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  1. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/58727/Rangers_vs_St_Mirren.html
  2. A couple of years ago we had Sandaza and Daly playing up-front with Law and Black in the middle. We're doing alright.
  3. If only he was Buddhist.
  4. Sounds like some tim working in a bookies had dobbed him in. Shows the hatred in this country. He's done it for his last 2 clubs over 7 years and never been questioned on it, he's at Rangers for a year and there's a full investigation.
  5. The wee Chinese boy would have been taken out the back and shot for that.
  6. And THAT's why wummin should stick to boaby as a pass-time.
  7. Former WWE Star Carlito appeared on Episode #6 of MLW.com’s Konnan Show this week and told a story about getting into a drunken fight with John Cena. “I actually had a fight with [John] Cena. I forget where it was, but we got into a fight. A drunken fist fight. He told me I wasn’t applying myself. He said I should be at a higher level. I didn’t punch him because I’m not going to punch the face of the company. It was more like a drunken fight. I don’t think we were out to hurt each other. I was just defending myself, but Cena, he’s strong as hell.” “He jumped at me first. They ended up separating us about three times. I felt like he and I had always been close. I think he just wanted to see me do better. Cena is one of those guys that’s a top guy, but he wants to see other guys. He doesn’t try to hold guys down, he wants to see them come up.”
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