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  1. You have to understand that you as a new poster who has not had time to build any gravitas with existing members, this is a serious charge to lay. This is a serious subject and our members feel passionately about the subject matter. It may take time to present your friend's case if your aim is to gather support and empathy from this forum.
  2. Respect to the present-day board of Man. City. It might cost them up to £10M. in the end but this is proper action from a corporate entity. God bless the abused.
  3. The Compliance Officer drove that one.
  4. Dumbcaster finally speaks ... SPFL to 'take appropriate steps' after pitch invasion Andy Coyle2 hours ago Neil Doncaster condemned the "reprehensible behaviour" of fan who confronted Rangers captain. Doncaster says the incident will be studied by the SPFL. SNS Group The SPFL have said that they will review the incident where a fan confronted Rangers captain James Tavernier on the pitch at Easter Road and will "take appropriate steps" after speaking to the police. Tavernier was targeted by a pitch invader during the match with Hibs on Friday night. The defender was on the touchline preparing to take a throw-in when a fan, who appeared to come from the home end, ran up and kicked the ball away. Tavernier reacted by pushing him away. The pitch invader was eventually grabbed by security and a Police Scotland spokesman confirmed that a 21-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the incident. In a statement issued on Sunday afternoon, SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster said: "We utterly condemn the reprehensible behaviour shown by the individual who invaded the pitch ‪on Friday night‬ in the match between Hibernian and Rangers. We welcome the comments made by Hibernian chief executive Leeann Dempster in tackling unacceptable conduct. "We will of course review the specific circumstances of that event in conjunction with the match delegate and the police and take any appropriate steps." Following the final whistle on Friday, Hibs chief executive Dempster said "nothing was off the table" as clubs look to halt a rise in unacceptable behaviour. A week earlier at Easter Road a glass bottle was thrown at celtic's Scott Sinclair. Asked if the club would consider closing a stand as a result of the flashpoint, Dempster said: "I think this is a challenge for the whole game, but we are in the middle of it. "I don't think anything is off the table, to be honest. "Instead of talking about a good game of football we are talking about an idiot - again. "So nothing can be off the table. "If there's a case to be answered then we will deal with the SFA and the SPFL. But I'm not thinking about that just now. "I'm sitting here embarrassed because a supporter has come over the advertising hoarding and confronted a player. These are high profile matches and it's not good."
  5. Odsonne Edouard ( I forgot he was a frog)
  6. Heart-warming story about the REAL Greatest Fans in the World https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/news/local-news/Rangers-fans-raise-856000-veterans-14084858 Rangers fans raise £856,000 for veterans charity after starting with £1000 target Paisley man Tom Clark and fellow supporters are backing Erskine ...
  7. I seen a tweet or some report that said Jose Mourinho had criticized Brenda for leaving early. Can you image him and the TLB on the same touchline?
  8. What happens if the goalie tips the ball onto the bar and it rebounds onto his head and goes in. Is the game no longer about entertainment or is it just there for the moondogs to tinker about with? Just who exactly is the beneficiary of this nonsense?
  9. Their apprenticeship starts at 5 years old.
  10. These are hard games coming up and I don't think he's experienced enough yet. Halliday proved he could rattle Edwards in the last 'tic game so we can hope that he's healthy in time. I think we're going to need that kind of steel in the tackle in mid-field. We'll still need Barisic's attacking ability at left back. Young McCrorie could be useful as a sub.
  11. As soon as we get the first goal, get him subbed !!
  12. Rangers vs Hearts final. Timplsoion imminent.
  13. Good tweet, now do the same in your DR column, if your editor will let you, and get more exposure. This is exactly the kind of pushback we need. Well done, bud.
  14. As has been pointed out on another forum, the petitioner hasn't quite got the name of the group involved correct. It should read ... 'Cross-Party Group Combatting Sectarianism In Scottish Society', under the auspices of the Scottish Parliament, No matter the intent is the same, he (Dornan) must go. p.s. he can take his group members with him ... Group Officers Convener: James Dornan Deputy Convener: Donald Cameron Group Members John Mason Joan McAlpine James Kelly Sandra White
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