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  1. She heard someone was covered in blood and was running for the free EFL tampons
  2. Here....here is the angel of death. It was an incident....I named one
  3. Jan 97 was pretty amazing. The game looks so different now. Like the ball was harder to control. Pitches were muddied. Tackles would fly in after 1 touch of the ball. Ball seemed heavier too. Alberta could have fired a medicine ball in that night though. That day pushed us towards the 9 and was the first season a team won all 4 of the fixtures in 1 season
  4. Wouldn't surprise me if Gary Caldwell bluffed his way to the job
  5. 6 months early for good behaviour
  6. More likely the Jenna Jameson of Glasgow as we're guaranteed to choke on a semi
  7. Seen 2nd half. Odea and ajer were down a couple of times with head injuries. Physios on. plus the usual quota of subs.
  8. Just watch the left leg from the camera angle shot from the stand at the opposite goal. Reduce speed to 0.25 Morelos is lifting his leg and flicking towards. Misses twice, foot ends up between mckennas legs. McKennas kick springs up as he retaliates and morelos pushes his boot down with a bit of force. If he'd clipped his backside on the initial follow through he's have got away with it .
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