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  1. BertContraband

    Where are the biggest Rangers towns?

  2. BertContraband


  3. BertContraband

    Morelos card appealed.

    Just watch the left leg from the camera angle shot from the stand at the opposite goal. Reduce speed to 0.25 Morelos is lifting his leg and flicking towards. Misses twice, foot ends up between mckennas legs. McKennas kick springs up as he retaliates and morelos pushes his boot down with a bit of force. If he'd clipped his backside on the initial follow through he's have got away with it .
  4. BertContraband

    Morelos card appealed.

    Also think McKenna pushing legs up made it look worse
  5. BertContraband

    Morelos card appealed.

    The way i see it he drags his left foot as if to tap McKenna on the follow through with his momentum. He misses as McKenna rolls back, keeps lifting his leg tries to catch his baws. Slightly misses. Then bend's at knee and pushes foot back to catch his baws. I doing see any "tangle off legs" it's still harsh but he was always going to be treated harsh but I can see his intent to leave something on McKenna as part of the follow through and that's why he's got a ban.
  6. BertContraband

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Forest got a yellow for running to crowd. Weah does the exact same and gets nothing
  7. BertContraband

    Reserves Lose To Ross County

    Pedro out
  8. BertContraband

    Here’s to you Leigh Griffiths...

    Hair loss?
  9. BertContraband

    Players that never really took to the fans?

    Dragan Mladenovic
  10. BertContraband

    Paul Gascoigne

    He's a seperate entity
  11. BertContraband

    Elite Sports to open a Glasgow store

    Maplin Motors
  12. BertContraband

    James Bond Son of William

    Temporary licence to kill
  13. BertContraband

    Make Us Dream

    I went to hamdump for the filming of this. Agathe was playing the part of rod wallace
  14. BertContraband

    Make Us Dream

    2004 2005 and 2005 2006 he produced some ridiculous moments to haul that Neil Mellor ridden side to glory
  15. BertContraband

    Chris Woods penalty

    Pedro out