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  1. Fantastic player Would be worth a fortune these days Great header of the ball
  2. Platform 5 at Haymarket is decent enough
  3. Money for the club but an absolute cringe for me
  4. Only 33 Thought the dude was in his 60s
  5. Brentford in for Ferguson as well I'd imagine he'll go there if true Definitely a player with potential
  6. Underwhelmed It's a buyers market out there as clubs struggle We can do better than these two
  7. Hampden Murrayfield Pittodrie
  8. Derek Parlane Willie Henderson Davie Cooper
  9. I'd imagine so A total joke
  10. Joe Blacks real name is Josephine White The plot thickens
  11. @Sweetheart loves Joe Black
  12. Just in and seen the result A bit disappointed as @sweetheart had me believing this morning. Court it is then
  13. Are you mad? As much as id love it to be true the vote is likely to be at least 70% No.
  14. Just had a word with my contact at the SFA Couldn't say anything apart from supercaleygoballistic Don't shoot the messenger
  15. Game set and match to the good guys Doncaster teas pot Liewell must be sweating
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