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  1. 4 of us heading up from Geneva tomorrow. No time for a drink in town though.
  2. Not really, just been for the odd day visit. I'm just waiting for Monday and will try for tickets through ticketmaster or club shop.
  3. Couple of us in Geneva will be heading through. Seen that on website .Bit of a shit k.o. time but leave work 12 and 2hrs train so should be ok. Where are you based?
  4. Ok, but he was steady and showed the right attitude. He looked liked he really wanted to play. A basic I know, however a step in the right direction.
  5. Exactly. Robinson showed confidence tonight. Good show, he looked up for it. Credit to Faure as well, considering the lack of game time he's had he did well. Slimfast working well on him.
  6. Minor piece of redemption from Simonsen there. This whole team is dire beyond belief.
  7. After their went in , I watched the rest of the game with sense of detatched resignation to the inevitable. I'm lucky, I'm sat on my fat arse in my living room. Feel so sorry for the travelling bears. Foster's next tattoo should be "dud" across his forehead, nowhere near beinga Ranger. No pass marks for any of this shower of no-marks today.
  8. Whoever comes in as manager ought to make players read the comments on these forums. The ship has sailed for Ally,he did what he could and was a rock after admin, but now players have to step up, not least for their own careers. At the moment I wouldnt hire them as a subutteoteam.
  9. Stream went down from RTV, best news about tonight. What a shambles. Players afraid to play, shitting themselves to make a mistake and in turn looking like the inept bunch of cretins they've been all season. The Allysituation aside, hope tnese imposters wearing the jerseys languish in the Welsh leagues( notto disparage the Welsh league, it's just about the wage levels they deserve bar a few).
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