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  1. Derry city would be interesting
  2. Spot on
  3. Not sure if you can pick up the American channel PBS in the UK but they are airing a documentary about Penn State University on Friday night. Looks interesting...
  4. And again...
  5. He last logged in on Thursday at 11:50pm
  6. My mother's family are from Donegal. Plenty of good Presbyterian Rangers supporters around where she's from. They just tend keep it a bit low key. There's a wee thatched roofed pub in the village now run by my cousin which was known as little Ibrox
  7. Plenty of Bears dotted around Donegal
  8. Your missing the whole point here mate. King is not asking us to sell at this price to fuck people over. The TAB have ruled that he must make that offer. It's up to investors to refuse if they wish. What I invested is my concern.
  9. Take a deep breath & read it again mate. You want to know how much I invested?
  10. Think you're missing the point here. It's the TAB that have set the price and ruled that King must make the offer to shareholders. Calm doon!
  11. Choose calling them H*** & getting this filth out the Bears Den!
  12. The fountain?