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  1. Absolutely this. It’s pretty crap losing your holiday or trip for the game etc but for the staff it is truly awful. My niece works (worked now!) for them in Europe. Messaged her this morning and they’re still having to work and help guests etc but won’t get paid this month and don’t know what happens next or how the staff will get home etc.
  2. Devastating news. Heartbreaking especially for his wife and wee girl. Rest easy Fernando 💙
  3. There’s videos of full time in this thread, including a video of their player having a go at Katic.
  4. The video from BF4 shows what happened at the end. Acting the hard man when Katic was on the ground, wasn’t so hard when Niko got up.
  5. Very sad news, thoughts and condolences to his family and friends. Rest in peace.
  6. You’ve done a fantastic job over the years gb, you should be very proud of all you have achieved. Enjoy a well earned ‘retirement’ and look after yourself.
  7. I ordered on Friday and payment is showing on my credit card transactions for Friday. I got a confirmation email on Saturday but nothing else since and when I check on their website it still just says processing. I’m not filled with confidence when they’ve still got a message at the bottom of the email regarding delivery times referring to last Christmas. Standard delivery is 3 - 5 working days, last guaranteed shopping day for Christmas delivery Monday 17th December.
  8. It beggars belief that they were given all the tickets in the first place to allow them to do this. When Falkirk reached the Scottish Cup final in 2015 against Inverness they were given a small initial allocation then once that was sold they were only given further tickets in batches of 1000 at a time. Someone from their ticket office was having to run through to Hampden every day to pick up another 1000 tickets while fans were queued along the front of the stadium waiting. I don’t know how many they sold but I’m told they took a bigger support than Inverness. As you say though this won’t help smaller clubs in the future.
  9. I’m also fortunate that I don’t live hand to mouth and have some savings if needed. I really feel for those who are struggling with these payments and the short notice. I have a 17 year old who has just started an apprenticeship and hasn’t been paid yet so without me and his dad paying for his tickets there is no way he’d be able to find £72 before Thursday. All in for myself and the two boys I’m £225 at pretty short notice along with Ayr tickets rumoured to be next week as well it’s not going to be a cheap month. As others have said I don’t see the need for the payment to be due so soon when it’s a month until the first home game. For those who have season ticket payments coming off and away tickets/travel etc something will have to give. It’s extremely poor that they’re being told they’ll be taken off the CCCS if they delay this payment.
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