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  1. The headline on the Rangers BBC page on their website is about ‘a celtic legend’. That’s the Rangers page. Like it or not a lot of us pay this organisation and this is deliberate mischief making by some wee tit in my view . It’s not the first time. Just making bears aware .
  2. They’ve got form for this kind of shit before. All joking aside it’s pretty pathetic, like there’s a 14 year old in charge of their ‘journalistic’ input. Pricks.
  3. Didn’t get out of 2nd gear and we still hammered them.
  4. Is it only me that thinks we are pretty poor?
  5. Actually embarassing watching that again. Dear god.
  6. He’s indicative of the type of player that will never win us anything. Was it twice he blazed the ball over the bar when your crying out for a little bit if composure and to at least hit the fckn target!!!! stats say we had one shot on target today, one!
  7. Once again we let teams off the hook with that penalty ‘effort’. Tav hasn’t kicked a ball for months so shouldn’t be taking penalties or free kicks for that matter.
  8. Thank god thats over!. What a bloody rollercoaster. Vital 3 points.
  9. We’re losing too many of the midfield tussles. Cmon Rangers!
  10. Much better today, deserved win. Be great if we could get a run of wins now.
  11. Well, back down to earth. Tactically naive performance by the team the night. Gerard unfortunately mastered by Clarke.
  12. And people on here say Kent is rubbish. Brilliant goal!!
  13. Yup absolutely. We got out of jail today but out midfield is dire, really dire. No invention, way too many non passes, zero shots on target. We have to get in more quality here asap.
  14. Finally, the quality we’ve been desperate for. What a goal!
  15. Instead of blaming the ref we should be looking at ourselves tonight. Too many journeymen like Candieas, Tav and Grezda not great again, giving the ball away cheaply. Morelos had a decent game but he’s a greedy fcuker at times, needs to learn not shoot EVERY time. Another 2 points thrown away is how it feels. Frustrating night.
  16. Yes we did well getting this far but it’s alarming how we seem to be steadily going backwards. Rapid vienna are a pretty shite team and were there for the taking. Same with Spartak.
  17. Giving the ball away all over the pitch, same as most games these days.
  18. He’s not hurting them, just my opinion. Getting back well but there’s way too many sideways passes from him too for my liking.
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