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  1. Was a great player but the Scottish game didn't suit him. Played some of his best stuff in Europe & with Malmo
  2. Yep, remember that also. Singing it because he had a scarf tied round his head like Rambo
  3. Maybe not underated by Bears & the club but he never got one senior cap after 10 years at Ibrox. Even stranger when he was capped at under 21's then nothing after joining us.
  4. I personally think he suffered from playing along side Super as he quite rightly got most of the attention.
  5. Bobby Russell A treble winner in his first season aged 20 Bobby went on to serve Rangers for 10 years and inducted in to the Rangers Hall of Fame He played at both Rangers and Motherwell with Davie copper and gained a League Championship medal, a trio of Scottish Cups and four League Cups Fondly remembered for his fine goal v PSV in a 3-2 away win downloadfile.bin
  6. Was my first kit too. Wore it all the time. Remember wearing it going over to L/Derry with my Dad to visit the grandparents. Got off the train on the Waterside & walked through the town & the Bogside up to their house in the Creggan (fenian Central). Fuck knows how I wasn't lynched & fuck knows why my old man didn't tell me to cover it up
  7. Basel please. Just up the road. Their fans are arseholes though
  8. Absolutely mate. We're a hard crowd to please & that's the way we should be but sometimes we need to give them more backing imo
  9. Nah, I've been to plenty other games & the home fans don't give anywhere near the same abuse.
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