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  1. I take the tram past the Hardturm Stadion where we played that night & all that's left is one wall with the old turnstile entrances, the rest is wasteland as it was demolished years ago. Performance that night still gives me the fear & happy the location is levelled. Its actually quite an eerie sight.
  2. In a way the stick he got is maybe what's pushing him on. Proving the doubters wrong must be satisfying. Quality player & will be a key part of the squad going forward.
  3. Both being considered as first team picks for Croatia, won't be long till we have EPL clubs making offers. Hope we can hold onto both for the next few years at least.
  4. Positive piece on Barisic & Katic in the Telegraph. Never pasted it as imo we should give decent journalism as much hits as possible. Enjoy https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/01/04/croatian-defenders-borna-barisic-nikola-katic-click-pitch-lay/
  5. Loved watching that as a wean. Still do 😍
  6. I genuinely believe this cunts on their payroll
  7. I'm not one for confrontation, especially with fellow Bears, but you don't half talk some shit.
  8. Seems like some won't listen until we get tossed out of Europe. Clowns
  9. Thank fuck for that. Hopefully no more close shaves going forward. How much was the fine?
  10. Couldn't agree more mate but the fact is UEFA have made it clear they won't tolerate it anymore & we can't win against these cunts. The best thing we can do is to protect the club by not giving them the ammo.
  11. Agreed, however we shouldn't give them anything to report. We all know they're only too keen to do so, but idiots in our support keep us falling into their trap. Easy game for FARE
  12. Said this on another thread but we'll be facing expulsion from the competition if roasters don't get their act together fast. Hopefully nothing comes of this, but if it does that's were we're heading. The damage to the club would be crippling, never mind what SG might do in that scenario. Bears that can't see it & can't handle their bevy on an away trip will cost the club severely. We've been warned time again & still they do it. Time to screw the nut ffs
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