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  1. This signing to prove to be sneaky good. He could conceivably slot in and be our best centre back. And if he doesn't, we've spent a year's wages on a decent backup that we needed.
  2. andy500


    Not all of them will want tickets for away games. And it really depends on numbers in Gold & Silver.
  3. If you paid in full through the ticket site, your order will have been cancelled. Happened to me. You're meant to use a link that was supplied in the renewal e-mail. Annoying that it lets you do it if you're not supposed to. I've got a 0% interest card that will allow me to just go on and pay again, but others might need to wait a while. Frustrating.
  4. You don't know yet. A lot of people probably see it as £50 for away games. People who signed up for Home CCCS and Semis have never had to fork out like this before. I think you're right that it gives you a poor chance of a ticket - but not sure if it's no chance.
  5. Not quite required for the Hampden games - but does give you priority over non-MyGers members. Only just realised that.
  6. The home and semi final/final CCCS stays the same. The away one is binned.
  7. What happens with this? Braga have essentially taken the control away from Rangers for who travels. If we get done for that it's a bit shite.
  8. Is there no word on whether one of the two fixtures will be played before the break? There's a free midweek on the week beginning the 16th of December. celtic play one of their postponed games on the 18th. We, however, play Motherwell away on the Sunday the 15th and Hibs away on the Friday the 20th. So no real space for a game. Seems daft.
  9. Won't this game be moved for us, a lot of the young boys will be on international duty at their level.
  10. It’s cumulative over the 5 seasons. We have 5.25 based on getting 5 points last year and 0.25 for our participation in Q1 the year before. Aberdeen have picked up a point every season, except last season where they picked up 1.5. So they are on 5.5 points. Last season was the first year UEFA had slightly different coefficient rules. You now get more points based on which round of qualifying you get to. So Aberdeen got 1.5 for getting to Q2, the year before they’d have only gotten 0.5 for that. A similar result for us this year would see us jump up 100 places - where teams like Alkmaa
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