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  1. So somebody scoured social media and a group released the rape video....
  2. At 20k a week he really is a golden bear...great to be able to throw another star into the mix. Hes maturing nicely and doesnt spit the dummy if his cola bottle crashes. Expext him to pick up a few MAOAM awards....Kids and grown ups will love him so
  3. Nonce neutralizers Huggy tugger thumpers Bacon bashers Wrong un wreckers
  4. A strong August will see us land 55
  5. The wee midfielder looked good on the ball but his decision making was terrible....He kept picking the wong option.
  6. She heard someone was covered in blood and was running for the free EFL tampons
  7. Here....here is the angel of death. It was an incident....I named one
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