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  1. Need a better team than tonight's which played some dire football. When your GK is the star man you know you suck.
  2. People must realize that we all accept that we will win the league and should probably win the Ramsden Cup with this team. We should also beat Albion Rovers in the SC quarters. What most are afraid of is the possible hiding we might get from an Aberdeen or DU side in the SC if we do not improve and the possibility that we may struggle to win the Championship next season. Remember McCulloch who shows big signs of decline recently will be even older next season as will Daly who looks slow. We have no good player down the right side of our team and the likes of Law, Shiels, Black, Templeton and Peralta have all regressed under Ally. Apart from Wallace and Bell this team is exceedingly average and the lack of youth coming through is worrying. McLeod is the only one I have seen that I give a chance to succeed to date.
  3. Just watched the game and I must say the football was awful. Glad we kept a clean sheet and got 3 points, but this is hard to watch. Bell : 9 saved us with 2 great saves. Foster: 4 Very poor McCulloch: 5 Again poor Moshni: 6 Average + Wallace: 7 Good goal Aird: 4 A poor night Peralta: 5 Not too good Black: 5 Average Smith: 5 Not too good, but tried hard Law: 5 Out of sorts Daly: 6 Scored again, but struggled Subs - Little and Crawford - tried hard but not too good. Coaching:God knows what they do to produce such a poor football playing team. - 3
  4. Anyone who thinks that this team will walk the championship is nuts. They will struggle next year if this night's performance is anything to go by. Cannot do much of anything right. One good move and a goal otherwise Bell has saved them twice. We must do better in the next half. Our right side is so poor and the left is not so great either. Take Wallace and Bell out of this side and the rest vary from average to awful.
  5. It is a gotta win game. We will win. Just hope we play some good football and that Shiels starts ahead of Little.
  6. Another 3 points, but will this team if playing at this level win the Championship? It is no certainty.
  7. A good win will cheer us all up. Heck knows Ally's team, but we will win 4 or 5 - 0.
  8. A difficult game at any time. We make things hard for ourselves by playing too much route 1 footie. Some of the attempted crosses at times were awful. The referee was poor and did not help things. Faure is never a holding CM. His distribution is so poor. Daly is way off form. Our star players have all regressed. Nevertheless a very good result albeit not pretty to watch.
  9. After the pay cut put down I hope the players are up for this. A poor display may rankle more than most.
  10. Yes we will be 20 points clear if we beat Forfar. If we drop points though what will be the fans reaction - especially if we lose - given the players rejected an across the board wage cut of 15%? For that reason I think the players should be "up" for this game from the off!
  11. If we have a shit display then how will the fans react to the players. I think the players will be either fired up and play great or they will be pretty bad. So I am going for either a 3-0 win or a defeat of some sort. Depends on how the players react after the 15% cut proposal.
  12. I have confidence the current/new board will put us on the right track. Will still need an infusion of new capital at some point in the future.
  13. Wallace has to cut costs. Ally at last has got his wages cut. The other coaches??? The players have been sounded out about a 15% wage cut. That seems a reasonable way to go vs players being cut. Wonder what the fans will say at Ibrox if the players have a real bad day and lose one? What will they think of players wages then? They, management and players, may come to some agreement yet. For what it is worth I believe Ally must have some say in players contracts and wages. Does not seem realistic that he will not have some input. Costs need to be cut across the board I would think. This is only one of many cuts. We have not heard of others yet.
  14. Hopeful, but not holding my breath. Scottish papers and BBC staying well away from this. BBC Wales reports it. Scottish mhedia is putting its head in the sand for some reason.
  15. A good result, but this team will struggle against better opposition next season.
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