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  1. Sunday Trivia

  2. Sunday Trivia

    Think it was for the Portuguese league.
  3. Sunday Trivia

    Winner! As far as I know, Craig Moore's the only Sydney born player we've had. 16,910km away from Ibrox according to Google.
  4. Sunday Trivia

    Nah, decent effort though!
  5. Sunday Trivia

    Part C) Who am I? Played for Rangers. In my career, I... Won the Portuguese Player of the Year Award Played with Fernando Torres, Fabricio Coloccini, Roy Makaay, Derek Whyte and Sokratis Papastathopolous. Was managed by Sir Bobby Robson and Luis Aragones.
  6. Sunday Trivia

    Part B if anyone's interested: name the player who made at least 1 first team appearance born furthest away from Ibrox Stadium.
  7. Sunday Trivia

    Thought the quiz would last a bit longer! The only Asian born player I could think of was indeed Butcher.
  8. John Collins

    If he wants to address his own club's problems by taking potshots at us, then he's more than welcome to do so
  9. Sunday Trivia

    Gogzy and Ben all correct answers. TheMotor- Reyna and Beasley are ok, but Bougherra was born in France.
  10. Sunday Trivia

    Since WWII, and excluding Antarctica, there has been at least one player born on each continent who went on to play over 50 times for Rangers. Can you name them? Africa- North America- South America- Asia- Oceania- Don't bother about naming a European born player- I'm assuming you're not totally daft.
  11. Zelalem Or Law?

    For the club's long term benefit, probably Zelalem. If we can give ourselves a reputation as a club that can provide the transition between development squad and first team for top EPL sides, we will be able to consistently pick up their best young talents on loan for a season or two.
  12. Possession Football Equals Success?

    It's around seven tenths. Over the course of a season, the final league table and the possession table have 70% correlation.
  13. Possession Football Equals Success?

    Possession is a funny one. Against Hibs, we had 53% vs their 47%, but what we managed to do with the ball was far superior to their efforts. Apart from the first half hour, it was clear that we were happy to concede possession to Hibs for spells in the knowledge that it would drag their players out of their defensive position, allowing us to break quickly and efficiently. However, our superior quality of players meant that we could also dominate possession and territory when required as well. No team has the fitness, concentration or intelligence to efficiently attack for 90 minutes, so there's always going to be ebbs and flows. Knowing when to strike and when to hold back separates the average teams from the good ones. As Crystal Palace so often do, for example, you can sit back for most of the game, before hitting on a fast, effective counter when the opposition look out of position. Therefore, I don't think possession is necessarily a good indicator of dominance in a game. As a rule of thumb, if you want that, then you look at which team got more shots away in the central channel of the box. This area is where most teams score most goals, and is therefore usually the most difficult area of the pitch to get a shot away. If you want to see who controlled the match, look at that.
  14. Read It And Weep Ally

    Nothing going on at Rangers has anything to do with Ally McCoist any more. Rather than get bitter at past managers, let's just enjoy what's going on in the here and now.