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  1. Classy from the club...

    Class gesture from a class club to a class lady........ Hope she is on the mend soon mate.....
  2. Hmm...Alves for captain?

    Lee Wallace for Skipper, He stayed for the fight.
  3. Ibrox Bar Tenerife

    Bar None has a web cam................. you can see inside the pub now.....!!!!! http://www.simplythebestbarnone.com/live-cams/ the indian is excellent
  4. Ibrox Bar Tenerife

    flipper, I will be in Malaga area, actually Fuengirola from Saturday onward, yes will miss the old firm game at ibrox, leave glasgow on an early flight about 6.50am so should catch some of the game... only bears pub is Bar None in Benalmadena, wee pub and it will be jumping...... not a bears pub in Fuengirola but plenty sports pubs to watch the match.... dont know if you are in Malaga town, there is a good train service that runs from Malaga to Fuengirola though so not bad and cheap to get along the coast.. enjoy.
  5. After the split old firm game.

    Bstrd.... Fly out to Malaga that day...
  6. The Captaincy

    Lee Wallace - He Stayed For The Fight
  7. donated.... stay strong wee fella....... will tweet the link later....
  8. The Video That Almost Never Was

    Jules always enjoy your stuff mate, dont let one arsehole get you down...... you meet arseholes everywhere you go, i have came across a few today already.... i would out the knt anyway.....someone on here is bound to know him, get him named and shamed.. keep that faith WATP.
  9. Would You...

    think i would but i would get his mum to stitch his trackie tops to his trackie bottoms..
  10. Neil Mccann

    did he not cross the ball for don hutchison to score for scotland against england at wembley when scotland beat them, think it was the last game at the old wembley. cracking player, forever grateful for the game at the san giro and always has time to speak to the fans when he goes to the brox to see the rangers.
  11. Vote For Erskine

    done...... from personnel and works account...........
  12. *** Rm Erskine Lunch Fund - Whisky Bum!

    £10.00 transferred.......... WATP.
  13. Mohsni Again..

    wish he would stay in the fkn dressing room.
  14. story of my life! no worries mate, if anything changes could you drop me a pm? keep up the good work... WATP