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  1. Nice polos. What sizes?
  2. Aye, right you are Gordon.
  3. Souness certainly didn't fuck about in Istanbul
  4. What paper was this written?
  5. There's yer dinner!
  6. Posting links to that rag. Aye, very good.
  7. Just under a 5 hour drive from Zurich. What do you think the chances are of picking up a ticket outside?
  8. I know a few hearts boys who said all the bananas in the shops around Tyncastle were sold out. It's shameful what Walters had to put up with & to his credit he put the head down & played some outstanding football. Great player for us
  9. It's early in the morning mate. Still wouldn't post websites either. It's just asking for bother imo.
  10. Not a good idea to put your emails up mate
  11. What's the last photo?
  12. I always thought both ends were uncovered. Great pics
  13. Just remember bears shouting "watch yer hair fergie" as he strutted about in his golden locks
  14. Yes they did actually. "Given the seriousness of the allegations, and given that the unidentified source appeared to be a police officer who wanted to address criticism over the conduct of the police following the match, it was concerning that the newspaper had sought to corroborate the account only with police contacts who were not present during the alleged incidents". Totally inexcusable & imo anyone trying to defend the record on this one is just as bad as them. It's clear cut, yet you defend them. It's your opinion which your entitled to, but I won't be giving that scum paper any hits, regardless If it's a Rangers blog. Sad times we live in but fuck them. They chose what to write & will pay the price.