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  1. And going by the vast majority of comments in the Scottish online addition the readers are predominantly unionists. There's been huge surge in readership in Scotland to the Times recently and I reckon this is one of the reasons. Factual journalism that's not afraid cover the stories the others conveniently overlook.
  2. The Times has been spot on in its reporting of the beasts. Also their comments section is not full of the obsessed you get on Scottish msm sites. Well worth the subscription.
  3. I once worked with a family friend of his years ago & asked if he'd ever fancy playing for us. She said no chance. Boys a Tim.
  4. Because you don't like SR or because she's better at her job? I honestly couldn't say what she's done for Hibs.
  5. Was thinking more SPFL, SFA
  6. If that was us getting bailouts from a benefactor rules would changed.
  7. So how can this guy continue to plough millions into hearts for nothing in return and not breach FFP?
  8. Interesting. So there's nothing stopping for example, an Arab relation to the owners of Man City gifting them a few hundred million to get round FFP rules. I find it hard to believe. Edit. Posted this before reading your replies.
  9. Seems a bit strange that anyone can just gift a club millions over the years. I'd have thought the FFP rules were put in place to ensure clubs stay within their means & generate their own cash etc
  10. Think she had to exhaust all options before taking it to court.
  11. That's amazing considering the current crisis. Reckon the rest will go next week when the wages are in. Well done Bears for doing what we do best
  12. Someone should come out and educate this bigot. As far as I'm aware the only club that's ever been in bother regarding support for fascism was his rancid club during WW2 In which they were ordered by the authorities to close Parkhead and led to them being called H***. Funny how you never hear any mention of it anywhere, as if it never happened. But it did & they should be put right back in their hole every time they play the self righteous club like no other bullshit.
  13. I really hope so. It won't stop them but if it goes unchallenged then it gets worse all the time. Also need to pick our fights carefully as we can't expect to go after every Internet bigot, but guys like this who represent a public body must be made an example of for the rest. This cunt shouldn't be in a position to represent anyone with his bigoted views and should be struck of any such positions. That should be the goal as a retraction is not enough.
  14. That's a good response. Remarks like this are nothing other than slander and an attack on all Rangers supporters & our club, and should be fought at all costs.
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