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  1. Did Gerrard come up against gazza in a Merseyside Derby ?
  2. This . A great presence to have to lift the spirits of the squad after a tough midweek and a nice we reminder to those players of who has wore that badge before them.
  3. So simple with Munich . Get the ball into a goal scoring position and shoot rather than passing the ball to death in and around he box
  4. My naan could win the Indian premier league
  5. The reason Auld Fergie became pals wenger in the end up . Stopped seeing him as a threat by the time of the late noughties.
  6. Is it not a pro republican rag
  7. What relevance does Lennons result against Barcelona have to do with anything 😂 his team also shipped 4 goals at home to cluj more recently Davie ya pish stained old mess.
  8. Hope we do them at pittodrie aswell. one of the best feelings being a Rangers fan is going up there and basking in the seethe and hate we generate. grown men and woman and grannies all absolutely beside themselves with rage at the Rangers as we pick up our usual 3 points and being able to look into the whites of their eyes as we do so.
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