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  1. Listened to the first half on the radio. If you didn't know any better you'd have thought the game was at Ibrox. Singing was superb. 😃🇬🇧
  2. Their reply will be "There's the Rangers with their whataboutery again"
  3. What about Davie Cooper's keepie up goal against that mob. Got to be one of the best.
  4. Heard Gregor Townsend was at the game tonight. Looking for someone who can take try convertions. Our shooting from outside the box is really abysmal ☹️
  5. It's in the Scottish Mail as well. Sick inducing. 🥴
  6. Jardel and Govou. How I missed them. 😀 Not forgetting Maurice Edu. Or more commonly known as FFS Edu!!!
  7. Both feet are off the ground. But he wins the ball as clean as whistle with his right and his left is pointing away from Ajer. No studs showing, just his momentum that takes the big Jessie out.
  8. Sub of the year. 😀😀
  9. So apart from King standing down, did anything else happen?
  10. Get this c#nt so far to fuck. Heart of a mouse.
  11. celtic will comment just as soon as the tour of Japan is finished.
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