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  1. What's supposed to come out tomorrow mate ?
  2. Would you agree that perhaps Kelly McGinn and Brady should be questioned by the Police ? Others obviously can't be.
  3. Not an operational decision but Individuals like Kelly McGinn Stein McNel Macari Brady etc would have known but chose to say nothing and cover up ?
  4. A genuine question, do you believe that club covered up paedophilia?
  5. Like many Bears I used to be quite passionate about Scotland but I have had no interest in them for the last 10 years or so.
  6. Perhaps someone should send Kelly details of him being involved at that vile club and the Trophy Centre to help jog his memory !! And then he might remember any payment details too !!
  7. They get it just fine mate. They are aware their vile club didn't contact the police and covered the abuse up. they are also aware their vile club started one back, their directors went into business with him and payments were made. They don't give a fuck about the victims and will say and do anything not to admit and just deny and deflect. Fuckin disgusting.
  8. Tomkins involvement is welcome. Why the fuck has the cover up etc not been raised at the Scottish Parliament....shameful. The victims deserve justice.
  9. Can't believe I've put a fuckin bet on...France to win it !
  10. I don't expect them to allow any discussion about it.
  11. I take it the Radio Clyde phone in is now discussing these issues and allowing callers to express their views....
  12. Which part of COVER UP do Separate Entity fans not understand...or are they just part of the cover up !!
  13. Even that walloper Jackson is commenting now
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