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  1. bazzmanrfc

    Crusaders v Coleraine

    Oh mate I’m with you on this. I go week in week to follow the blues have done since I was 4 or 5 but the big crowds just aren’t there anymore from what I remember 10/12 years ago! Think thats Linfields biggest problem now is playing infront of 2000 fans in a 18000 seater ground. There always seems far more of us at away games due to the smaller away grounds. 900 of us at seaview or 800 at the Vatican and it’s at bursting point. I reckon tho if we were given 3000 for that shitehole in the east we wouldn’t sell half the allocation
  2. bazzmanrfc

    Crusaders v Coleraine

    We don’t get 5000 at WP for Boxing Day fixtures never mind at the oval. Even at the IC final in 2017 we had around 7000. Interest isn’t there anymore unfortunately
  3. bazzmanrfc

    Crusaders v Coleraine

    Wise up! When was the last time outside of celtic last year that we got 5000 at Windsor Park never mind away at the oval?
  4. bazzmanrfc

    No Surrender Roy Carroll

    Nonsense there were about 600 of us there! Less boycotted than went. Couple of supporters clubs boycotted but individual members from the clubs still attended
  5. bazzmanrfc

    ***Official NEW Jersey Discussion Thread***

    guys dont want to put a dampener on things but i have herd from a jjb manager that the new shirt is to be made by Champion the same as Wigan, and the new N.I top will be the same. Apparently this is a compant closly associated with Dave Whelan