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  1. cr3_bear

    Ojo goal

    Morelos kept trying to point out to him to make runs ahead of him but he never seemed to get the idea.
  2. A collection of childhood heroes there man. That was a tough but moving read .
  3. Tabloid Media in this country is a fucking disgrace. At times they are no better than woman’s magazines. Any time they come under criticism or their dwindling sales is pointed out the bleat on about how important they are to democracy and free speech. The dandy was more of a loss than if the sun or record decided to stop circulating.
  4. Scored a brilliant free kick at home against Livingston aswell that season.
  5. I would imagine the union bears have a banner in mind for the Aberdeen game.
  6. he will be mostly remembered for his brave and dignified attitude after receiving such horrific news. Gaining respect from all over the game even catching the attention of Ronaldo and so on. Raising so much for charity while dealing with this bastard of a disease just as he was about to embark on a new life with a young family. Fuck the BBC and their agenda.
  7. Mcleish never had to endure the horrific bigotry poor wee Steve battled through.
  8. Trial by Facebook . Single maws and mad 40 year old male sweety wife’s with nothing better going on spitting out threats on that boys page as if they are the Krays. Look like tits now.
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