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  1. you fucking love it. Toot Toot! xxx

  2. I second that comment Toot Toot x

  3. may i be the first to say. Toot Toot x


  4. Novo can fire some passion into this team, he might not be a goal scorer, but he can give the fans and players confidence, heres hoping.
  5. This is the reason i didnt celebrate, this is the reasion i didnt party on Saturday, because of this shite. My flat mate went crazy partying all night, begging me to come out to celebrate us winning the league. I told him, lets not get complacent, i will celebrate when we really do win it and he called me a tim. lol. We need consistency, too many people getting ahead of themselves, partying wild style, then the the fucking mhanky mob can have a good laugh if we get beat. COME ON TO FUCK RANGERS! LETS GET INTO THESE CUNTS!
  6. No time for complacency this week Rangers, its do or die. Come on!!!
  7. anyone got a link for this? im working
  8. still dont know what boyd has to do to prove himself?
  9. He has no interst in going back to wrestling, he has made that clear. I know Around the time he and Austin left the mainstream action is when i stopped watching.
  10. We Want Rock! We Want Rock!!! Bring The Rock back, and you bring back alot of viewers!!!
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