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  1. When we owned it, it was a micky mouse trophy. I'm just looking forward to a good performance on Thursday night play like we did yesterday and we should be home free.
  2. TBH the League cup was always a micky mouse trophy, once it lost the Euro spot, it became pointless unless it was part of the treble, there is still a treble on offer to us. I would prefer that one
  3. Sweet, Sweet goal, still in cloud nine. Lets top that on Sunday and in the group stages.
  4. A nice win for the boys and no injuries on that shitty pitch will do me.
  5. hibs fans are my least favorite people at the moment, probably be ok with one of them by next week.
  6. I'd say that was a hearts pub selling their souls to the devil to get a few extra customers in.
  7. Don't care how we win this one but I can't ever see a Warburton team being set up to win ugly. Like the thought of giving them a roasting like the Petrofac but I think they will sit back and look to hit on the break. 3-1 to us with Waghorn, Mackay and Miller sharing the goals.
  8. Glad Murray got that devil off his back, you can't lose like that and not have it effect you, a positive attitude gets you through in the end, Djokovic was a right smarmy prick at the end with his look at me I speak Italian back me, Federer does that too, just move over and let the winner in.
  9. Another final against Djokovic, win or lose Murray goes back to 2nd.
  10. My initial thoughts were aw naw another Ian Black, the truth is Barton would walk into any team in the top league.
  11. Love situations like this, you find out what your team is made of. Hope we see all the new recruits at this, should be an eye opener for them.
  12. He might be, it's just good to see him come back, a few unreasonable expectations from the fans won't do him any harm....
  13. This team have already taken more points of us than most of the teams above them, so we will give them some respect and play them off the park, expecting at least a hatrick from Waghorn if he make it onto the park.
  14. Difference is MOH is a 500k player McKay is heading for the 10m bracket, if he isn't there already.
  15. Man that is easy on the eye, lets finish this lot for the rest of the season and knock the stuffing out of them....
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