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  1. SCHADENFREUDE in all its glory 😄
  2. We know that scum club is influenced by their cult church, listen to this ...
  3. In his first statement he will say - 'I'm a football manager, not an historian.'
  4. I disagree, bud. I think it should be on any and every forum that wishes to discuss the acts of these particular paedos. By not doing so we are enabling those who wish to bury the vile facts. Surely the greatest compensation for every abused victim and their families is to see the truth being brought to the light. God bless the survivors, may they find peace somehow.
  5. I thought Kamara was ordinary today with just a few flashes of form. He really needs quality like Davis and Arfield around him to shine.
  6. Hard to tell, Frank looks like he's in the dark in that picture.😜
  7. If they don't admit blame then how can they accept vicarious reponsibility for their employees actions. I would hazard a guess that the first thing the victims and their families want is an APOLOGY. Not just a token reaction but a true and sincere apology for ruining their lives. Their lack of public reaction is cruel and cowardly.
  8. I think it was around 2008 when they wouldn't help us with the games pile up and Walter Smith was having trouble with player selection, what with injuries and exhaustion, he said something like ... 'At the start of the season you enter all these tournaments and you don't choose what games to win and what games not to win. You want to win them all.'
  9. The way I understand proceedings is that the CO finds and refers possible infractions to a three man panel. If they give unanimous agreement that a Notice of Complaint should be issued then she goes ahead and does so. I don't know how she decides what should be fast-tracked. It would appear in Sumonivich's case the three-man panel were not unanimous in their verdict hence no Notice of Complaint was issued against him. I would be interested in who these three-man panels are and would like to see their arguments and reasonings published.
  10. This is one conversation, there are plenty more. This guy instead of calling out CFC wants to deflect onto Rangers' fans ... Carolina Washington‏ @Carolinaw87 FollowFollow @Carolinaw87 More Carolina Washington Retweeted Graham Spiers As a survivor of child sex abuse I find your comment beyond repugnant. It’s people like you that make it so difficult for us to speak out and seek justice. The victims will no longer be silenced and CFC and those who enabled this coverup will be brought to justice. Carolina Washington added, Graham Spiers @GrahamSpiers Many Rangers fans exercised and excited on here re this celtic Boys Club tragedy. What a spectacle it is: the worst expression of transparent glee and oneupmanship I think I’ll ever see in football. Over child sex abuse. 4:51 AM - 15 May 2019
  11. Suminovic was referred to the panel. They were not unanimous in their opinion that he committed an offence, hence case dropped.
  12. I think one of the most frustrating things in this whole procedure is when the statement is made that a player does not get cited because the 3 person panel, which advises the CO, has stated that they are not in unanimous agreement therefore no charge can be brought. Firstly, who are these people and secondly, upon what evidence have they based their decision and thirdly, what is their reasoning?
  13. A few years back, during disclosures of paedo priests, did the CFC fans not hold up a banner declaring 'We are all Paedos'?(can't find the picture) It should be no surprise then, when someone agrees with them publicly.
  14. You have no idea what transpired. It seems like you are championing a position which may not exist.
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