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  1. Haw haw ... Kerrydale Meltdown @KerryFail · 57m Wish I had stayed in the garden and finished the weeding. Pitiful performance, and I cannot think of any redeeming aspects at all. Onto Wednesday, and things had better improve. 1 4 34 Kerrydale Meltdown @KerryFail · 56m A terrible game of head tennis and bouncing balls. Kilmarnock never a threat except when we gave them the opportunity. And we were far too slow in getting the ball into the penalty area, by then they had packed it and we could not move. 4 19 Kerrydale Meltdown @KerryFail · 56m League's over. 1 16 82 Kerrydale Meltdown @KerryFail · 57m Dross. I hate that pitch and I hate the way Kilmarnock play, but there was no guile, craft or inventiveness in that display. End of the season turgid pish two games in. The battle fever will be on in Govan. 1 6 38 Kerrydale Meltdown @KerryFail · 59m htthttps://twitter.com/xliamboyle/status/1292518864450998272… This Tweet is unavailable. 1 21 Kerrydale Meltdown @KerryFail · 59m 90 minutes and the Kilmarnock keeper never had a save to make ... Not one player with pass marks . Lennon and Kennedy the new del boy and Rodney 3 10 31 Kerrydale Meltdown @KerryFail · 59m Neil Lennon you have blood on your hands. 7 27 135 Kerrydale Meltdown @KerryFail · 1h The fans sold out season tickets, thousands bought merchandise and sold out adidas strips while in a global pandemic. Would be nice if the board showed a quarter of the passion the fans show, and signed the players needed. 2 4 16 Kerrydale Meltdown @KerryFail · 1h Lennon needs to do the decent thing and walk. The whole of twitter saw tge need to change it half time waited until 66 minutes before first change and it was the changes everyone on here was calling for. He isn't good enough. 4 13 62 Kerrydale Meltdown @KerryFail · 1h Lennon is a mess. The team reflect his poor physical state. He consistently messes up substitutions. He doesn’t learn. 2 defenders, a striker and an intelligent, professional and physically fit manager please. 2 games in and we’re chasing Sevco? Ominous.
  2. He's deid mate, but I don't suppose that makes any difference to your point.
  3. I'll take this performance and result for every game this season. 55 is all that matters. We can figure out the rest after that !!
  4. Remember 2008... ...They then reached the final with a penalty shootout victory against Fiorentina. They played Zenit Saint Petersburg, managed by formed Gers boss Dick Advocaat, in Manchester on 14 May. Rangers lost the match 2-0, with over 200,000 fans in the city to see the game. When asked if the SFA should have extended the season to benefit Rangers, Ally McCoist said: "They were a disgrace. It was embarrassing. I think the Russian federation cancelled Zenit's three or four games previously. I think we played something like eight games in eighteen days. It might just sound like sour grapes, but no: any other country in the planet, the association would have helped the team. If you're asking me if it was wrong, it was completely and utterly wrong." Grow the fuck up !!!!
  5. Search Results Translation result English – complete lack of self-awareness Irish - easpa iomlán féinfheasachta
  6. Sorry mate, that wouldn't do any good. They broke the 'Captain Cutlass' mould with Mr. Shearer. Right now there is no one close to him.
  7. Looks like Billy Ritchie who succeeded George Niven.
  8. All of these points may be uncomfortable for him but none are a true headshot.
  9. Barry Anderson @BarryAnderson_ · 3h Partick Thistle join Hearts in a joint legal challenge against the SPFL after both clubs were relegated. Thistle decided against a lawsuit yesterday due to cost but have now received an offer of funding. #Football #Scotland
  10. It's Scottish football we're talking here, ffs.
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