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  1. Just back from the game. Fuckin torture. We are clueless and have little attacking threat without Morelos and Tav. Anyway we won so well done Gers
  2. Just hope to fuck we can break through this mob. An early goal would be great. No excuses just fuckin win. Come on Rangers
  3. With Morelos and Tav missing I think this will be a struggle against a defensive well organised team. Would take 1-0 right now.
  4. Just back from the game. That was fuckin torture. Anyway we won and are through to the next round
  5. Happy New Year. Hope it's a great year for Rangers fans .
  6. We can see a player right away mate !!! Though I'm not too sure about your other choice... Grezda !!
  7. Me and @Cedrick always knew he would come good.....!
  8. They don't exist they became the new club Separate Entity FC in 2017..... and get it fuckin up them
  9. Fuckin superb. I'm fuckin ecstatic. Well done to the manager and players. And of course to the best fans in the world. Fuckin brilliant Rangers
  10. Show them no respect and get into they scum bastards from start to finish. Come on Rangers
  11. Just back from the game. Fuckin turgid performance but the 3 points is all that matters. Well done Gers
  12. To all the Rangers fans on RM and all around the world....Merry Christmas
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