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  1. Cardoso and Candias

    I couldn't suffer it again but I thought Hodson was our worst player.
  2. How Good Is Harry Kane?

    My standards are obviously higher than yours !! Other players for example I considered world class are Iniesta Xavi Pirlo Lahm.
  3. The Season so far

    The season so far.......a fuckin disaster !
  4. Foderingham Tavernier Cardoso, McCrorie John Candeias, Jack, Dorrans, Nemane, Herrera, Morelos.
  5. Pedro: Time to go?

    You have reservations about him mate...........!!!
  6. How Good Is Harry Kane?

    I'm definitely not. World class to me is Messi, Ronaldo etc and Kane is never in their league. I will give him some credit in that he has scored a few good goals recently
  7. Pedro: Time to go?

    I've aged fuckin 10 years since he got the job !
  8. Damning Statistic

    Everyone knew that we needed to match them physically .......but the manager signed players that don't.
  9. How Good Is Harry Kane?

    Average player who is over rated. Never world class.
  10. The thumb

    I saw him do it on the blue display paper mate. Not sure about the corner flag. A wee ugly baldy spiv
  11. Him and that ugly fucker Brown are good at winding up because they fuckin get away with it. They know they are untouchable
  12. The wee baldy fucker wiped his nose on one of the blue plastic/papers used for the display in Copland. He picked it up when going over to take a corner
  13. Are celtic really that good?

    The painful truth is that they bastards are miles ahead of us and everyone else here. The stats don't lie. In Europe they are fuckin woeful.
  14. It's disappointing, but an improvement

    One win in 4 games at home.........fuckin improvement !!!!! Fuckin depressing