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  1. No, loads of YB fans wearing half & half Rangers scarves & quite a few bears in the home end with no bother
  2. Do could they condem the fans who go? Anyway mate, doesn't matter. Looking forward to this
  3. In Zurich main station now & already seeing Bears making their way to Bern. Plenty of overseas Bears making this one
  4. See you at the Wankdorf. You'll get beer at the ground anyway. Hopefully a good few bears going
  5. Better flying to Basel if you can. Less than an hour in the train from Bern & cheap enough
  6. Dorf = Town or village. Somehow appropriate for young boys to be playing in wank town
  7. They had tickets available yesterday but are no longer doing online sales as they send the them out by mail. You could try the ticket office tomorrow & see if you can pick it up at the stadium if they have any left. If they ask for an address you could give your hotel. +41 31 344 88 88
  8. Still tickets available... https://www.stubhub-ch.ch/young-boys-Rangers-fc-europa-league-2019-2020-tickets/ev1152966?cert_message=1&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=Cj0KCQjwrMHsBRCIARIsAFgSeI0cJIbr0wbC-NsfT-P17s1u6KpSJqbjuI8MmSDSF7iB8DW4rBAfBksaAq9BEALw_wcB#/
  9. When you say UK teams you mean EPL sides who were critical of playing on any artificial surfaces in Europe as apposed to the condition of YB's pitch. If you read my post you'll see that I'm pointing out that it won't be as bad as surfaces we play in Scotland which are a joke. The Swiss have money & spend a lot on maintenance. The standards here are night & day compared to UK.
  10. Although it's a plastic pitch, it won't be anything like the surfaces we have to put up with every other week here. Like everything else in Switzerland, it'll be in good order. We also shouldn't be fooled by the reports of all their injuries. Yes they have a few, but so do most teams & make no mistake YB are a well organised outfit and are only to happy to peddle reports of struggling due to injuries. If we get a draw we'll be doing well.
  11. I'm going cause I live in Zurich mate. No way I could pass on this one. Think it will be mostly overseas bears making the trip
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