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  1. Were John Daly and Kevin Kyle at the club at the same time? Joking aside, you may have to go back to the Hateley, McCoist, Johnston years for a time when we had more than one top striker.
  2. As has been said....the jersey is too big for some. He’s not a bad player, seems a decent guy, and even when he was struggling he always gave his best effort. Brave to come out and reveal his difficulties and I wish him nothing but the best both on and off the field.
  3. Would it be wrong to expect our Board to take them to task over this? Hypocritical little runt.
  4. Wonder if they’ll raise this at their AGM.
  5. I genuinely think he will fail the medical and maybe never play again.
  6. This’ll be the same pool of players which Warburton held up as the future.....
  7. It wasn’t so long ago that we were looking at this boy alongside some pretty big clubs like Manchester United and (maybe) Liverpool. I see he has now been released by Livingston and signed for Brechin! Quite a fall from grace.
  8. I just find it mind blowing and unbelievable that anyone can find it funny to mock a football disaster.....and that the media are not more on this. If this kind of behaviour was to happen in England mocking Hillsborough or Bradford the press would be naming and shaming and calling for jail time. No one should go to the football - regardless of team - and not come back and while rivalry and abuse is what it’s all about, there should be an unwritten code that shouldn’t be crossed. The abuse of Fernando also crosses that line as far as I’m concerned. I don’t recall Johnstone getting it. Maybe because he wasn’t as high profile around his condition or maybe because social media didn’t exist? Again, regardless of who you support, I think we should all applaud Fernando for the approach he’s taking, raising awareness of this absolutely horrendous disease. Along with Doddie Weir, if their efforts (in the face of disgusting abuse in Fernando’s case) can raise awareness and money to find a cure will poor excuses for human beings like that skinny runt complain if that helps one of their own? Hopefully his employers are aware of the shame that he has brought on them and take/have taken relevant action. And any bears looking to bump into him know he can be found in and around the local job centre.
  9. Classy gesture from our club. Football - particularly at the bigger clubs - has become detached from the community around than. Glad to see Rangers bucking the trend.
  10. Ouch. Good point. But the point still stands.....there’s money to be made in that market. But maybe we’re late to the party.
  11. The Chinese market is massive....but they seem to be mad for the EPL. If we could corner a small bit of that market, build a support we could generate significant income through sponsorship and sales of kits. Getting kids into the soccer schools, get them to build an affinity with the club, take their Yen....
  12. Well done to Tranmere Rovers on their back to back promotions.
  13. How can the SFA employ someone who gets a microphone and has a public dig at one of its members? I’d expect our Board to be contacting the SFA to make this very point
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