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  1. Sorry to hear about that mate. Best wishes. Post as much as you like and your opinion is just the same as anybody else's. We are all fans that just want the best for our team. I understand your concerns about the manager and he is not above criticism. We need to win under him but it was Ojo I was referring to. I just don't rate him
  2. He's useless. Get shot of him as soon as possible
  3. Sums it up perfectly mate !
  4. A passenger in games like this. In fact I've saw fuck all from him in most games.
  5. Ojo and Aribo are fuckin useless especially in games like this.
  6. Fuckin dreadful performance. Never looked up for it or winning. 2 points dropped and off top of the table. Fuckin useless
  7. Fuckin dreadful performance until we scored. Get the fuckin finger out the second half Gers
  8. The club must come out with a statement urgently. Provide evidence that the police were contacted and if necessary have an independent investigation.
  9. Just back from the game. Great goals great performance and top of the league. Fuckin wonderful day all round. Well done Gers
  10. We should have played it down the corner and settled for the draw. Fuckin madness mate.
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