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  1. Put 4 big screens in the centre circle at Ibrox and we can all take our banners there. You either welcome fans to your ground or you don't. Live with the consequences.
  2. How can Lazio play such pish against them and yet do this to Juve ...
  3. Since when have they warranted consideration from Scottish football authorities?
  4. It was a huge sausage roll😎
  5. The moaning on here is over the top. It was the same after the Feyenoord game when the press said we were getting charged by UEFA for sectarian singing. FFS we lost the momentum and sat back. Weaknesses were exposed tonight and it may be a blessing in disguise for the rest of the season. The other mob were playing Hamilton. The league is far from over.
  6. Defence cost us. Helander(again) for the first and Tavernier in the middle of the goal when he should have been covering his right back spot, and Considine never gets near it. Aberdeen then never gave us an inch. This is correctible but still feels like shit.
  7. The future appears to be looking bright, doesn't it.
  8. 72barca

    Song Choice?

    Did that flag from Springburn RSC that was shown earlier, else where, get waved?
  9. No one has set Alfie up for a shot on goal. We need to push them back a bit.
  10. Take off Kamara and Ojo and replace with Arfield and Aribo
  11. Proof that Bluenoses are born, not manufactured
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