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  1. The ibrox crowd

    What was the atmosphere like in your part of the ground yesterday?
  2. Fucking ragin’ today ~ we should’ve been in a position to heap real pressure on those cunts for the OF game, instead our players never turned up yesterday. That unbeaten run they’ve been on has generated its own pressure, now they’ve lost it, they’ll reset and relax as we are not sitting right on their shoulder. Fucking sticks in ma craw.
  3. The fact they are there, paid their money and sat thru that, pretty much gives them license to sing whatever the fuck they like.
  4. We’ll probably win that..
  5. That just sums up today - hitting the first man again with a dead ball.
  6. Shoulda hit it first time.
  7. I feel for wee Holt - imo he is the only one that has shown anything positive today. Even DJ fell away after a good start.
  8. Fucking hell Windass, just do the fucking basics
  9. Windass signals his intent for the corner....which is usually to hit the first man.
  10. Plenty of time yet ffs - fucking surrendered monkies in here do my tits in.
  11. How the fuck is that not a yellow..?
  12. To be honest, we could do with this becoming a battle - we’ve been better when that’s happened this season.
  13. That’s a shocking decision to book Holt - what a challenge that was.
  14. Badger Badger Badger badger badger mushroom!