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  1. When and by whom? Certainly not from the efforts of the whingers on this thread.
  2. What a depressive thread. Instead of all this moaning and whinging why don't you do something about it? Get yourself down to the local political party branch and join as a member. Then work yourself up to being voted as a candidate to stand for election. Then get yourself elected to the local council or Holyrood. On the way you may regain the realisation of what being a Protestant means. You were given a heritage from the Covenanters, ABOD, OO, etc. Now, stand up for it.
  3. Despite Liewell's fulsome autopanegyrics: '... won it the celtic way', there will be no competitor's respect for their trophy being awarded as against being won on the park. How must they feel when you chronicle just a few of 'their' achievements ... Child abuse, Legia Warsaw, Sion FC, Covid19 league, ... ?
  4. Now that we are out of the EU, why do we allow free movement of the foreign Irish in the UK and allow them to work in the UK without applying for foreign workforce visas? F**k letting that lot have any more influence in our country than is absolutely necessary (diplomats etc.)
  5. I'll bet the Jap was fuming that the league wasn't called today. Maybe he doesn't have as much power as everybody thinks !!
  6. Chris McLaughlin✔@BBCchrismclaug SPFL meeting finished. League season won’t be called this evening. More likely next week. 275 13:21 - 15 May 2020
  7. The snp don't know what that is and if there was one the CPS and PoliceScotland would lose the evidence.
  8. This is not meant as a defence of their actions, but in their position they more or less have to follow the leader so to speak. Rangers are just not powerful enough yet for them to follow our lead. There are still too many scum placemen for them to take a chance.
  9. Before you can go to UEFA you have to pass through the SFA. However, why would you be afraid of the SFA not acting properly against the SPFL when these aims are taken straight from their website? ... https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish-fa/football-governance/ Football Governance is an integral part of the Scottish FA’s role as the national governing body, encompassing the key regulatory functions of Anti-Doping, Child Wellbeing & Protection, Club Licensing, Disciplinary, Security & Integrity and Player Registrations. The Scottish FA is firmly committed to the principles of good governance: we ensure that fairness, transparency, equity and integrity are at the heart of all we do. We endeavour to maintain robust and relevant rules, policies and practices by implementing a process of continuous improvement, taking on board views of key stakeholders and the constantly evolving cultural and environmental landscape within the game. Especially with these board members ... The main Board consists of eight members: the Scottish FA Office Bearers (Rod Petrie, President; Ian Maxwell, Chief Executive; and Michael Mulraney, Vice President), plus Neil Doncaster (PGB), Duncan Fraser (PGB), Thomas McKeown (NPGB) and independent non-executive directors, Ana Stewart and Malcolm Kpedekpo.
  10. Just had to look it up, m8. What does Oik mean in Britain? noun. British derogatory, slang a person regarded as inferior because ignorant, ill-educated, or lower-class. Fits them to a tee !!
  11. There's nothing wrong with the country that cannot be changed by the PUL community at the ballot box. However, it will take a concerted effort at both the local council and MSP levels to shake off the apathy of the PUL community. Real leaders need to emerge soon to see a difference in 10-20 years and wrest back control from the republicans. It can happen. Look how energized the Ranger's support have become with a more aggressive and vocal board at Ibrox leading the way..
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