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  1. Sash was never banned
  2. Starting to like this sevco more than a did rangers to be honest
  3. Helllllloooo helllllloooo
  4. This is nothing to do with the OP post or anything but I see aswell that the record have decided that their biggest news story from yesterday regarding us is the soft loans dave king mentioned
  5. Dup demanding 2 billion from the tories aswell That will secure Nani
  6. I think Realistically you are spot on . Would love for it to be this season but I would first and foremost like to see a challenge . Keep consistent and decent form and anything can happen . The summer has pickedme up a bit because I was scunnered as everyone else but I also was dragged into the thought of them breezing to ten while we stumble from one shambles to another . Time will tell but I am a lot more confident now
  7. Aye mate had it aswell one of those Christmas gifts where you can't tell your dad has just went nuts in the club shop . I got a rangers shower radio once that I don't think ever worked
  8. Found a picture of one of them
  9. That's the worst clarification I have ever seen
  10. We will be basking in the glow of 55
  11. Signings , optimism and buying strips . It almost feels like am following a football club again
  12. Hurry up Dave . Am outside the superstore waiting ffs
  13. The shitebaggery from them here has been hilarious
  14. Fuck up ya baloon