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  1. bit more info on this.... if you offer it to the club to buy back they only sell it if all other non season tickets seats are sold... you only get a percentage of the normal ground seat cost back. if they sell it to a juvenile you will get the juvenile ticket value not the full adult credit. there is a cut off date/point for any credit being taken off your season ticket for the following seasons season ticket. You could wait for the next again years season ticket to get any discount. its the best of a bad option but at least some fans will get something off the cost of the following seasons season ticket... I have done it a few times and noticed that I never received any credit off my season ticket cost for the following season only to be told that it was after the cut off date.. I will get the benefit off my next again season ticket. at the very least they should email you to advise that they have sold your seat but they don't...…. no way of checking this so you are just trusting the ticket office to credit you which is a bit shite....
  2. No worries mate...............
  3. The thread that keeps on giving 😩😡
  4. shameless bump for this thread from me as the thread has dropped to page 2!! come on bears look under your beds, the loft, under the stairs...... im looking for the Auxerre one lads..... im keeping the faith
  5. Lovely, is that a hairline crack in the Auxerre one? Jesting they look superb.... my hunt goes on....
  6. the three Ronnies?..... comedy gold
  7. would be interested Soprano if Blueme hasnt gazumpped me.... i will send you a pm.
  8. no bother mate, thanks for the jesture......
  9. Billyboy - that would be brilliant if you find it..... magic. WATP.
  10. Blueme - you should do the protestant thing and buy my two?
  11. Blueme had 28 of them but hes holding onto them for some reason i cant quite fathom..
  12. Dan giving our dealings in the past I have the fear about hitting that link......!!!!!!
  13. bump for this as i am keen to find the missing Tankard!! has anyone even seen any others?? WATP.
  14. they are like rocking horse shite it would appear... Blueme has thousands of them but he aint for selling...
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