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  1. Are you Jason Holt?
  2. Thanks mate.
  3. Cheers mate whats the venue and competition?
  4. Aye mate, same with Rudden and Houston.
  5. When do the under 20's v celtic in the cup?
  6. Both of them.
  7. Holt has been great under Pedro.
  8. I'd imagine they highlight the poor defending every week instead of the quality of the goals? We only scored goals because Aberdeen were so bad, wonder if Stewart and co give the tims the same treatment.
  9. Stewart is nearly as bad as Sutton.
  10. @K.A.I You said something positive for a change, well done.
  12. Well that's that fishing attempt fucked.
  13. How can we expect loyalty from a member of ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ?
  14. Why do they care so much about ten in a row and sing it every game, Obv because we have done 9 in a row like them and they want to beat it, but I thought we died? so why the big obsession with ten in a row, because they want to beat there own 9 in a row... na don't think so.