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  1. This game has Miller written all over it...
  2. Yup. I only posted that for those that didn’t.
  3. Sorry fella, I have 2 adverts at the beginning and then it’s flawless for me.
  4. http://www.vipboxtv.se/football/545299/2/partick-vs-Rangers-stream.html
  5. I will fucking greet if Murty shoehorns Miller in ahead of either Cummings or Docherty.
  6. Nothing beats match day for The Famous!
  7. Tav with a ridiculous goal saving block there!!
  8. Keep it tight Rangers ~ no standing off these cunts either.
  9. Good half Rangers ~ take the next chance and smash these sheep shagging bastards!
  10. The better side, hit the post, missed a sitter and finally took a chance.
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