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  1. The purpose of Fernando doing the documentary was to raise awareness of the condition. It really hits hard. One of his carers speaks of dignity as she has to bathe a 40 year old man, which could easily be perceived as very undignified. But in my opinion, the bravery and strength the Warrior showed in opening up and doing the film is one of the most dignified things I have witnessed. Tears throughout though. Legend
  2. I think for once we have to be complimentary about celtic. The way they have conducted themselves regarding Fernando has been impeccable. Let’s hope that the supporters follow the lead of Lawwell and Lennon on Sunday and behave properly in the minute’s applause. Certain things go above football rivalry and celtic as a club have demonstrated this.
  3. We can put the equality bit to bed when they’re still running the story in 2 weeks time......
  4. Suddenly there was vile racist abuse aimed at Edouard and Umbongo-bingo. Another fine deflection from the PR machine from the IRA sports wing....
  5. Something special is happening this season.....that video really makes it clear!
  6. It’s a long standing issue. Goes way back to when Hammarby Youth Coaches infiltrated the Boys Club.......
  7. Similar type of recruitment to the Monday night five a sides I play with when there’s a few boys on holiday and we need numbers......
  8. Sad, sad state of affairs. The damage one individual can do to any club loved by many is shocking.
  9. Your wife’s health has to be your priority mate. Sorry to hear all is not well. Fingers crossed and hope things improve. It seems the RM members are all with you.
  10. There were a few errors in the first few matches but we seem to have found a style which works. We had a blip after the break which may have cost the league but we finished the season very strongly. Our starting 11 is stronger than last year (could still do with a decent left back) and that aside our squad is significantly stronger and has a fair depth. In the meantime celtic have gone backwards. And there is where Stevie G is a class act as @Blue Avenger has stated. Whether or not they have money to spend or are willing to spend for that matter, they are struggling to attract anyone to sign. Players want to sign for us to play under our manager. If you are Aribo for instance, why would you not want to play under one of the top midfielders of a generation and arguably of all time? I think we pulled off a blinder bringing ina man of Gerrard’s standing, who has been shrewd enough to bring in experience and top coaches to counter his inexperience as a manager. The man is a winner and I have real optimism that we will win trophies (plural) this season including the league.
  11. Must have been on thinking the hoof when making the OP.....
  12. scotty1976

    Joe Aribo

    Other than performance levels, the other big difference is that Aribo isn’t on loan.
  13. Were John Daly and Kevin Kyle at the club at the same time? Joking aside, you may have to go back to the Hateley, McCoist, Johnston years for a time when we had more than one top striker.
  14. As has been said....the jersey is too big for some. He’s not a bad player, seems a decent guy, and even when he was struggling he always gave his best effort. Brave to come out and reveal his difficulties and I wish him nothing but the best both on and off the field.
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