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  1. Can't take any joy in that It was dire stuff
  2. Well hopefully after today that's the end to this He was hopeless
  3. 5/10 thanks to our decent European run The sheep have been shite at home otherwise we might have had a battle for second Roll on next season
  4. Warburton was getting mentioned at one point. Some shite gets written when it's international break time
  5. Parlaneloyal


    let's take the money and go again
  6. Easier said than done We can't just get rid of players we don't want. Another summer rebuild needed
  7. Due to give this lot a doing Three nil the good guys Alfredo double and Shinnie own goal
  8. I was in a great mood before reading this thread now am fucking SEETHING
  9. Aberdeen fans were never that keen on Ryan Jack but tgey love Shinnie. Worth signing him just to make them cry
  10. They halved celtic and Rangers league allocation and now they can't sell out these games. Serves them right I was in their main stand for the first league game last season-never again!
  11. Parlaneloyal


    Fuck them Lou Macari and Harry Hood
  12. Great fit Perfect for running onto the pitch with
  13. We are bound to finish second at least I was hoping and still hope we finish first
  14. We are due a bit of luck celtic are not a great team I think we'll sneak it 2-1
  15. I don't think he's good enough for us long term Played well tonight I'll admit Post match Aberdonian accent interview was brutal
  16. Don't think anyone would pay 10m watching him tonight Top player in the making but still raw
  17. Played ok tonight but needs to do that more regularly
  18. 2 threads =not very calm at all
  19. Referee was shite he's always shite We could have and should have scored at least 5
  20. I'm absolutely livid about this
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