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  1. Just back from the game. We played well first half then sat back in the second half and allowed them back in it. Disappointed to give away that late goal and not top the group. Anyway we qualified so well done Gers
  2. No fuck ups and no excuses. And take our fuckin chances. Come on Rangers
  3. Exactly how I felt at half time fuckin concerned the missed chances would bite us in the arse. Let's be honest our last 2 games have been severe kicks in the balls
  4. I think your right mate. Nothing positive about losing to they bastards today
  5. Sadly I agree mate. Fuckin concerned about Motherwell and Hibs away too. Gutted today
  6. Just back from the game. A game we dominated but Too many missed fuckin chances, missed pen and scum down to 10. We still couldn't score . The truth...we fuckin blew it big time. Fuckin sick
  7. Heading off to the game. Hope Gerrard picks the right team and tactics this time. Get into these scum bastards from start to finish.
  8. We blew a 2 goal lead against a fuckin shite team and we are now 2 points behind....fuckin useless
  9. That was the first of a number of tough away games in December and we fucked it. Fuckin pish
  10. Not fuckin good enough. The brutal fuckin truth. Fuckin disgusted
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