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  1. Billy Walsh

    SPFL trying to cash in on Gerrard

    This shows how shite our current deal is
  2. Billy Walsh

    The BBC Radio commentators

    Agree with the comments saying Provan wasn't that bad, i always thought he was decent. Walker and Crocker are awful, Crocker always sounds like he's desperate for the tims to score. I'm sure i read an interview with him years ago and they asked him who his favourite Old Firm player was and he said Larsson then said he better say Albertz as well so the Rangers fans don't get upset, fuck him.
  3. Billy Walsh

    Rangers related picture thread

    Sugar Ray Robinson at Ibrox
  4. Billy Walsh

    Mayweather vs McGregor - August 26th

    You know that Quigg fights at 126 lbs right ? almost 30 lbs less than the fight on Saturday, that's not a good comparison. McGregor wouldn't win a British title at this stage (maybe after 15 odd fights he could if he was built like a proper prospect) that's how big a mismatch this is. Mayweather should really be getting a stoppage here, if i had bigger balls i would empty my bank on it but i don't trust him to go for it.