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  1. Imagine levein or anyone making that rant against celtic .
  2. Beat them well and get back to treating them like the nobodies they always have been
  3. We have also won more titles at Easter road in the living memory of the majority of hibs fans aswell
  4. Reeks of Robertson. the fuckwit
  5. Perfect example of one of them just latching on to any political cause they can or hear getting discussed in the slophouses around the piggery on match day without actually having half a clue what the fuck they are talking about “untied Ireland” “free basque Spain” From a teacher . Fucking hell , what a mess Scotland is in .
  6. It comes from years of their fans being the worst losers on the planet . May 99 is the ultimate reference point but watch any game where we beat them at that shit pit. Thousands of the cunts wait raging at the main stand and tunnel area to launch all sorts of stuff and abuse at our players. There’s a few old games from late 90s earl 2000s you can see loads of them swarming towards the tunnel as our players start to head up after the wee 5 -10 minutes of celebrating in our corner . they genuinely don’t take defeat or anything going against them well at all.
  7. Nah sturgeon and everything she’s does is done for two reasons . Feed her own ego and the independence movement .
  8. Boris is an idiot for giving her an inch to begin with. Westminister should have said from back in March fuck all your wee plastic parliaments. We are all moving in one direction wether you like it or not.
  9. If Clive hasn’t learned to play Englishman’s betrayal on the flute for pre match entertainment before his next game .Then get him out. Only way he can recover from this .
  10. Remember These are the cunts who marketed Paddy Roberts as PR7. You couldn’t mark their bogging necks with a Blowtorch
  11. Manky republican scumbag joins manky republican scumbags .
  12. Levein was also bleating a few years ago that Rangers and they cunts should be the ones financially backing VAR and goal line technology in the Scottish game from all the millions we have made in Europe .
  13. You can actually just tell the aura Smith has when he turns up to things like that Involving Rangers. this generations Mr Rangers without a doubt . History will put him up there with Struth.
  14. A fully grown man with a massive poster of 2 footballers cuddling on his wall what a fucking Virgin
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