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  1. Their fans are full of bile. Anyway Has anyone confronted Clarke about Chelsea's wonderful Persil white record....
  2. I'm still not convinced by Barisic particularly in these type of games. Thought he was pish again today. As were most of the team. It will be another tough battle at Ibrox and we really need to be fuckin up for it this time
  3. Before the game I was happy enough with the team. But Having watched us getting outfought id play McCrorie because he has a physical presence against the sheep shaggers and Separate Entity
  4. Composed on the ball even at times when Im shouting for him to boot it to fuck !
  5. He played well today and he has improved since his howler at Killie. Fair play to him
  6. Great result...No. We got away with it today. Fuckin relieved to be still in the Cup.
  7. Fuckin awful first half performance and at least we showed some fight in second half. Too many of our players were fuckin rotten against a team up for it. Now get ur fuckin act together Gers and beat them at Ibrox
  8. We have struggled to breakdown these bastards in 3 out 4 games. Fuckin put up some fight
  9. A fuckin spineless clueless dreadful performance by us in the first half. We all knew they bastards would raise their game. We are being outfought and outplayed. Fuckin change it at ht
  10. We have played well in the last few games whilst that mob have struggled but I'm expecting them to raise their game and another tough battle. Hope our players play their normal game, keep the head and no stupid fuckin sending offs particularly Morelos. No fuck ups today. Anyway my nerves are kicking in. Come on Rangers
  11. Aye there are a few where I sit too that have not been impressed with him.
  12. Hopefully Barisic will up his game today and put in a good performance
  13. Did that deluded sanctimonious prick actually spout that pish ?
  14. Did that fuckwit mention their sectarianism ?
  15. I understand they believe it was football fans in mhanky green & white tops...
  16. Have Dornan, Yousaf, Walker Spiers etc expressed their disgust at the sectarian and terrorist songs and the coin throwing by Separate Entity fans yet....
  17. They bastards will be well up for it and will raise their game. We have to be up for it too and no stupid sending offs. They will definitely be out to wind up Morelos
  18. Come on mate nothing to do with them....Separate Entity !!
  19. Surely man of integrity Dornan will be outraged at Separate Entity fans...
  20. He brings a physical presence in midfield and we will need him playing in certain games.
  21. Well done mate for highlighting on RM the applause on 28mins. Wasn't aware until you posted before the game.
  22. BlueAvenger


    Another impressive performance and always looks comfortable on the ball.
  23. Just back from the game. Great first half and disappointing second half. Anyway well done Gers.
  24. Just heading off to the game. Looking forward to having Alfredo back. No fuck ups. 3-0 Gers.
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