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  1. Seems the Dutch FA care about what’s best for their game, which includes assisting and supporting all their clubs. The SFA on the other hand are consumed with self interest and hatred. No coincidence that one country has a club in the CL semi finals and a reasonably successful national team and the other......well......has nothing close to either.
  2. I was going to post similar. Shows the SFA up for what they are.
  3. Cannae be that indestructible.....he’s been sent back fucking injured.
  4. Remove 2 words highlighted above and the spokesman would have nailed it.
  5. One of the boys in the film Small Faces has a load of Rangers posters in his wall. As does Jon Morrison’s character in Just Another Saturday. And I recently saw an old Taggart based around an Old Firm match. Turns out McVitie is a taig, as was the murderer. They were careful not to reveal Taggart’s allegiance!
  6. While I agree with this, the snidey wee fucker never keeps possession of the ball when there’s anyone near him. A bit like his prick of a manager in that regard, which makes it difficult to snap him. Maybe someone needs to analyse the Souness tackle in the Steaua match from years ago to learn how to purposely miscontrol a ball in midfield thus creating a 50-50 opportunity with brown. And I’m sure miscontrolling a ball comes naturally to some of our guys..... I’d happily see us down to 10 in the game at Ibrox in exchange for that prick on a stretcher with his career over.
  7. St Mirren should have walked off the park and refused to finish the match. Put the spotlight on them and up the pressure.
  8. Just for the record, I’m not accusing you of anything.....just saying I’m not sure jumping straight to square go helps your case too much. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the match when we get a wee win!
  9. Surely it would be more polite to provide a response to evidence that you are in fact a bear rather than defaulting to an aggressive comment that looks like an invitation for a square go? Doesn’t do anything to make you look less taig like.
  10. He’s right in that the lack of Rangers players in the Scotland squad is detrimental to it’s performances. But the reason is well covered in the posts above about being out of the league. We’re trying to build our system and you can already see from the number of our players in the under squads that this is working. He’s right that Rangers are all about Rangers. We are all about getting stronger, getting back to the top of the Scottish game where we should rightly be. Where he gets this wrong is the apportioned blame. I’d like to hear his take on who celtic are working to the benefit of. I’d hazard a guess that celtic are all about celtic. They didn’t lead the charge to destroy us for the good of Scottish football. They didn’t cover up child abuse for the good of Scottish football. They haven’t manipulated and threatened referees for the good of Scottish football. They haven’t turned a blind eye to years of anti PUL bigotry for years for the good of Scottish football. They haven’t turned a blind eye to pro IRA, anti-British chanting for the good of Scottish football. The anti-Semitic crusaders in their support is not for the good of Scottish football. What part of withdrawing players from the international squads on a remarkably regular basis is for the good of Scottish football? And finally, how many loan signings, foreign signings have they made? And how many young Scottish players have they signed and stalled the careers of? The ridiculous TV wealth in England, the self serving nature of Europe’s top leagues, the lack of credible clubs outside of Rangers and celtic are some of the reasons why Scottish football is shit. But if Gerry Collins and his ilk need to find blame in Scotland for the ills of the game he need look no further than the actions of hatred perpetuating through the game driven by the club he seems to love.
  11. I’d love it if we could get bovril dispensers like that!
  12. The point this cow makes is valid.....domestic violence can be triggered by a combination of alcohol and anger at a football result. But it’s merely a trigger.....guys who are going to beat their wives anyway and if not the football then some other excuse. So, firstly I get quite offended by the vilification of football fans in general. But, for her to have identified one specific club....for me that’s liable, detrimental to the clubs image and actually the club should not be issuing statements. We should be issuing writs.
  13. Something for Jim White to think about. There are Rangers players who are far better than any of the dross who have been selected for Scotland but it’s understandable why they wouldn’t want picked. Even thinking back to Ian Black being picked for a friendly at Easter Road it was obvious he was being set up to be abused. Yes he was shite and shouldn’t have been near a Scotland jersey but the reason he was abused was entirely down to the club he was at. Same with Jack at Aberdeen. On form Jack is one of Scotland’s top midfielders but I’d tell them to gtf if I was him and was selected again. Played out of position and booed by his own fans despite a decent performance. Then there’s the abuse Wallace got. The whole grass pish. It’s pretty obvious that McGregor has withdrawn from national duty because of the way he has been hung out to dry over the Aberdeen match. Halliday would have been a better option than Shinnie at left back, but again I’m not sure he’d want selected as again I’d see him being an easy target for the boo boys. Now, looking at the under age groups.....full of Rangers players and a testament to the good work our coaches are doing developing top Scottish players. I’m sure if and when they break through into senior football they may also be driven out through hatred. So Jim White, you are half right. The agenda of hatred driven by one half of the Old Firm is very much to blame for the poor performance of the national team. But don’t try putting the blame at our door....we’re not even welcome at the party to have a chance to ruin it!
  14. ‘Maybe’ unfair in the sense that he may come in and be a cracking player. But I’m thinking he’ll be more Bedoya than Reyna.
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