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  1. I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago but after a few days of trying I joined. Might be a system problem.
  2. You're depressing me mate ! Can I cancel my MyGers membership !!
  3. I understand that the 3 man panel will be made up of 1 from Hearts/Thistle, Lawwell/SPFL and Lawwell/SFA......
  4. 😁 I nearly fuckin choked there !!
  5. The 'random' computer is predictable...
  6. BlueAvenger


    I joined about 3.30pm yesterday mate. I got a confirmation email that also said I would get a welcome email within 24hours. Not received anything yet.
  7. BlueAvenger


    I know mate especially after taking your expert advice. I caved in so I might get a chance of any semi final/final tickets !!
  8. BlueAvenger


    I did the fuckin same today.
  9. Scandalous post mate....you missed out Sturgeon !!
  10. Thanks mate. I think the system is down just now
  11. Daft question: is the MYGers Membership still available ? Tried to buy one just now but it wouldn't let me saying not available. I renewed my season ticket separately.
  12. Separate Entity FC fans know exactly what their vile club done. They try to defect and cover up the cover up !! Fuckin disgusting
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