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  1. redwhiteandgreen

    Where will we finish this season?

    Killie have nothing left to play for so we'll beat them on Saturday. We will also beat Aberdeen, McInnes chokes against us home or away. Hibs ? who knows, could be a no pressure on play well and win all the way through to being over-run as they aim to finish second.
  2. redwhiteandgreen

    Why we need to find more goals.

    I read it differently; the author appears to be saying that the problem is next season; our strikers scoring goals this season will, according to him, have a much worse next season... and that we should be looking at strikers who have a poor season this time as they will more chance of having a better next season... the concept is interesting; but the statistical data in the report is too weak. file under "pish"
  3. redwhiteandgreen

    **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    and likely to end in penalties.... they will be exhausted and on a downer if they lose
  4. not sure that "redwhiteandmyimagination" is that much better ! :)
  5. yeah, don't really care tbh true, but I've had this for nearly 5 years and as I don't post that often I'm OK. but thanks for your concern
  6. :) I joined way back in 2012 and tried to get the user name redwhiteandblue but that was already taken (and, as I am not into the orange order aspects, I didn't want redwhiteandpurple or orange). at the time Charles Green was doing what appeared to be a good job so I gave a nod in his direction with redwhiteandgreen and its kinda grown on me. it gets raised every couple of years by someone...
  7. One with a long story behind it....
  8. what a load of bull. It should be the proudest moment of any player's career to represent their country. And Scotland is our country.
  9. redwhiteandgreen

    When your son/daughter marries a Celtic fan .............

    Jeez; is he living in the 1800's ? family is much more important than football or sexuality !
  10. be careful; the entire A9 from Perth to Inverness has average speed cameras (or at least it seems like it) .. no rocketing along anymore
  11. redwhiteandgreen


    LOL; its a long story involving Charles Green and the availability of user names.....
  12. redwhiteandgreen


    and just saw the NI result; well done to them as well !
  13. redwhiteandgreen


    unlucky Scotland; the team has done us proud as a nation
  14. redwhiteandgreen


    They are representing my country; of course I will be supporting them and wanting them to win; its just a bonus that we are playing England. And, as for the couple of Scotland haters from Ulster who commented in this thread; why comment on another countries national team ? Your team is in Baku on Sunday.
  15. redwhiteandgreen

    Ally And Lennon

    if its any consolation to you, lennon is probably getting the same bile on the mirror image sites.....