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  1. hows the crowd numbers shaping up? 15,000? 20,000?
  2. steady on: thats hitting below the belt mate
  3. Im deadly serious, sir! Only regret I have is that Mohsni didnt hit the cunt harder
  4. ive not seen any proof and even if he didnt want to shake hands thats no justification to assault someone from behind
  5. from the same link above" "The disorder was kicked off by Mohsni when the Rangers defender refused to shake hands with Lee Erwin at the final whistle. Erwin reacted with a push in the Tunisian’s back and Mohsni retaliated by ­kicking the Motherwell striker on the hip, then punched him full on the mouth" how the fuck is it Mohsni's fault? So is it standard practise in scotland to assualt someone if they dont want to shake hands?! the media are not interested in telling the truth here, obviously.
  6. the boys a legend "Half an hour after the game had finished, Mohsni is said to have seen Erwin leave the ground, allegedly strode across past the main entrance – in front of which fans had congregated – and challenged the forward to a fight, there and then. “You, me – behind the f****** bus now!” he is believed to have said." http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/rangers/11642398/Motherwell-3-Rangers-0-agg-6-1-Police-to-investigate-Fir-Park-violence-after-Bilel-Mohsni-sparks-pitchside-brawl.html
  7. I have no problem with Mohsni decking a motherwell player in self defence or in retaliation against being set to by an opposition player Good for you Mohsni say what you like about the guy but he isn't one to hide even when the chips are down best of luck wherever you go next
  8. well at least someone at Rangers went down fighting fuck you motherwell
  9. yeah I agree about the subs McCall has been quite unorthodox with his subs lately
  10. Fucking brilliant result! the lads stepped up big time "Ready"
  11. the whole defence was a shambles for that game; wtf was going on with that goal: half of them were on the deck when the ball came it saying that though: both of Rangers goals were pure class and I was really happy for shiels and smith to both get on the scoresheet with some cracking goals
  12. being a plastic pitch I dare say there will not be much change from the last visit
  13. Huge 3 points today great to see happy times back ayt Ibrox as the fortress is rebuilt
  14. Best moment for me was when the ball went out and into the hibs fans. A hibs fan has the ball in his hands and a rangers player comes over to the sideline to recieve the ball and take the throw does the hibs fan do the decent thing and hand the ball over? No he goes mental yelling abuse at the Rangers player then throws the ball AWAY from the rangers player. what happens next? Rangers work the ball down field and score a goal! what can I say? karmas a bitch
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