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  1. No your eyes are fine ,I didn't day he was A better keeper fodderingham has made more blatant mistakes(howler) than any of the keepers mentioned fact. Not to mention his recent cammyesque one Not good enough I'm afraid Maybe Think about It and read properly before posting
  2. The only keeper who I Can't recall making a howler in the last 2 seasons was Lee Robinson who was one of mccalls scape goats in last seasons run in Imo was far better than simonsen , bell and fodderingham and tidy with his feet too.
  3. I think last night's game showed the niavity of the team optimised by the the 2nd and third goals.No doubt that we will win the league but there will be some tough games ahead now that we've been beaten and quite easily too.
  4. Would be some anti climax to end up with him, he has absolutely nothing going for him.
  5. If you poke a crocodile with a stick and it bites your arm off,whose fault is that
  6. Can't help but feel sorry for the lad Think he's getting married soon too!
  7. Mc call already passing the buck ie its not my fault I've done my bit but you can't polish a turd Bet the players will be delighted reading this I cant point the finger at them for lack of endeavour, effort or desire since I came in. Maybe just a lack of quality and poor defending at times. I like to think I can get the best out of whatever Ive had to work with since Ive been a coach and manager.
  8. Can't agree with that but hardly a mistake if it was the case Bells conceded plenty of goals from errors Every goal is saveable if you are in the right place unfortunately in the real world its a little impossible His handling and crosses were better and kicking far superior to bell
  9. Nothing wrong with robinson never made a mistake in any of the gamess by he played in and should never been dropped for bellWhereas Bell poor first few games mistakes the last 2 and he will still be in goal next week, What is laughable is how every other game and usually after a mistake he fanes injury, bit of an attention seeker for me
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