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  1. Buster, I attended protests, marches, held up cards etc as I felt strongly that the club was in the hands of people who didn't care and who were taking money out the club. I refused to boycott though. This has nothing to do with anything that Craig or anyone else did in the past. This is about Craig's behaviour since he was elected to the Board of Club 1872 and he needs to go.
  2. Some of the sycophantic replies are almost as nauseating as his original post.
  3. Chris would never write I seen or I done.
  4. Club 1872 sponsored the manager and a player. The total with VAT added was around £4K. Nothing else, apart from the money for the office was given to the Club.
  5. Maybe you should be asking why the Commercial Department at the Club can't find someone else to pay for it.
  6. I hope so. My thoughts are that CH has to go.
  7. Okay - Craig Houston and pals.
  8. Mark may have his faults but he is certainly not behind the attempt to smear Laura. You need to look closer to the Club 1872 Board for that.
  9. Indeed. It's RF's bank account being used, RF's stockbroker. There is nothing of BR left but it's a takeover by the RST. At least the RST had independently audited accounts.
  10. By rights Houston should be forced off and the three invited back on. Whether that will happen I don't know.
  11. Okay. I'll give you my view. This sort of thing could have happened in any group so there is no point blaming Club 1872. From my own point of view, I did not vote for CH as I know what he is like. I voted for all three who resigned and I'm firmly behind them.
  12. We put it at that amount to make it up to £2,900 and suddenly it was at £3,000. Still a long way to go.
  13. Well if that's the rules. We have only been selling these for two days.
  14. You expect me to post actual invoices and a bank statement on a public forum?
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