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  1. The stadium shite they hit out with is nonsense .If we did keep it restricted to stadiums and parks the bitter bastards would still greet and find some way to be offended. Fuck them
  2. I love it. Everything about it . Greeting faced bastards the lot of them. the very sight of anything to do with us or our culture has them foaming at the mouth in rage. Not to mention that we were supposed to be dead but here we are still taking 10 000 fans down to charity games. It was never in their plan. We consume their life and it’s hilarious. Here’s hoping for two positive results against them to give the end of the season a bit of positivity but if not we still have marching season to look forward to anyway..... and so do they 😀
  3. You never got the love for him as a player ? 355 goals
  4. If it was a Rangers strip Aberdeen would probably have sacked him.
  5. Sounds almost ideal . A wee island with a smashing Rangers boozer .seems nearly everybody loves the Rangers. No doubt there is the one family of green and grey, monobrowed , yella teethed beggars to ruin it for everybody.
  6. Has 900 members according to that clip
  7. Mcoist team was still heavily influenced by the team which just won 3 titles in a row under Smith. That team was already capable of matching or dominating an evenly matched celtic for 90 minutes. Gerrard produced it after 2 years of various humiliations to celtic. Since that game however we have hardly kicked a ball so it was just another false dawn.
  8. So one of them is our Union Jack pillow friend ?
  9. Gerrard isn’t above criticism but what I will say is some of these players have chucked it under 3 previous managers. At some point you have to start getting rid of these players.
  10. Pretty sure they avoided relegation due to Falkirks ground not meeting SPL standards a few years beforehand
  11. We handed them the treble tonight. Hearts will do nothing against them aswell.
  12. Mciness is a bottle merchant. Watch Aberdeen roll over and get their tummy ticketed off celtic at hampden again in the semi.
  13. Swansea and Cardiff has had its moments aswell.
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