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  1. Missed penalty incident, anyone got a link ?
  2. Just what we needed after they dropped points today. Found our goalscoring touch with goals from all over the park. Brilliant day.
  3. As usual this will be a battle with these hammer throwers , hope we are up for it today.
  4. He doesn’t seem able to change a game with a half time rant (that’s if he gave one). We were still a shambles in the first half but then even more so in the second !
  5. Ibroxric72

    Flanagan cost us that game

    The midfield were more culpable. Ejaria gave away so many passes, What does Arfield do?. Coulibally has gone completely off the boil. Kent was a big miss the night.
  6. Unbelievably we’re still in good position to qualify. Can’t see it though.
  7. So wasteful in possession, defence all over place. Keystone cops performance, woeful. Should have picked up at least a point here and 3 points two weeks before.
  8. Bloody Ejaria giving the ball away
  9. What a weird game. Just need to keep it tighter at back in 2nd half. We should be 4-2 up right enough - Morelos was onside.
  10. Ibroxric72


    Morelos has been superb the last few weeks. Really stepped up. Great through ball from Arfield too. It took 92 mins to make that cutting pass but credit where it’s due.
  11. Ibroxric72

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    Surely Candeais second booking had to be for something else? Gollum is indeed hopeless but what on earth did he see?
  12. Jammy goal but we needed that
  13. Just knew that wouldnt threaten the goal