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  1. cr3_bear

    Context - previous position at this stage...

    The second season of the three titles under Smith did we not start quite poorly? Sure I can remember celtic having the chance to open a seven point gap or something if they won the first old firm game at ibrox? Miller scored two in the first ten minutes and we won. Then the fantastic experience that was Tony Mowbray took off.
  2. cr3_bear

    Context - previous position at this stage...

    Amazing to think out best start there came under mcoist of all people. Only Conceded 4 goals aswell. I remember thinking we were breezing to 4 in a row
  3. cr3_bear

    Big Jock Knew

    It wasn't after he died. There is pictures of jock stein handing out awards to torbett after he was re hired.
  4. My life was better before I knew this patter existed.
  5. What is that title all about? A I missing something?
  6. Their wee Heads can't process that this isn't simply about just stating "yous had a peedo work for you". Unfortunately these people can get into positions they never should however the real issue here is how the issue is dealt with once rumours come to light. We reported neely to the police and he never went near youth football again. They re-employed a known abuser. They never contacted the police once and worryingly they seemed to have a number of these type of characters all at the club around the same time. They failed miserably in their duty of care.
  7. you let your club lie. You will feel the shame oozing out that wee away corner.
  8. I heard that was John Reids boast at an awards do / supporters function rather than Peter lawell. Regardless of who said it, the hierarchy at that club all wanted and worked towards it.
  9. The most vile club on the planet. Could win their ten, 12, 15 in a row if they want and I still would be grateful each and every morning that I was not brought up to support that sordid club.
  10. Their stance is disgusting and disturbing. If this was my club I think it would be more than enough for me to cut ties and demanding the right thing is done. but their brainwashed and cult like view distorts their view of this subject. For them "the good name of celtic" still outweighs the suffering of children.
  11. The most predictable journalist in the world. A busted flush.
  12. cr3_bear

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    They have been silent all week the peedo harbouring bastards.
  13. cr3_bear

    james mcclean calling himself a fenian..

    The group he idoliseskilled more catholics is his hometown than the British army ever did.
  14. cr3_bear


    Lifted the away end after a nervy and frustrating first half
  15. cr3_bear


    Their was some lassie who got huckled out by about 3 police/steward at one point. Either that or it was a guy with long hair 😂