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  1. Great victory I hope this is a turning point in our season
  2. They get a point for drawing We'll get 3 points for winning 3-1=2 2 points closer at the end of the day than where we were before the game
  3. Motherwell are honking a bottom 6 team this season Comfortable win for the sons of William and 2 points closer to the beggars
  4. Parlaneloyal

    Gerrard should quit

    I can't believe Proven gets a gig anywhere Sounds terrible on tv and writes a heap of shite in the papers
  5. Parlaneloyal

    Formal Complaint from Rangers re Collum

    Collum is a terrible referee Fans of all clubs think he's a fucking joke of a referee Not sure what can be done about it
  6. Parlaneloyal

    Sky to offer £30m a season for SPFL exclusive rights

    BT is vastly superior to sky They actually give a fuck about Scottish football Apart from Big Hayley Sky is terrible
  7. I don't even think the guys a footballer Someone is taking the piss at our expense
  8. Parlaneloyal

    Place to watch game v Spartak in Venice

    Use the BT app via Wi-Fi in your hotel Italy us a great country but Venice is a hole
  9. Parlaneloyal

    Place to watch game v Spartak in Venice

    Fucking shit place Venice
  10. Parlaneloyal

    14 million loss.

    That bonus was richly deserved or maybe it wasn't
  11. Parlaneloyal

    Brenda rodgers

    Looking forward to your next topic
  12. A vital 3 points today
  13. Parlaneloyal

    Gers Launch Ibrox Pride

    At least we now know where @KAI has been
  14. Just what we needed at this time St Mirren are honking,a poor championship team at best. Their new manager seems out of his depth. A comfortable 3 nil win to the Rangers
  15. Parlaneloyal

    14 million loss.

    (PMs Blue Avenger)😕