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  1. scotty1976

    delayed transmission of the game tomorrow

    He may not get carded until Trial by Sportscene and an intervention from Michael Stewart, Claire Whyte, and the independent expert panel of Peter Lawwell, Rod Stewart, Gerry Adams and The Pope......
  2. scotty1976

    Laughing stock

    Between that and the shoddy workmanship with seats not screwed in correctly...
  3. scotty1976

    Laughing stock

    Interesting that there will be checks on grass implemented in the wake of Brenda complaining about the length of grass at Tynecastle.
  4. scotty1976

    Richard Gough

    I think I’m this day and age, if there was any truth in this it would be more than a rumour which Juan Guy knows about from his friend who’s high up in the polis.....
  5. scotty1976

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    These fuckers still think the refs are against them! Yellow card every day of the week and no worse than the challenge Brown got yellow for in the first half.
  6. scotty1976

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Didn’t boot him hard enough.
  7. scotty1976

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Scott Brown booked for a challenge no different to what McGregor just got a 2 match ban for. Over to you Ms Whyte....
  8. scotty1976

    Today’s match - stream

    Cheers WATP Appreciated.
  9. scotty1976

    Today’s match - stream

    Guys.....hopefully someone can help me out. Season ticket holder who can’t make today’s match. Gutted to be missing it. I’m not that technically minded. Is there a stream for today’s game anyone can recommend? That won’t give my device an std.... cheers
  10. scotty1976

    BRAVEHOUND NEED OUR VOTES - Award finalists

    Great cause....vote in! M’oan the dugs!!
  11. scotty1976

    Steve Clarke

    Good point on the hypocrisy of it. Its a system that benefits one club.
  12. 1978 - John Lydon and the Sex Pistols banned from the BBC 1987 - Jerry Sadowitz as good as condemned to obscurity. Both held up as nutters. Point scorers. But both were right. Both highlighted Savile decades before the truthcame out. Sound familiar??
  13. scotty1976

    Steve Clarke

    I’m going to be controversial and say he’s right. That whole thing should have been left on the pitch. But that would be alongside every other decision considered by the Compliance Officer that had already been dealt with.
  14. Didn’t see it......but good to be kept up to date on here!! Well done to the young team!! The future seems bright and I think we really must credit Mulholland for the approach we’re taking playing against some top top clubs.
  15. What a dilemma they face..... Lets humour them for a minute and accept that they can justify their position since cbc was a separate entity. Will they also accept then, since Fergus McCann changed the legal structure, that the Lisbon Lions and 9 in a row side was also a separate entity?