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  1. He was charged with attempted murder a few years back . And I don’t mean his footballing skills.
  2. It is now but we know it never started like that as you know. Where it stays is up to admin at the end of the day. But my opinion if you would rather a decent discussion about the actual podcast then the general football is probably the best location as keeping it in here is only going to end up like this over and over again and seems more like an ego trip than anything else.
  3. No because people would know what it is and where to find it . Instead we have your weekly grandstanding to rile up the same people over and over again resulting in this. If I want the latest information on Kent then I know to go to transfer forum and read the Kent topic. The same could apply to your podcast. If anyone wishes to discuss it then they can go to its very own thread.
  4. Well create a thread for the podcast and put a weekly link in and let the conversation and feedback flow from there. This pish repeating itself doesn’t help you or the forum.
  5. Theirs no comparison between one of our games and your wee weekly podcast 😂
  6. Because the unionists and loyalists of ulster have not been abandoned by their political representatives and so on .Sure some of the parties and politicians may not be up to much or downright useless and that is a different argument altogether but they are not ashamed to show what they are and what their cause is. Compare to here and it’s night and day. They would prefer us just to fade into obscurity.
  7. No they wouldn’t . Lanmpard has been given the Chelsea job as no top manager would touch it with their two year transfer ban. If Klopp left Liverpool tomorrow , Liverpool could very easily have him replaced with another top manager soon after.
  8. The 4-2 game when mendes scored a screamer. Thought there was a chance we could nick it but 4-2 flattered the bastards that day.
  9. Thanks for taking the time out of your rock and roll lifestyle to grace us with your presence. Truly humbled.
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