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  1. Joshua Kimmich, Bayern's new signing, just accidentally confirmed in a press conference that Schweinsteiger is leaving Bayern
  2. It's already established that Warburton wants Kiernan and Wilson as his two centre halves next season, so unless he's playing with three at the back, I don't think it will be a centre back.
  3. First of all, despite the SNP rhetoric, they were still projected to make £6 billion cuts compared to Labour's £1 billion. The only reason they were campaigning to end austerity is because their cuts paled in comparison to the Tories £20+ billion. Secondly, your analogy is a little off. If three guys are telling you to make cuts, and the fourth says not to, that's not necessarily the same as endorsing the status quo. The fourth guy is likely telling you that you don't need to make all these cuts so long as you maybe take up a few more hours of overtime.
  4. Lucky we live in a democracy where everyone can vote for whoever they like and support whichever football team they like.
  5. Juventus were great from kick off until their first goal. Then Real Madrid asserted themselves on the game, only for Juve to regroup and come out all guns blazing second half. Real Madrid taking off their only natural centre mid in Isco for Hernandez cost them any hope of grabbing another. They lost their best passer and were restricted to hopeful crosses.
  6. Was at an evening with Graham Hunter and Sid Lowe last night; they indicated that De Gea to Real Madrid looks likely, Bale wants to stay and that if Barcelona can get their transfer ban overturned, the first person they'll go after is Paul Pogba.
  7. Bell Sinnamon McGregor Zaliukas Wallace Shiels Murdoch Law Walsh Clark Vuckic If only...
  8. Look, we're not a particularly attractive club just now. If you look at the bookies favourites, it's Billy Davies and Stuart McCall, both of whom have had fairly unspectacular management careers. Therefore we need to catch a rising star who can drag us up with him, and Cathro fits the bill perfectly. He's been an unqualified success wherever he has went, he plays nice football and he develops young players fantastically well. In terms of getting us competitive again, it's even riskier taking on an SPL veteran than an ambitious young coach like Cathro.
  9. To beat them, we have to be a lot more disciplined than we've ever been since we began this journey through the leagues. Keep the lines between defence, midfield and attack tight, make sure we don't give many fouls away around the box and we can do it.
  10. Massive game for Mohsni. Fairly defensive line up, but at least we've got two up front. Agree with Daly ahead of Boyd.
  11. You can't judge a coaching system on Charlie Telfer. However, it is frustrating that the boy has clearly been promised first team football at a club who have horsed us twice over the past two years. Furthermore, it is downright damning that the average age of the team was above 28 in the last five games of the season after we had the league well won. Had we played the likes of Telfer in those games, we would have a much better idea of the player we have now lost. If he was any good, we'd probably had had a better shot at keeping him too.
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