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  1. I'm in no doubt that the corrupt cabal aided by a complicit media will give the title to Separate Entity FC
  2. Dreadful mate but it made me laugh !
  3. I definitely don't miss the shite football we were playing since January !!
  4. Ojo just scored from a defence splitting pass from Davis yasssss !!
  5. Cheers mate. Never fuckin saw what happened
  6. Just back from the game. I take it VAR got the pen right ? Anyway No excuses we were well beaten. The Euro run has some good memories
  7. Heading off to the game soon. Strange circumstances. Not confident at all. Anyway come on Rangers
  8. Any chance they could wear deodorant.....
  9. Expect Ross Cty to be in our faces from the start and our spineless duds to bottle it. A draw at best
  10. McGregor. Possibly Jack. The rest can fuck off
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