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  1. Why do they care so much about ten in a row and sing it every game, Obv because we have done 9 in a row like them and they want to beat it, but I thought we died? so why the big obsession with ten in a row, because they want to beat there own 9 in a row... na don't think so.
  2. and fuck every tim looking in, your egos took one hell of a beating, away shag a minor.
  3. Chris Sutton on twitter is fucking a joke, how he is allowed to appear as a supposed unbiased commentator on our games is actually a scandal in Scottish football, we shouldn't stand for this.
  4. Halliday CDM? Congratulations Morton, please king give us a proper manager with different ideas.
  5. Chelsea would hope to pay less in the summer but there is a determination to get the deal done with Liverpool, Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain also interested in the French youngster. That's from that DR article
  6. Fair enough mate, does sound like BS.
  7. Not that I believe the guy but he could be speaking to his agent or someone at the club tbh, Ofori is obviously busy with Ghana so who knows.
  8. Him before Waghorn aw day.
  9. Got a Cerrone and Frampton double tonight c'mon.
  10. As gaz says he's not had a proper run for me to believe any premiership clubs are interested.
  11. Inside the SPFL is fucking reeking, I'm blocked from the cunt on twitter, it should be Inside Celtic.
  12. Boyce is very good at this level but we don't need a poacher because we don't play with one, Waghorn was perfect in the Scottish championship as the striker we play with, well the centre forward. He came short brought others into play, passed the ball well and got into good positions to score. What we need is a striker like that but a better player, I like Waghorn but for whatever reason he hasn't been good this season. And even though Garner could still come good he might not and we're gonna have to invest in a striker like Waghorn to suit our play but with a better mentality and technically better. O'Halloran is decent Imo but we clearly need a regular right wing, especially if McKay doesn't have a good game on the left then we have another game changer, there's none in the SPFL, not even walker.
  13. Get me that youtube video now.