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  1. Just been speaking to my wife's Croatian cousin (big hajduk fan) & he reckons they've got no chance against them.
  2. Exactly, and he made out it was their internal investigation into child abuse but it was nothing of the sort. It was apparently a report carried out by their insurers to establish any potential liabilities due to the latest allegations. They must have been desperate to avoid a payout so went with the Seperate entity nugget. It's disgusting that they can get away with deliberately misleading the public and even more disgusting that the media are not asking questions.
  3. I think even if the capacity was somehow increased to 60k (which I doubt) there would not be the expectation that it'll be sold out all season. Would be more for the bigger games. Europe etc Even if it was only sold out 6x per season it would still pay for itself in some years. Edit - and that may allow the Taigs back in if we didn't sell out, so we'd have to be careful what we wish for.
  4. I'm not bothered mate. I was watching it thinking those jammy bastards are going to get drawn & just when he went for the second ball the stream froze. Was going into conspiracy mode until I finally saw they never got picked.
  5. They were in a group of 10 teams, 2 of which if drawn would get a bye & go straight into the play off round. They weren't picked.
  6. I take it you never watched the Full draw then as they absolutely were.
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