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  1. Old Club/New Club - An update

    Great post mate ~ I was looking for material to reference and now it’s all in one place. Thanks for all your effort bud 👍🏼
  2. This game has Miller written all over it...
  3. Yup. I only posted that for those that didn’t.
  4. Sorry fella, I have 2 adverts at the beginning and then it’s flawless for me.
  5. http://www.vipboxtv.se/football/545299/2/partick-vs-Rangers-stream.html
  6. I will fucking greet if Murty shoehorns Miller in ahead of either Cummings or Docherty.
  7. Auchenhowie extension work set to commence

    No..... but.... we’re skint....Rangers died.....Admin2! But....but.
  8. Murty - defend the lead

    They mean (and I do) that type of game. We were losing the 50-50’s and under spells of pressure. We would’ve retreated and conceded previously but we didn’t, and we battled away. The last game in Dingwall, we weren’t under the same pressure we were yesterday. Don’t look at the result, rather the type of performance we put in.
  9. Murty - defend the lead

    Good result and a game we would’ve lost under the stewardship of the previous 3 full-time managers. That said, I do think Murty made the changes a little later than I would’ve liked. I also would’ve rather seen Docherty for Windass as opposed to Goss who I thought was strolling it. But that is just personal choice. 3 points, tough place ~ onwards and upwards.
  10. Scotsman article

    What crock of shite.
  11. Rangers Observer On Wilson

    So you're saying we can't criticise one of our own...that wrote a blog post criticising..one of our own? Like him or not, Danny is/was a Rangers player, if you write a blog piece on that and put it out there, you need to be prepared for incoming. Good and bad.
  12. ** Ross County v Rangers Match Thread **

    Nothing beats match day for The Famous!
  13. This. ?? It wasn’t broken so leave it the fuck alone.
  14. Get it tae fuck. Goal line technology and retrospective video analysis of simulation, cheating and violent conduct should be as far as we go. And by that I mean after the game is completed . Players chasing the referees making “square” signals in the air, mobbing him waiting for a decision, the crowd fucking clueless as to what’s going on, celebrating a goal..then getting it checked...then celebrating it again. It’s ruinous. Itll end up like the fucking Super Bowl.
  15. No fucking surrender Wes!!