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  1. That used to be the case mate but I’ve watched the last few on Safari without problems. ?? Hopefully that’s the media team sorted out the relevant plugins permanently.
  2. This. ?? I’m no fan of King but I can’t argue with his stance here and his comment about the Mhanks’ “house of cards” coming down when we win our next title is spot on. The beautiful truth is the cunts know it too.
  3. We couldn’t afford his wages....
  4. This game has Miller written all over it...
  5. Yup. I only posted that for those that didn’t.
  6. Sorry fella, I have 2 adverts at the beginning and then it’s flawless for me.
  7. http://www.vipboxtv.se/football/545299/2/partick-vs-Rangers-stream.html
  8. I will fucking greet if Murty shoehorns Miller in ahead of either Cummings or Docherty.
  9. Nothing beats match day for The Famous!
  10. Tav with a ridiculous goal saving block there!!
  11. Keep it tight Rangers ~ no standing off these cunts either.
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