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  1. Superb from the club. Thoughts go out to the young boy for the sad circumstances.
  2. That happened to me at the hamdpen penalty shootout game. It surfaced about 5 minutes later and 3 rows infront of me . My phone , not my sexuality just to clarify.
  3. They moan about us now over celebrating whenever we have the bare faced cheek to score a goal or win a game. Too right we over celebrate , we almost lost our club . We are now at the stage where we can sense recovery from the whole shitstorm which engulfed the club back in 2012. Wait till 55 ya shower of mutants and we will really show you over celebrating.
  4. Best Ibrox has been since we beat them in March 2012.
  5. Follow follow would surely be classed as our song ? I might be mistaken but I can’t think of any other club who sings it ?
  6. The last few years brought us down to levels we all thought we would never have to endure as Rangers fans. One of the sorest parts of this was watching them rock up to Ibrox and putting five past us , strolling about and easing to 3 points. Was absolutely gutting to watch it happen time and time again for two seasons. That has now gone . They won’t enjoy coming to Ibrox over the next few years.
  7. You could argue the same with very political party in every country. Labour in their decade in power made some terrible decisions not only for this country but on a global scale.
  8. As I said I am not a loyal Tory but for the time being they get my vote. If you actually read my response properly you would tell I am not against the idea of ever voting labour again if I genuinely thought they were the best option towards the union and the country.Just not now and that no matter when I would still be sceptical of what they get up in Glasgow and the west of Scotland.
  9. Which is why they have not done any damage locally in a long time. I am not saying the tories are not or never have been cunts. At this time for me however they are the shower of cunts that get my vote unless a better unionist option becomes available. I’m not a Tory , I am a unionist.
  10. Tories at a local level have done little to no harm to Rangers. Labour got the ball rolling with some aspects of where we are now well before the SNP had a sniff of power in the city chambers .They were also found out to be partial to their own nepotism for a particular sect of society in various local constituencies in west of Scotland . Few of the reasons I will always be sceptical of labour holding too much power in Glasgow. In the bigger and grander scheme of taking the full country into perspective they will not remain an option while a deranged old terrorist lover remains in charge.
  11. Fuck labour and the SNP
  12. Stop drinking in the gallowgate then
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