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  1. cr3_bear

    Fucking media at it again.

    I want to say the beano but that would be a disservice to the beano
  2. cr3_bear

    Good Gers pub in..... (thread)

    Any good Rangers pubs in Royston?
  3. cr3_bear

    Fucking media at it again.

    Some more groundbreaking journalism 😂 Brenda certainly wasn't smiling on Friday night
  4. cr3_bear

    Our Game in Vienna

    I always remember watching prso scoring 5 one game for Monaco. Think he scored the quickest hat trick in champions league football at that time. A year later the big man was playing for us
  5. cr3_bear

    Club urged SFA not to help Rangers in 2008

    Then when someone who they regarded as a genuine club legend , a former manager and a current coach at the time passed away they bleated on about how they were using his death as motivation to win the league. Couldn't mark their manky Necks with a blow torch.
  6. cr3_bear

    Villarreal away - wits the plans?

    Can someone in the travel club by a second ticket ?
  7. cr3_bear

    Club urged SFA not to help Rangers in 2008

    Surely no thinks that sporting integrity fc are behind this. They are too busy giving handouts to charity , fighting for Palestine and helping grannies cross the road to get involved in such matters.
  8. cr3_bear

    Our Game in Vienna

    There was still your top teams but the great players of that era seemed to spread out amongst them rather than be concentrated to Madrid , Barca or lately PSG. You had a very strong Italian league at that time , a few German teams in leverkusen and Dortmund able to put down genuine challenges , even Leeds gave it a good go one year . Porto winning it. Even when us and the beggars got some of the top teams , you always thought both of us stood a chance at Ibrox or parkhead. Celtics results and reaction lately show that getting skelped by 5 at home is acceptable these days due to the huge gulf between the elite clubs and the rest.
  9. Probably The ayr cup game. European games will be about 30-35 quid
  10. A draw would be a tremendous result here.
  11. cr3_bear

    Buckle up troops

    Most experiences I have had when on holiday aswell when an English person asks who you support they always respond positivey when you tell them Rangers.
  12. cr3_bear

    Buckle up troops

    Don't understand these people who cover up they support Rangers. Can't get my head round it at all.
  13. cr3_bear

    Villarreal away - wits the plans?

    No doubt the Spanish police will be their usual hospitable self going out their way to help any bear they see stranded and looking for a ticket
  14. cr3_bear

    Dundee United

    Remember them singing zombie relentlessly. At both cup games. Well look at it now . We are back in Europe and they are languishing in the lower divisions.
  15. cr3_bear

    A pint with Novo

    Suppose it's that whole thing about everyone having a different idea of what is a legend in their own view.