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  1. Don't understand why a pub team like the sheep get a deal with Adidas while we are stuck with embarrassing hummel/puma
  2. Referee was shite but we were poor tonight
  3. Hopefully get back to winning ways thankfully hibs are rank rotten 3 nil
  4. Comfortable 4 nil win for the good guys The sheep are truly hopeless at the moment
  5. They same to be making things up as they go along ffs Third yellow card for Alfie yet nobody knows about it for three weeks. The games a joke
  6. Parlaneloyal


    Had a go with the sheep and failed He's done well in the lower leagues but is not Rangers class We need to be looking at a much higher calibre of player
  7. There's a bus from the Sandbank Maryhill so im told
  8. Anyone remember the 70s when bottles used to fly back and forth?
  9. Got a good friend who's a sheep fan He's shitting himself and fears a hammering They were lucky against St Mirren yesterday according to him
  10. We've got the measure of the sheep now It's their cup final and they will bottle it as that's what they do
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