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  1. Blue Pieter

    Perhaps not the strongest physically, but a good player.
  2. Ally teaching TLB the Sash

    Was it in the pub? More likely to be when he was oot playin' golf wi' "lenny"
  3. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    I don't think there's a referee in the country who would want to be the man who gets blamed for ending the "invincibles" run.
  4. Rangers Lp's

  5. McCoist celtic are LIGHT YEARS Ahead Of Rangers

    I agree that they don't like him because he isn't a Scottish "one of the guys" but the main reason that they want him to fail is because he's the manager of Rangers, Pedro fails - Rangers fail, media delighted.
  6. Lorenzo Amoruso. Seen this online

    Amoruso and Hendry were a strong pairing, but wee dick didn't want them. He'd rather have big Bert. Unbelievable.
  7. Worst manager in your lifetime

    John Greig won a Scottish Cup. McCoist couldnae win the Petrofac / B&Q or whatever despite 3 attempts.
  8. **Betfred cup second round draw**

    Would rather not play Dundee United or Hibs, especially at Ibrox, as don't want to share the gate with them.
  9. Big Jock's Second Treble

    My favourite Ranger. A great, great man. Didn't sell his "why I left Rangers" story to the press. Players nowadays, no matter how well paid, still grab every press shilling they can. Imagine if Jock Wallace caught a dressing room mole?
  10. Taigs vs Sheep

    Their season's already tainted, as are the previous 4.
  11. Hibs

    Still sick, and angry, that probably the worst hibs team in their history (a team that was deservedly heading for their 3rd consecutive season in the 2nd tier) beat RFC in the cup final last year.
  12. Rhodent bheasts in Scotland's media

    Can't help but think that this program was just an attempt to re-write history and some day the general belief will be that child abuse within football was quite widespread and happened at various clubs. I hope not, I wouldn't like to think that the program's makers would use abuse victims in this way.
  13. Rangers hadn't been relegated. Rangers have never been relegated. Rangers were voted out in the name of "sporting integrity"
  14. When Rangers gave Celtic a guard of honour

    Why should they get applauded for winning a one team league, a situation that they manufactured?
  15. Hibs fan avoids jail

    I'm assuming that since this guy's admission that he tried to punch Lee Wallace, Petrie has issued an apology to RFC.