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  1. I'll be there. Another excuse to get away from the missus !
  2. Covering up their history is definitely in their makeup......
  3. That mob don't exist....they became Separate Entity F.C . last August !!
  4. I fancy 4-0 again and I haven't a fuckin clue about the starting 11
  5. No doubt thats what the zoomer is getting at.....despite EBT's being introduced after Burns was manager of Separate Entity FC !!!!
  6. Think it's a case of paying at the gate. There might be queues as there were last week even against Oxford and a poor crowd mate
  7. I think 2020 is the 30th anniversary of when the filth had their first non catholic on their Board. I'm sure the impartial media will highlight this issue too.....
  8. I'll be there....even though it clashes with the Women's World Cup Final !!
  9. They never won the Champions League and neither has their new club...Separate Entity FC
  10. Did the stadium tour about 12 years ago. Great stadium but a bit dilapidated even back then.
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