
  11. Cant believe he was 33 when he took the helm and moved us forward...ffs 30years ago!!
  12. Your a club legend!!! Wankstain
  13. Any thoughts why pardew was there? I'd take him in that role in a heartbeat... and great display from the lads today, tremendous!!
  14. on a brighter note... waghorns on fire!!??