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  1. Still sick, and angry, that probably the worst hibs team in their history (a team that was deservedly heading for their 3rd consecutive season in the 2nd tier) beat RFC in the cup final last year.
  2. Can't help but think that this program was just an attempt to re-write history and some day the general belief will be that child abuse within football was quite widespread and happened at various clubs. I hope not, I wouldn't like to think that the program's makers would use abuse victims in this way.
  3. Rangers hadn't been relegated. Rangers have never been relegated. Rangers were voted out in the name of "sporting integrity"
  4. Why should they get applauded for winning a one team league, a situation that they manufactured?
  5. I'm assuming that since this guy's admission that he tried to punch Lee Wallace, Petrie has issued an apology to RFC.
  6. Some more older bits an' bobs.
  7. Does anyone remember, or maybe even still have, a wee rubbery keyring (mid to late 60s?) of a Rangers player (meant to be Willie Henderson?) with a ball at his feet?
  8. That came out after Jock Wallace led us to our first title since the 60s.
  9. Looked out some old stuff at the weekend. Wishing that I'd kept so much more instead of giving it away or throwing it out. I've got some metal badges from the same period, will take pics and post when I find them.
  10. I'm not sure that Spiers actually believes what he says & writes. I just think he knows that the best way to get a wage as a "journalist" in Scotland is to lay the boot into Rangers.
  11. If we were in such a good position he'd still be the manager. Clown.
  12. Broon nowadays is no different to Aitken 25 years ago, fouls his way through every game and gets booked about once every 3 months.
  13. Andy Murray's chairman didn't try to murder his historically superior rival.
  14. He's right in what he says, loads of managers would like the job. Doesn't make him good enough tho' but I'd take him before McInnes, Davies or Mcleish.
  15. David Murray.