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  1. Expecting a tricky game on a shite pitch
  2. Wrong BA !!! Mind the space in the username mate
  3. Not exactly game of the season. Poor conditions but job done. Well done Gers
  4. Just to clarify BNB, it was going to court because the scum were in denial but due to evidence provided compensation was agreed and it never went to court ?
  5. Looks like it mate. Just wondering if the court ordered it or if the scum agreed to pay compensation due to evidence in court
  6. If im reading it right the scum were in denial and were taken to court and forced to pay compensation ?
  7. He is an outstanding goalkeeper
  8. Just back from the game. Professional performance and job done. Morelos superb and I thought Ojo who I've criticised played well and deserves credit. Well done Rangers
  9. Off to the game. Early goal would be great. No fuck ups and just get through. Come on Rangers
  10. Was driving home and tuned in SSB for first time in years....fuckin marvellous 😁
  11. Come on guys...what about the co-efficient !!! Anyway get it up they dirty Separate Entity bastards !!
  12. Sorry to hear that mate. Thoughts are with you and your family.
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