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  1. I’m getting this on the iPad!...... it’s says my voucher has been accepted.....
  2. I just got the email and sailed through it no problems....... there is no way 45k bears are going to be able to watch these games starting tomorrow. I hope the club pull this off and all season book holders get to see these games but this has got clusterfuck written all over it! everything crossed troops. ️
  3. Scott Gardner i met Scott Gardner a good few years ago in a pub in Edinburgh, i was having a few quite pints with a mate, a very sober affair. He had been offered a position with Rangers at the time but he couldn’t accept it due to the financial predicament the club were in at the time. That may tie the timing of this conversation down for some people with a better memory than me!.... anyway the guy is a massive blue nose, he was telling us that his family were all telling him to take up the position but he told us he couldn’t and the timing was all wrong for him, the guy seemed genui
  4. Didn’t know what thread to post this in! IMG_3161.MP4
  5. superb Jules, hope your situation is getter better... these have been missed recently. No Surrender.
  6. Knew it was coming but still sitting here with a lump in my throat. lost my younger brother to this bastard of a disease...…………. RIP Warrior.. at peace now in your blue heaven.
  7. donated.... stay strong wee fella....... will tweet the link later....
  8. obviously a woman trapped in mans body!
  9. off topic i know but had to post this..... " Huistra"........ was in the rangers end in Brugge that night when Huistra banged in a goal to get us a draw 1-1 if my memory serves me right...... champions league 1992-93 season..... the chorus for ages after he scored, "oh ah Huistra, i say oh ah huistra" was magic... think it was obviously away game but we wore our home strip, dont know why that stuck in my memory........... magic trip .... have looked for a clip of this goal for ages but never ever found one. any other bears there that night or have came across the clip? watp.
  10. here's my slant on this for whats its worth....... the boy clearly wants to come to Glasgow Rangers, thats clear to me. if he was interested in the Blackburn move he would have been off yesterday. if he is in Blackburn (and we dont know if thats fact) he has probably went due to the fact that they have an offer accepted by United. he has got to do that as a matter of courtesy surely as blackburn have decided to potentially spend 3 million quid on him.... if he wants a more to the Rangers he will get it. nobody needs to tell him what we are all about and what the club stands for so he knows the
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