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  1. Sorry Gee you are spot on. Think I got a memory block due to today's result and old age catching up with me
  2. I think he is a left winger filling in at left back but doing a good job nonetheless
  3. The clean sheets were not solely down to Wes who did have a good game but I think we played better defensively than when Kiernan plays. I have no doubt these two youngsters will feature strongly in the future.
  4. Utmost respect for the two young lads who have been dropped into a difficult situation in the last two games and managed to get two clean sheets. Fod was good in both games also. Kenny great again and dodoo gets on the scoresheet. It also showed up lots of dross in our team. King needs to pony up the dough to build up this team once we get rid of the imposters in our side. Great result masks our obvious weaknesses
  5. Probably full of sellout prods and tims posing as prods.
  6. No you should vote for the party that will protect your religion and principles, not a choice you have in Scotland
  7. Oh yes forgot fuck the SNP and there tarrier candidates
  8. Anyone can vote on that record shite, full of Glasgow scum voting on it. Scum paper for scum people don't read it.
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