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  1. It's ok...I'll drive him to the fuckin airport !!
  2. No fuckin about in the second half and don't let them back in it. Get the third and finish it. Come on Rangers
  3. Have Barcelona been presented with the trophy yet......
  4. Unlikely but I hope to fuck Porto go through tonight !!
  5. Ajax deserved to win and the score flattered Juventus. Still expect Barcelona to lift the trophy
  6. £492 for Copland Rear. I'll renew in the next week or so
  7. I understand it wasn't Separate Entity fans singing sectarian bile....it was football fans in green !!
  8. BlueAvenger


    Young dinosaur !!!
  9. BlueAvenger


    If Davis stays I'm binning my Superdrug Loyalty Card...
  10. BlueAvenger


    We need to play him to see how he does particularly against the sheep and Separate Entity
  11. We need better. It's a big No from me
  12. I did not expect that today. Comfortable victory against a team that we have struggled against. Clinical finishing from Arfield. Well done Gers. And well done to the guys that bet 3-0
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