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  1. What day we thinking this will be if we get there?
  2. Jack has had a shocker. Barisic is offering nothing as usual. We're poor all over the pitch to be fair though.
  3. Goldson has looked awful since the celtic game. Daft challenge. Come on McGregor.
  4. Didn't want to talk about Kris Boyd or sectarian abuse in the pre match press conference. Interesting Stevie.
  5. Katic and Candeias been great today. Both showing they deserve their place.
  6. Fucking sick of Goldson being shite. Why does he start every game?
  7. Difference in this game is that Spartak were good enough to manage the game when they went ahead. We should have one foot in the last 32, but now we'll need some very good results to make it.
  8. Me and my Dad have both had £35 taken off. Maybe doing one game at a time?
  9. Does the £429 include the ticket cost? If not, any ideas on how much it would be?
  10. Sorry, I meant the opposite. You would expect the group package would give you a discount on buying the tickets individually. Do you think they'll charge over £35 for the individual tickets?
  11. Pretty steep. You'd expect some discount on individual match tickets - and I can't imagine them being more expensive than £35.
  12. This was always going to be a shambles. Stupid decision not to let Premier Sports get the rights/
  13. If we can get a win and a clean sheet I think we'll go through.
  14. Fed up caring about pish like this. Just get the tops on sale.
  15. Don't get it with Flanagan. Offers nothing going forward, letting crosses in too easily. Poor clearance there. Hopefully just there because John has been injured.
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