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  1. apparently herald journalist says we will be unveiling an impressive signing tomorrow http://twitter.com/jamesporteous
  2. aye the thread was defo pulled... but on the big jelavic thread over there 1 of the mods then said that after a conversation with the poster they have no reason to doubt him and his source but again for now this is just another rumour.
  3. Tin hat on so Dnt shoot the messenger lads.....But according to a well respected poster on FF Jelavic and Weiss will be signed tonight.....Apparently this came from Martin Bain....this has been backed up by an FF mod..... dont no wat to think myself but thought it pass it on if it has not already been!!!
  4. Quote from the player: While the outlook on Jelavic looks increasingly uncertain, the player himself believes a deal can still be done after scoring for Croatia in a midweek draw with Slovakia. 'I am still a Rapid player,' said Jelavic, 'but Rangers do not give up. All could be known in several days.' http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1302666/James-Beattie-signing-wont-rule-deals-says-Rangers-boss-Walter-Smith.html
  5. Originally Posted by BdTS By approximately this time tomorrow night, the info will be proven correct or otherwise. Quote: Originally Posted by BdTS ...because that's what my information was. That's why myself, OnlyOneAmoruso, NL, Ajax etxc have all said 'within 10 days'.....tomorrow is more or less d-day. Fairly late on tomorrow before anyone pins me down on it. Quote: Originally Posted by Northampton_loyalist I'm going to contradict BdTS here slightly, I think what he said has been taken slightly wrong RE tonight and it is understandable in the context of what he wrote. He can contradict me if he disagrees with what is below..... HE will receive absolute and 100% confirmation this evening of the validity of his source, an official announcement will be slightly longer in the coming. Something is either happening today or not which will 100% prove him correct, the official announcement will be, as it was always going to be, at a specified time. Todays events will not be public (unless there is a leak, which is perfectly possible). One thing I will say is that should today's events unfold as indicated, nobody will have long to wait at all. Quote: Originally Posted by BdTS There'll be more than me confirming it's true if what's scheduled to happen happens. But yeah, your right to clear that up actually. Smart Arse!
  6. http://forum.followfollow.com/showthread.php?t=660380
  7. ta fer the update there....first we hear the Ellis deal is in the bag now they say we will know tonight if its gonna happen or not hmmmmmm back to sleep I think Like i said others have probably read the same thing i have. I guess we will have to wait and see tonight i suppose
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