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  1. For my colleges on follow follow squad of Rangers fans in the bar today and the atomspher and beer are quality and Jim the owner is a magic Rangers fan through and through lads comments slagging the bar on follow follow out of order tough competition for bars down here so if we don’t support our bars they will be gone And reduce to drinking in plastic cups on tin bars WTP FTP
  2. Followed them as long as I remember so about fifty odd years.
  3. sounds like you have a bit of experience with the pineapple ways.
  4. I have the Britannia club on Facebook and always mean to go in to see the place when I go to Greenock. They look like a good group of punters who travel. Reminds me of my times traveling on that bus. I know what your saying about the Greenock Rangers bus and it was also like that when I travelled with them. The club is not very welcoming either.
  5. Living in England now so travel by car when I can. When living in Greenock many moons ago used to travel with the Britannia bus and the Greenock Rangers club. Have used the head of the hill bus in the port as well. Seems a long time ago now.
  6. Only out of respect for a club legend?
  7. That will just be your sheep mate
  8. Cheers mate coming from Greenock myself I respect your opinion.
  9. Whilst trawling round other Rangers supporters sites I have noticed that there is always fans asking where they can go for a drink or to watch a match with fellow bears when they visit other areas of Scotland. The response inevitably is not very many places. I know we are the biggest club in the country so how do you think we are struggling to find suitable boozers. If your a tim or a nat there doesn't seem to be the same problem. This then gives the impression that we are in the minority, surely this can't be true. Opinions please.
  10. I will stick to Facts. Brilliant player Manager , useless unless you are going to tell me what he achieved as one. Pundit, in the same league as the rest of the pundits certainly on bt and that would be very poor. Censorship, indeed not just plain Fact.
  11. McCoist the player was one of the best. Fact. McCoist as a manager was hopeless. Fact. McCoist as a pundit is cringeworthy. Fact. Any threads about McCoist should stick to his footballing days when he was a legend and will never be forgotten by the support. As for the rest let's just stop embarrassing ourselves and stop posting about his management and punditry.
  12. Sorry Gee you are spot on. Think I got a memory block due to today's result and old age catching up with me
  13. I think he is a left winger filling in at left back but doing a good job nonetheless
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