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  1. He was just before my time but I remember him coming out (at half-time?) during a 1973 friendly v Arsenal and the crowd going nuts.
  2. He shouldn't have been offered the job, and he shouldn't have accepted it.
  3. The split's farcical. Play some teams 3 times, some teams 4. Some teams 3 times away from home , 1 time at home. What kind of league is that? A joke.
  4. On reflection, I don't think a march would be a good idea. I think Scotty1976 is right. The headlines would have nothing to do with the march's purpose.
  5. Apologies if I gave the wrong impression. You are, of course, spot on. I get the impression however, that outwith some of us, there appears to be no wish for action to be taken to try and prevent anything like what has been happening from happening again in the future and to get some sort of sympathy/understanding for the victims.
  6. How many people went to Manchester? If even 1/10 of them marched from Haymarket to the Holyrood surely there would be nationwide coverage.
  7. The Jambo family that I know doesn't like them but hates us. They had "yes" flags in their garden.
  8. I hope they don't even sniff the playoffs.
  9. Just popped into Ladbrokes to see tonights prices. Jeez, something's not right. PSG's opponents at 16:1. I mean were talking about a team packed with players that can play at the highest level / on any stage etc etc, managed by a man who is the envy of most of the EPL. Either Scotland's football reporters are talking rubbish or Ladbrokes haven't got a clue.
  10. I don't think there's a referee in the country who would want to be the man who gets blamed for ending the "invincibles" run.
  11. Their season's already tainted, as are the previous 4.
  12. Can't help but think that this program was just an attempt to re-write history and some day the general belief will be that child abuse within football was quite widespread and happened at various clubs. I hope not, I wouldn't like to think that the program's makers would use abuse victims in this way.
  13. I'm not sure that Spiers actually believes what he says & writes. I just think he knows that the best way to get a wage as a "journalist" in Scotland is to lay the boot into Rangers.
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