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  1. Parlaneloyal

    Club statement

    Cringe Reads like it was written by a 14year old Does nobody read these before they are released?
  2. Parlaneloyal

    England related thread

    Had any easy ride Best chance they will ever have of getting to a final Done as well as can be expected
  3. Parlaneloyal

    England related thread

    Torture down here Mon the Croats 👍
  4. Parlaneloyal

    England related thread

    Great people the English in general but it's sporting rivalry only for me Mon the Croats
  5. Parlaneloyal

    England related thread

    I live in England and have English family and friends I hope they get horsed by the Croatians
  6. Parlaneloyal

    Club Statement

    Not a fuck is given about Scottish football in the English papers. Brenda and Gerrard obviously create a bit of interest though
  7. Parlaneloyal

    Club Statement

    Need other clubs to join in with this
  8. Parlaneloyal

    Hummel gear RFC crest

    Hummel is fucking honking Thread closed
  9. You mean we can't play the games 2 at a time? Who knew?
  10. Parlaneloyal

    David Mellor

    Mon the fucking Tunisia 😁
  11. Parlaneloyal

    David Mellor

    I've lived in England for a lot of years and they are mostly great people. However I love them to get pumped at the football as it shuts them up for a bit Sporting rivalry that's all
  12. Parlaneloyal

    Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    The worst is Garth Crookes on BBC Absolutely hopeless and only on because of his colour
  13. Parlaneloyal

    SFA Director to step down

    A great victory for Rangers 👍
  14. Parlaneloyal

    Orange Top Hint

    Going to be a lot of disappointed bears then!
  15. Parlaneloyal

    SPFL Chairman

    Have we got no allies among the other clubs? Surely they can't all be happy to be Desmonds lap dogs.