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  1. Thanks for killing my buzz before I’ve even booked anything Where abouts is the Rangers pub mate?
  2. Going over next month for the derby. Never been before, anyone got any advice? The Reeperbahn’s where the party’s at provided HSV win, right?
  3. This is the terrestrial version of Sky’s Super Sunday’s.
  4. Been watching Jonas Knudsen take long throws for Ipswich for the last 3 years and not one has ever come to anything (except we conceded from one once.) Plays his first game for Denmark at the World Cup and they score from one in the first minute
  5. Just popping in to remind you all that England’s going all the way.
  6. DonMuffin

    FIFA 18

    When do you get the rewards for weekend league?
  7. DonMuffin

    FIFA 18

    I finished on 21 wins. My target was 18 so I'm happy. Changed my formation to use 2 holding midfielders half way through cause I was constantly chasing games, did a bit better after that. I don't even want to look at Fifa for a few days after that, it's a fucking effort man. I better get someone decent in my packs.
  8. DonMuffin

    FIFA 18

    Lost my first game 6-5 and won my second 5-4. Stress levels are already through the roof. I'll be a mess come Sunday night.
  9. DonMuffin

    FIFA 18

    Fucks the EIO system? You don't have to play all 40, do you? I'll never get that much time over the weekend.
  10. DonMuffin

    FIFA 18

    Was 2-1 down in the 87th minute of semi final, but Prince Michel dragged me through with two goals in injury time. The rest I won by 2 or 3.
  11. DonMuffin

    FIFA 18

    What's the standard like? Totally random or what? I'm playing it for the first time this weekend, was a piece of piss to qualify but I'm expecting it to be tough.
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