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  1. Come on Bears they are an all inclusive club............if you ignore their first 100 years !!!
  2. He's not good enough. Get shot of him.
  3. He must have impressed at the interview......Though I have no idea what the fuck he is on about most of the time !!!
  4. Hope to fuck he brings in some decent players (we need about 11). But I'm not filled with confidence and I expect him to be away by Xmas.
  5. He does talk a good a game....whatever the fuck he's on about !!
  6. How fuckin bad were the other applicants !!!
  7. I'm looking forward to Sunday.......I'll be lying on the beach, having a few drinks and not having to suffer they fuckin imposters again !
  8. One fuckin game too many !!
  9. Positives.....our last game at Ibrox this fuckin season
  10. He is a waste of a fuckin jersey. Get him to fuck.
  11. Just back from suffering that fuckin shite again. I don't want to see they duds playing again at Ibrox.
  12. Not one of them is good enough and they are too lightweight. Get rid of them
  13. Always thought Gerry came across as well balanced and impartial...................................!!!!
  14. Ok you are right mate. I was trying to be diplomatic !!
  15. Sorry I don't rate him, not for me.