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  1. Andy Little's Boots

    David Hagen

    He’s not dead. He’s been diagnosed with MND. I know someone who’s spoken to him in the last couple of days and they said his speech is affected but I don’t know much else.
  2. Andy Little's Boots

    ***** YOU ARE THE PEOPLE *****

    If you can pm me too @Zetland I’ll get a donation sorted this week. Cheers
  3. Andy Little's Boots

    New Parking restrictions.

    They won’t be in place for tomorrow night according to our SLO on Twitter.
  4. Andy Little's Boots

    Johnny Hubbard

    Very sad news. Condolences to his family. RIP
  5. Andy Little's Boots

    Neale Cooper

    Sad news, RIP Neale.
  6. Andy Little's Boots

    Family Stand juniors will not be able to upgrade

    £126 in the Copland Rear for next season.
  7. Andy Little's Boots

    Kids ST Query

    You should be able to buy it on its own, I think it’s only the family section that need to be bought together. I already had my ticket with another family member in the Copland when I bought my kids theirs in 2012. I bought them online during the public sale, they’re in the same stand as me but not the same section.
  8. Andy Little's Boots

    Season Tickets

    Renewed mine and my boys. I said when I left Hampden last month I wasn’t ticking the cup boxes this year but changed my mind. The SG factor hopefully will see us lifting silverware again soon.
  9. Andy Little's Boots

    Q and A with Murty

    I think he’s spent the last week watching old Warburton interviews. I’m sure he said these very same words.
  10. Andy Little's Boots

    Semi tickets issue

    We have 4 season tickets all linked on friends/family scheme, all of us have bt email addresses but only 3 of us got an email. Phoned the ticket office who confirmed the 4th st has been allocated a ticket.
  11. Andy Little's Boots

    Semi final ballot

    Checked the times on mine 15:07, 15:11 and 15:41.
  12. Andy Little's Boots

    Semi final ballot

    Think there’s still emails to come out as me and mine only have 3 so far but if the numbers in the email are anything to go by then we have got all 4 as there is 1 number missing to make the ones we have consecutive. The email account that hasn’t received one isn’t aol or hotmail. @jintybear hope you get them after missing out on the others.
  13. Andy Little's Boots

    Semi final ballot

    Label ID on the 2 emails I have say SU which I would take to be South Upper. Only got 2 emails so far from 4 tickets linked together but probably just emails being sent out in batches.
  14. Andy Little's Boots

    They say it's not obsession....

    That’s what I’m thinking too. I’m not certain but I didn’t think the trains were running through Larbert at the weekend. I had read that it was only Falkirk High that had trains going to Glasgow at the weekend. He probably got the ticket stub off a pals dad to make it look like he’d went. Just another non-story for the media to make us out to be big bad Rangers.
  15. Andy Little's Boots

    They say it's not obsession....

    If he lives in California he’s not anywhere near Larbert. He more than likely goes to st mungos. I’m just down the road a bit from California and Larbert is a good 20 minutes in the car from here. I’m going to ask my kids when the get home today if they recognise him. He’s not the same age as mine though so probably not.