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  1. Can remember the wee chicken mascot from France 98 but not much of the games . First real tournament I have memories of watching was euro 2000 and Edgar Davids.
  2. Bet she wanted his boaby and he knocked her back
  3. Dembele is thick as mince so genuinely can't tell if that is a dig at us or one of his usual spelling mistakes .
  4. A huge part . If we were just a run of the mill club our attendances would have free falled throughout the division. But we are and always have been more than a club .
  5. The comparisons between 04/05 and 09/10 are a nice comfort blanket but the reality is we had a squad that more or less matched the standard and quality of celtics squads those seasons . Unfortunately there is nothing to really suggest that is the case this season .
  6. Took one of the biggest gambles of our history at a time when a stable pair of hands was needed . A shocking decision
  7. If you offered me one game to go back in time and attend personally out of all them it would be winning the league at the piggery . What a day , night and week that must have been .
  8. Wee bit of a buzz kicking in for this one now . Excited to see how this squad reacts to a setback . Obviously want a win but a comfortable performance will be great aswell.
  9. That just looks so stupid with that in the corner
  10. Least we know where you sit at parkhead now
  11. Not even read it but can imagine what it says "me and Neil were both passionate rivals on the pitch . Blah blah blah he's a great guy off the pitch ." I swear he has wrote the same piece about 4 times in the past about him and poor wee Neil
  12. Probably more likely than weiss's plane ever landing