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  1. stopped reading at "stopped " !!
  2. There's only 2 horses that can win....Tiger Roll or Anibale Fly . You heard it here first !!
  3. Saw it at the end of the game last night. Looked better from a distance.
  4. Think he came on the last 20mins and done very little.
  5. BlueAvenger


    He played well tonight. But we need better.
  6. Just back from the game. Decent performance and game was finished after second goal. Hearts were poor. Anyway well done Gers.
  7. Fucked with the cold, pishing of rain and expecting another shite performance....buzzing for this.
  8. Just take the 2 game ban and get it fuckin done with.
  9. Speaking out against sectarianism !!
  10. Gutted about this....whoever he is !!!
  11. They are a new club....Separate Entity !
  12. Definitely not the party of Yousaf Dornan OHara Aitken Docherty who are in cahoots with Harvie Sheridan Haggerty etc
  13. I don't know mate. If not then Flanagan will start !!
  14. Polster has got to be worth a fuckin try.....I think !!
  15. Come on guys Broonie was just being Broonie........that's being an ugly fake troublemaking piece of shite
  16. What a surprise from that yes voting SNP bigoted clueless prick
  17. One day that fake grin will be wiped off that fuckin tosser's face
  18. Fuck....You just put me off my Strawberry Yoghurt!!
  19. Firstly dont rise to him and beat him/them on the park. Whilst putting in some crunching tackles and then bait him. Finally "discuss" it with him behind closed doors
  20. Get rid of Davis and Defoe in the summer. Both are past their best.
  21. Spot on mate...they 3 are made of shite !
  22. Poor effort by Kent...how did he miss that fuckwit !!
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