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  1. What’s your PS4 name, I’ll add you.
  2. Maybe thistle can finally build a 4th stand then the smelly bastards.
  3. He deleted this the wee ungrateful rat, club stuck by him through some terrible injuries and gave him chances to break into our team, wasn’t even good enough for the Scottish championship. Them giving him a trial screams desperation to get one over us after Aribo.
  4. What happened to the old thread, loved coming in and reading and catching up.
  5. That’s my stats from this year I’m probably best in the CAM role providing assists, I’ve played so much games at right back though over the last few FIFA’s, so happy to play there, add me mate and just invite me to a party or that when yous are on, I’ll be on tonight.
  6. Aye no worries mate, let me know when yous are on and I’ll add you on the PS, I’m on the computer all the time lol don’t have much of a social life so anytime yous want to play I’ll play any position, I enjoy a party chat also, bit of banter and talking about Rangers etc, be nice to meet some new people on it.
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