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  1. Get this c#nt so far to fuck. Heart of a mouse.
  2. celtic will comment just as soon as the tour of Japan is finished.
  3. Had to laugh at the commentator saying that was a sucker punch for cetlic straight after broonaldos hand ball
  4. Or " We can't lift our game because of the poor quality we play every week in Scotland"
  5. Big queues outside CD turnstiles which normally aren't there. Seemed to take ages for the machine to reset before you could put your card in. They need to speed the system up.
  6. Does anyone else see that strip winking at the camera? 😀
  7. Enrico Anone. Only for the welcome from one of his own fans....... Aw naw..... Anones oan anaw noo!
  8. Makes Hampden look as if you're right on top of the action. 😀
  9. Another boring EUFA final. I hope if they manage to make it a closed shop they die a death. We may not be the best in Europe football wise but by fuck Baku wouldn't know what hit them if we'd made the final.
  10. I was thinking more " Sideshow Bob" myself.
  11. Wish more players would make that type of challenge on that mongo bastard
  12. Does Brenda do his research on Compperthemarket.com. One dud after another.
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