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  1. The point off was more than deserved, he was holding all night. 115-112 Farooq for me
  2. Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd have no hope of winning the League, it'll be City or Liverpool with maybe Spurs putting in a challenge. Spain is the same boat with Madrid and Barca with maybe Atletico pushing them. Just because England has the "Top 6" doesn't mean the will all actually challenge for the League. English football is overrated from top to bottom, Leagues one and two are utter shite for the most part, the Championship is generally really competitive and pretty exciting but the quality of football at times is brutal. The bottom 10 in Prem are terrible as well in the scheme of things considering the 100's of Millions that have been pumped in there. It's alright saying they've got the Top 6 but when was the last season where there was more than 2 teams going for the title ? It's either close between 2 teams or one team runs away with it. The Scottish game isn't great but it's constantly compared to England which doesn't make any sense considering the size of the countries and the financial differences, the fact we constantly talk it down doesn't help either.
  3. You're genuinely clueless if you think Delph is at fault for this.. Can you explain what Delph should have done then ? Shite it out of the tackle and let Kane smash him ? Use some sort of magic trick and vanish into mid air ?
  4. https://streamable.com/z8gn6 How the fuck is Delph meant to get out the way here ? Who gives a fuck about their National team either, Club football is the main event.
  5. Kane tried to leave one on Delph late and got injured, its his own fault.
  6. You know that Quigg fights at 126 lbs right ? almost 30 lbs less than the fight on Saturday, that's not a good comparison. McGregor wouldn't win a British title at this stage (maybe after 15 odd fights he could if he was built like a proper prospect) that's how big a mismatch this is. Mayweather should really be getting a stoppage here, if i had bigger balls i would empty my bank on it but i don't trust him to go for it.
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