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  1. Thomas Mathers @Bighilti1968 · 8h The grand national has been cancelled. Does the favourite get crowned the winner ?? Asking for a celtic fan
  2. https://www.sportinglife.com/football/news/brady-consider-voiding-season/178315 West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady calls for Premier League season to be voided if no other solution Football Karen Brady Press Association · Journalist 10:24 · March 14, 2020 · 3 min read
  3. McGregor for once was pish on those goals. Didn't move on their second goal and late on their third.
  4. Taig on taig ... https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/18298223.glasgow-father-son-left-scarred-brutal-knife-attack-celtic-fans-pub/ News 11th March Glasgow father and son left scarred after brutal knife attack in celtic fans pub By Court Reporter COURTS Father and son left scarred after brutal knife attack in celtic fans pub A thug who almost severed the finger of a brave celtic fan who stepped in to stop his son being stabbed was jailed for 30 months today. Sean Doherty, 30, attacked John Malone, 53, when he tried to prevent an assault on his son Conor last May. John and his 25 year-old son had been at the Bar 67 pub in Glasgow's Gallowgate after celtic's Scottish Cup win over Hearts clinched the domestic clean sweep. Doherty got into an argument with Conor after he barged into John outside the pub before they were stabbed. Doherty pleaded guilty today to assaulting John to his severe injury and permanent disfigurement. He also admitted attacking Conor to his injury, possessing a knife, and acting in a threatening manner. Doherty was locked up by Sheriff Joan Kerr who called the attacks “extremely serious.” She said: “You left a man with a stab wound to his upper abdomen and left another man who was trying to assist him with a partly severed finger. “You went on to conduct yourself in a despicable manner when police took you to hospital." The court heard angry Doherty initially barged into the dad outside Bar 67 - before stating to Conor: "Is there a f***ing problem?" Door staff at the pub then spotted the thug armed with a lock-back knife. Prosecutor Claire Wallace told Glasgow Sheriff Court: “He thrust it towards Conor Malone several times stabbing him once to the abdomen. “As John Malone attempted to intervene and protect his son, Doherty made a similar stabbing motion towards him. "He struck him on the left wedding ring finger. "John sustained a severe laceration to the finger, which had been all but severed." As Doherty, of Cumbernauld, Lanarkshire, fled, a fellow Hoops fan helped the blood-soaked father and son. The pair were rushed to hospital where John's finger was saved by medics. But he has been left permanently scarred. Conor needed a three-centimetre stomach wound treated. Doherty was found near the scene ditching a blood stained knife by police. He hurled insults including "rapists" and "paedos" at police.
  5. If they put that performance on willingly as a protest to Morelos, then they should all be gone. The supporters deserve better than childish bullshit.
  6. This has all happened before. Remember back to Oct. 2007 when we played Barcelona at Ibrox and drew 0-0 in the Champions League group game, Rangers had zero shots on goal and Barca had 2. Messi called it 'anti-football', but Walter's team was hailed as heroes even though it was mostly one way traffic. Just got to wait until they play themselves out of this tailspin in domestic football.
  7. He's not quite him yet, he's only in his 2nd year apprenticeship!
  8. When SG took over that team needed strengthened everywhere. They did what they could with the funds available. I've been reliably informed by Kenny Millar's neighbour that our first summer signing will be Ronaldo.
  9. Did SG sanction all the signings or was it that director of football we had - that is incidentally not with us? He can only pick the players from within his pool. Don't you think he knows that he has some donkeys?
  10. I'm not arguing your central point, I'm saying these performances are purely down to the players, not SG. Every time a team has been allowed to bully us, harass us in a high press and generally wanted the game more than us we have invariably dropped points or lost. Stack the European record up against the domestic record and what has been the difference? Tactics, preparation, team selection or player capitulation?
  11. For him to be effective he needs supply from the midfield. It was knocked out and we needed more than Defoe could offer.
  12. He was looking for pace to stretch the Hearts defence. Who else did he have , realistically?(Ojo was the best of the rest - presumably he thought Hagi and Aribo needed rested)
  13. The same team that trounced Braga(except the forwards, and they were reunited before the end of the game). The same players just didn't produce the required high press that was required, and capitulated. How does SG know when that will happen. This is all down to the players.
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