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  1. I think he was starting to look good before being one of several players injured by some pretty shocking tackling by opposing players. Never really looked fit or sharp after that and was played out of position. With fitness regained, better players around him and hopefully a midfield enforcer added to the team for protection I’d like to see Dorrans have a significant impact and pitching in with a few goals and assists.
  2. 3 tough away games in the first 4 including Aberdeen and celtic. Did Murdoch McLennan have the password for the ‘random’ computer? However, it’ll sicken them further when we sit top of the league with 12 points though....
  3. scotty1976

    Found this on YouTube Charlie Miller getting punked

    What part of Aberdeen is Castlemilk in though??
  4. I agree. Good that we’re sticking it to them but allowing this prick to leave by not re-standing as opposed to getting the boot sticks in the throat a wee bit.
  5. scotty1976

    Free Agents

    Michael Higdon would score for fun playing alongside Niko and Commons.
  6. scotty1976

    Backroom Staff Taking Shape

    Just to clarify, I wasn’t saying we weren’t one of the biggest. I was just highlighting that this guy has left another of the big clubs, which he supports, to come to us. Actually backs up what we’re all saying that despite the recent pish in the media, the over bloated EPL, we are still a very attractive proposition. if we were on an even playing field with the TV money etc, we’d be challenging for the EPL every year.
  7. scotty1976

    Backroom Staff Taking Shape

    This guy has left one of the biggest clubs in the world, which he states is his boyhood club, to come to us. Humble Pie for the pundits who claimed we are not the pull we once were.....
  8. scotty1976


    In fairness it’s someone who goes into another teams forum to act the Dick that needs to grow up.
  9. scotty1976


    Did you cry as much as the time your priest ripped your arsehole?
  10. scotty1976

    Mind the gap?

    If we were as skint as some would have claimed, Alfredo and Windass would have been out the door by now. The only team cuttting back is the Paedo 11
  11. scotty1976

    Mind the gap?

    I'm not talking so much about the gap in the league. Unfortunately I reckon we can forget it this year. What I'm getting at is this so called significant financial gap. We're skint. They're coining in millions. But it doesn't look that way. Obviously the money is being squirrelled away in dubious Lithuanian banks...
  12. scotty1976

    Mind the gap?

    So.....we're skint. They're miles ahead. The financial gap blah blah blah. A loan signing of a Chelsea potential and (maybe) the goalkeeper and centre half from the team with the 4th worst goal difference in the SPFL. Whereas we've done ok. Murphy, Cummings, Martin are all good signings. All appear loan to permanent. John has proven himself to be s good capture. And as a 'skint' club we've turned down a decent offer for Morelos. So - tell me about the gap? Maybe wishful but....The current celtic signing policy reminds me of the McLeish years. And remember what that was the start of.
  13. scotty1976

    Questionable to say the least I'd say

    If she was a Dundee bird I'd have thought her moustache would have broken her fall.
  14. scotty1976

    Support an investigation.

    But. Our EBTs and player payments have been investigated. We've been punished. We should support the investigation on the provision that it looks at ALL clubs. But I get your point. We don't live in a fair and balanced world.
  15. scotty1976

    Support an investigation.

    I would like to hope so. But I'm not holding my breath.