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  1. Murty Reaction

    You've just made me laugh at a time when I don't feel much like laughin'.
  2. Dundee United

    I hope they don't even sniff the playoffs.
  3. BBC - At It For The Past 20 years.

    I used to wonder why they called it "auntie beeb" 'till I realised that it was "anti Bbc"
  4. The Best Header Of A Ball At Rangers

    I'd say Hateley, my father would say Willie Thornton.
  5. Barry Ferguson - Brenda got lucky.

    I guess Barry's ghost writer would like Murty to be the manager next season.
  6. What could you buy for 5p in 1971 & 1972 ?

    Must be at least 4 decades since I had an MB bar but I can still remember them as if it was yesterday. Can't think of any old sweetie that I'd rather bring back.
  7. scotland manager

    Surprised they chose him. I imagine Peter will decide in the morning whose heads will roll.
  8. Legos incredible disciplinary record

    If referees treated him like other team's players, especially ours, he would never've seen half time in about 500 of those games.
  9. Stewart Regan.

    Totally unfit for purpose.
  10. Ian Black

    Tranent 1 Dunbar 5 Surely he must have a wee shilling to pick up from the bookies tonight?
  11. Honest mistakes or something more sinister?

    Q. Do the officials treat everyone equally? A. Broonaldo.
  12. Impartial been again......

    The headline wouldn't mention lego. It would be "Rangers fans throw missiles at Scotland captain". Would suit their agenda to a tee.
  13. Just popped into Ladbrokes to see tonights prices. Jeez, something's not right. PSG's opponents at 16:1. I mean were talking about a team packed with players that can play at the highest level / on any stage etc etc, managed by a man who is the envy of most of the EPL. Either Scotland's football reporters are talking rubbish or Ladbrokes haven't got a clue.
  14. when was your first trip to Ibrox?

    Last league game of 1972-73 v East Fife. Big thrill for me but not for others as results elsewhere meant we didn't win the league.
  15. Murrayfield

    The thing that I don't get. How did the rugby authorities finance the rebuilding of Murrayfield into what it is yet the SFA couldn't redevelop Hampden into a decent stadium? Surely Scottish football must generate more money than Scottish rugby?