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  1. Tom English....what a bhigoted fud !!
  2. my sides are sore laughing. EBT's for some of our players did give an the scum !! Some of them were fuckin useless !!
  3. Typical deflection tactics from that mhob discussing "political" banners / club etc whilst avoiding "sectarian" or terrorist"
  4. On radio that their decision will be on Wednesday. I wouldn't trust the cabal bastards for a second.
  5. Just back from game. Thought we played ok and looked more organised. I'm still concerned about our creativity and goal scoring
  6. Yes a header and one touch..I'll reserve judgement !
  7. He looks lively, can put in a cross and he tries !
  8. Friendlies are usually a lot of pish but I'm looking forward to seeing the new signings. Hopefully see something today that can give us a glimmer of hope for the new season. I've seen fuck all so far.
  9. Can't wait to see Dalcio in action again.....
  10. I'll have fear in my fuckin eyes too !!!
  11. Fuck knows. I'm fearing the worst and hoping for the best !
  12. On the evidence so far...yes.
  13. Thank you and goodbye
  14. We are all Piers Adam...whoever he is !!!
  15. Think Lawwell is using tip-ex on the rule book just now........