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  1. Questionable to say the least I'd say

    My husband has came with us to a number of games v Falkirk. Prior to 2012 he would get tickets for the away end for him and the kids and walk along the back of the SJ stand from where I park then meet us either back at the car or outside the Copland after the game. Since 2012 the kids have had season tickets in the CR stand with me so he's walked along to the away end himself and never had any bother. This story doesn't add up and I certainly wouldn't let strangers take my kid home for me. Deflection tactics from the gutter press after the other night springs to mind.
  2. The Peter Campbell Memorial Plaque Vandalised.

    Absolutely disgusting, they really are the dregs of society!
  3. *** You've Been Reported - Final Warning ***

    I donated back in May and I'm on the list.
  4. SPFL are set not to reopen EBT case

    This came up on my Twitter because Traffic Scotland liked it. They even replied.
  5. *****Joshua Burns Adair petition*****

  6. To die an arab bastard . . .

    In their excitement at the prospect of playing Brechin it must've slipped their mind that we will still be going to Dundee next season - just not to play them.
  7. Females at Ibrox

    A good woman always has a packet of hankies in their handbag.
  8. Females at Ibrox

    Must be the ones at CR5, the others aren't. I sit in CR1 so use the ones at that end and they're not great but at least have hot water, the ones in the middle don't.
  9. Females at Ibrox

    The ones in CR are a disgrace too, especially the middle ones. There's ceiling tiles missing, no water in the hot taps and just not very clean.
  10. ST Renewal Intentions

    As @Inigo says take in a letter from your brother stating that he is moving abroad and he wants to transfer his ST to keep it in the family and they will change it over. I did this last year with my brothers ST, just said that he couldn't afford it as not working but wanted to keep it in the family. They said there would normally be a charge for changing it but waived it for me, possibly as I was renewing 4 tickets. Also if your nephew has his own Rangers number already take a note of that with you too as they'll already have his details on the system.
  11. Rest in Peace, Sir Ugo.

    Shocking news, so sad at only 44. RIP Ugo.
  12. Man of the match today?

    Jason Holt for me today but Beerman was a very close second.
  13. Semi final ballot details

    Same here. On the upside I'm saving a fair few quid and don't need to get up ridiculously early to get through there for a stupid o'clock ko. TV loyal for me and the kids.
  14. Semi final ballot details

    I don't think it's anything to do with your ST's being in the family stand as I don't sit there and I haven't got tickets either. We have 4 tickets in the Copland Rear and been signed up to CCCS for all home games and semi's/finals for years. We were at all the crappy midweek cup games with low attendances in recent years and moved to the CF when the rear was closed. I was away on holiday last July for the group stage games but I still paid for my tickets and they were used by family members (miserable sods didn't pay me for them though) and my holiday was booked long before they changed the format of the cup. I am disappointed at missing this one, not as much as my kids are but then they don't pay for the tickets, petrol, parking or food at the game! 😂😂