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  1. Butcher's Son.

    Horrendous. Lest We Forget.
  2. still the team to beat

    It is as it always he’s been, all about the Rangers.
  3. This all day long. 👍🏼
  4. Good piece on DJ Welsh lad

    No arguments there. 👍🏼 I thought windass was pish last night. In his defence tho, he’s never a left winger ~ I long for the day we can afford proper players in their proper positions again.
  5. Dorrans

    10 out of 10 would save it if they stood still... but they don’t, and when you let them commit and then dink it against their balance, I’d say 1 out of 10 might get lucky with their trailing foot.
  6. Good piece on DJ Welsh lad

    Whoa there Hoss, not my suggestion. 😁
  7. Good piece on DJ Welsh lad

    Agreed.👍🏼 Someone of his style of play but with more commitment is what our No.10 is crying out for tho. I had to agree with him there.
  8. Good piece on DJ Welsh lad

    Double post.
  9. Good piece on DJ Welsh lad

    One of the lads mentioned this last night. He suggested Wallace at LB, DJ in front of him and Windass in the No.10 role...
  10. I fucking hate this collection of cunts on BT sport
  11. Great penalty. I really hope this is the shot in the arm this team so badly needs. Fucking smash them Rangers, even with 10 men.
  12. So is he giving a yellow at least....?
  13. He’s off now Terry, so shut the fuck up.
  14. I’ve watched BT a few times but Craigan is talking some amount of pish tonight.