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  1. Can't online at least include the Swansea and West Ham bets, blocks it as the same league so will put on with Bristol Rovers and & Orient for promotion for a over a grand and then stick on Monaco as a separate bet too which would bring back about 4k.
  2. Cheers! What website? Was finding it tough to acca it even the domestic stuff all together? Though to be honest, I was only going to take those 3 as the Monaco stuff is so risky really!
  3. So, a fiver on Bristol Rovers & Orient for promotion West Ham for a top half finish would bring back £1,181.25 at odds of £235.25? Aye/naw?
  4. Cheers, aye, I'd like to think 1 or 2 might come in at least; Monaco stuff an investment really. Good idea, like that! Might do the domestic stuff like that!
  5. Long term 13/14 bets: Round-up: 1. Bristol Rovers at 10/1 to win outright - £20 with Coral (free bet) 2. West Ham at 11/2 to finish in the top half - £51 with Betfred 3. Falcao at 3/1 to be top goalscorer - £100 with Paddy Power 4. Monaco at 3/1 to win Ligue 1 - £100 with betway 5. Swansea at 9/4 to finish in the top half - £50 with William Hill 6. Leyton Orient at 14/1 to be promoted - £20 at Skybet £1603.75 potential return with stake.
  6. Selection Selection Details Result 1 European Outrights French Championnat Top Goalscorer 2013-14 9th of Aug 2013 7:30 pm Top Goalscorer R Falcao (Monaco) @ 3/1 Pending Stake and Return Details Bet placed at 4th of Jul 2013 10:51 pm Total Stake £100.14 Bet type Single (To Win) Tax@Tax free 0 Number of lines 1 Total stake due £100.14 Stake per line £100.14 Freebets Redeemed £0.00 Channel Internet Total amount paid £100.14 Number of win lines - Potential Returns £400.56
  7. Single To Win Yes to independence @ 4/1Scottish IndependenceOpen What will be the outcome of 2014 Scottish Referendum on independence? Stake: £100.00Potential Returns: £500.00 27 Jun 13 / 23:02
  8. My free Coral bet is placed! 23/06/2013 14:08PM Single To Win £ 20.00 Bristol Rovers - Outright - League Two Outright 2013/14 @ 10/1 That along with my Monaco bet at 3/1; £100. I like these long term bets, for sure, so far.
  9. Thanks pal! Got a decent record at the long term thing at the moment: http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=193542&st=23240#entry1061059693 And £26 at 3/1 for Swansea to finish in the top ten!
  10. (Just placed) 2013-06-02 01:24 Monaco @ 3/1 single 1 * 100 GBP 100 GBP France Ligue 1 Winner 2013-14 Selection: Monaco Odds: 3/1 Result: Pending - placed with betway who I joined for the occasion. £100 on. I think its a cracking price and a decent speculative long term bet.
  11. Boab wins! The Swansea bet comes in re the top ten finish; £26 at 3/1! Already withdrew into Boab's bank!
  12. A wee old fashioned bump and the Swansea bet comes in tomorrow re the top ten finish; £26 at 3/1. Tonight I have a coral free £20 bet on Cascada - I mean Germany - to win eurovision at 33/1! And then Iceland and Belgium at 200 and 100/1 at £1.50 e/w!
  13. And btw Scott the reason why I couldn't find it on coral site was because their systems were updated I think, Coral character found it through an older system but will need to wait until next week - boooooooooo! Had an idea it was a blue site, cheers again!
  14. You're right! Twitter should have been told too!
  15. £10 on Maloney at any-time, £12.50 on Real Madrid &then £15 on Burns @ 3/1 in placed at 22:59.11:34 PM - 11 May 13 · Details About time to rest re the betting for summer. Also won a bit back there with that profit from a MLS £25 bet during the week, started to slow/simmer down recently whilst I'd done so because February/March was too mad with £100s here and there. Not been on in RM regularly a wee while; time to mention/brag over last couple of weeks: My £20 at 7/1 Partick Thistle to win the league came in with mcbookie. I got a surprise there with my Watford win - was looking for the Stoke bet at the time: 7/1/2012 7:16:32 PM 59/ 60 W:5.50 S:5.50 Single Championship Outright 2012/13/Outright Watford 50/1 Won C £11.00 £74.25 £74.25 won or so I think won; e/w £5.50 on at 50/1 at Watford to win the league. https://twitter.com/...629797140299777 And even better, my Moyes bet of 2009 - where I probably posted it here - of £20 at 8/1 to be the next Manchester United Manager.And the above find from Scott! (Tidied this post a bit there!)
  16. Great find, Scott! Thanks pal! You who tweeted me?
  17. I don't get its purpose anymore, I agree, its all a bit random with no beef to it. What's it point?
  18. I agree, I'm really bored with the X division.
  19. I've just placed these bets, Castro top goal scorer for betis: Real Betis v Valencia Ruben Castro Martin (Player To Score 2 Or More) Odds: 100/1 Stake: 10.00 Possible Return: 1010.00 Real Betis v Valencia Ruben Castro Martin (1st Goalscorer) Odds: 30/1 Stake: 5.00 Possible Return: 155.00 Real Betis v Valencia Ruben Castro Martin (Anytime Goal Scorer) Odds: 8/1 Stake: 5.00 Possible Return: 45.00 Odds false, for me.
  20. My team would be:(4-3-3)Alexander, Argyriou, Cribari, Perry, Wallace, Shiels (AT 10), Hutton, Macleod, Aird, Mckay, McCulloch
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