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  1. Who is on the Flight........so far

    The plane I flew to Heathrow on in October when flying to Miami was a twin aisle plane so BA do use them for some domestic flights. As I said it depends on the route and airline. Most likely though they have flown from Edinburgh with American Airlines going via New York or possibly Philadelphia in which case there won’t be a business class cabin on the plane. As I said earlier the planes AA use from Edinburgh are old planes and they don’t even have seat back tv’s in the main cabin. I get the point you’re making but if there isn’t a business class cabin on the route they’re flying there’s not much the club can do about it.
  2. Who is on the Flight........so far

    It all depends on the airline and route they flew. They left from Edinburgh and you can’t get a direct flight to Orlando from there. Business class with BA via London is the same seats as the rest of the plane for the domestic leg and if it’s American Airlines via somewhere in the states they don’t even have seat back tv’s on their planes. The flight options for the likes of Orlando from up here are pretty crap tbh unless you go via London.
  3. Only if they win the relegation play-off this season. Their club is riddled with tarriers these days, has been for a few years now.
  4. Falkirk have condemned it, here’s the statement they released earlier tonight. They’re mostly wee neds in their teens but not all of them. A lad from my sons school was saying at a party on Sunday night that he was going to the game today and they were taking one eyed minions masks. I’ve seen comments from some that are around my age too though so it’s not all kids. It’s disgusting but not surprising from an element of the Falkirk support. CLUB STATEMENT Falkirk FC apologises unreservedly to Dean Shiels and Dunfermline Athletic FC for the abhorrent behaviour of a small number of individuals at this afternoon’s Ladbrokes Championship match. The club wholeheartedly condemns the abuse witnessed towards Dean Shiels in the strongest terms and will be working closely with Dunfermline Athletic FC to identify those responsible. Abuse towards anyone with a disability is simply unacceptable and the fact this took place within a sporting context with rivalries at play is no excuse. This needs to stop now. Disability Awareness Training is already being delivered to all staff and players at Falkirk FC and we take our commitment to equality seriously. We will look to take action against anyone identified from today’s game and will not allow this disgraceful behaviour to be repeated.
  5. ***The Official Scum vs Rangers Thread***

    Very proud of our team today, especially our young players. The disappointment of a draw is a bit surreal considering how poor we’ve played in other games recently.
  6. It is strange that it's been kept so quiet. The rivalry these 2 clubs/fans have is no reason for it to be kept quiet until after they played again on Saturday there. There was a rumour on a Falkirk fans forum about this at the time but it was rubbished by some. Falkirk season ticket holder I know thinks it bizarre that it's been kept quiet until now.
  7. Kallum Higginbotham was sent off on Saturday for swinging an elbow at McKee. O'Hara was an unused sub on Saturday. Declan McManus was sent off for a second yellow for his reaction to an Aaron Muirhead tackle on Dean Shiels.
  8. Dean Shiels was sent off in the game for possibly trying to do just that. After the incident happened that the 2 players have been cited for he was red carded for a late lunge on Joe McKee. Allan Johnstone said something after the game about poor comments made to Dean and he let it get to him. The picture of O'Hara is pretty damning where he's pointing at his own eye and the ref (Steven McLean) is right beside them.
  9. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    Sky have confirmed JJ staying to assist Murty.
  10. Rangers Statement on Compliance Officer

    He's in charge of the St.Mirren v Morton game at the weekend. Possibly the biggest game of the Championship on Saturday. Just the same as Beaton wasn't demoted after the Hibs game - he was in charge of Dunfermline v Falkirk that weekend which is also regarded as a derby by Falkirk/Dunfermline fans.
  11. Ticket office queue now

    To be honest if he hadn't told me who he was I wouldn't have known.
  12. Ticket office queue now

    I’m just out. Took 65 mins. Queue still as long now as when I joined. Not all windows were open but it was lunchtime. Our SLO is in helping out too. At least it was dry today.
  13. Semi Final Allocation (Rangers vs Motherwell)

    Email them on ccardmandate@Rangers.co.uk
  14. Semi Final Allocation (Rangers vs Motherwell)

    Same here. Four of us linked together and all 4 have 2 emails at the same times.
  15. IRA Sympathiser Giving Evidence at Holyrood

    Yep, Ineos were playing with people's livelihoods and Unite pushing for strike played right into their hands. A lot of people did do well out of it for a long time but that's not really the case nowadays. My dad worked for BP from the early 70's until he retired in 2001. It was already going downhill by then and even more so since Ineos took over.