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  1. I thought i had seen bad displays before but this is just horrendous. C'mon Scotland
  2. Please get McLeish sacked; an absolute dinosaur. Scotland are way better than this and deserve better than him
  3. Not my area of expertise, however, i understand the football work permits in Scotland and England are different so he would not automatically qualify for an English one but would, as you say, have to go through the appeals panel. Hopefully he will stay another year to make his move to the EPL easier and for bigger money
  4. Nope. Poorly phrased on my part... it may encourage him to stay for another season to get more international caps... win for us, win for him
  5. The other concern is that he does not currently meet the requirements for a work permit in England. May be ways around it but top clubs in the EPL may not want the hassle.
  6. and likely to end in penalties.... they will be exhausted and on a downer if they lose
  7. be careful; the entire A9 from Perth to Inverness has average speed cameras (or at least it seems like it) .. no rocketing along anymore
  8. LOL; its a long story involving Charles Green and the availability of user names.....
  9. and just saw the NI result; well done to them as well !
  10. unlucky Scotland; the team has done us proud as a nation
  11. They are representing my country; of course I will be supporting them and wanting them to win; its just a bonus that we are playing England. And, as for the couple of Scotland haters from Ulster who commented in this thread; why comment on another countries national team ? Your team is in Baku on Sunday.
  12. if its any consolation to you, lennon is probably getting the same bile on the mirror image sites.....
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